UFO origins: Nazi technology, technology hoarding, demonology and witchcraft

As stated in previous articles, the Illuminati and Jesuit Order are in control of some of the most advanced secret weapons and technology out there, much of this technology includes flying saucers and anti-gravity technology. Other UFO’s the Illumianti and Jesuit Order control are spiritual UFO’s associated with: witchcraft, sorcery and fallen angels.

Physical technological UFO’s and anti-gravity flying spaceships

The anti-gravity flying saucers and spaceships hidden in underground bases are mainly developed from Nazi technology. The Nazi’s developed a number of anti-gravity aircraft including a craft known as, ‘The Bell.’ The Bell looked like a giant bell and was an anti-gravity aircraft capable of extreme manoeuvres and speeds. According to Polish author and journalist, Igor Witkowski, the Bell aircraft was built under the supervision of the Nazi SS. Nazi SS officer, Jakob Sporrenberg, admitted the existence of the Bell aircraft after being interrogated by Polish intelligence before being executed for crimes against humanity. Sporrenberg confessed these aircraft’s were built under the supervision of the SS. Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo, an Italian scientist and former Italian Minister of National Economy stated that, “types of flying discs were designed and studied in Germany and Italy as early as 1942”.

According to a variety of sources, there were a number of flying saucer type crafts built by German engineers under Nazi supervision. Many of these inventions were built towards the end of the war before these craft could go into mass production. The Jesuit Order and Illuminati who were in control of both the Allies and Axis during the war, transferred the Nazi technology into the hands of the shadow government in various countries. Many Nazi’s were also absorbed into the shadow governments of countries such as: USA, Australia, England etc. Operation Paperclip in the US allegedly brought in thousands of Nazi scientists and Nazi SS into the CIA and US government. The Jesuit Order who were in control of the US intelligence network absorbed these Nazi’s into their shadow government. The Nazi empire was simply transferred into other countries secretly, and it was also transferred into secret underground bases around the world (US Admiral Byrd believed there was one in Antarctica). Prescott Bush (George W Bush’s grandfather) is a well documented Nazi financier who helped finance Adolf Hitler’s rise, so this secret Nazi empire embedded within the shadow US government has been operating for decades. The Nazi empire embedded within the shadow governments of these various countries are controlled by the: Jesuit Order, Rosicrucian Order, Freemasons and Illuminati who at their core are reptilian shapeshifters. Once the Jesuits and Illuminati used Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s to develop technology for them which included: anti-gravity technology, mind control technology (predominately developed by protected Nazi SS physician Joseph Mengele), bio chemical weapons (advanced poisons) and other weapons, they destroyed the German government and transferred the high level Nazi occultists (members of the Illuminati) and their technology into safe places (CIA, South America, Antarctica, secret underground bases etc). Many of these Nazi’s became key leaders within the Illuminati long after the war ended. It’s alleged that Joseph Mengele was a top mind control handler within the Illuminati after the war. Despite demands to arrest Mengele and put him on trial, he was always protected and immune to prosecution by the government of Paraguay and the allies seemed unwilling to touch him. The Nazi government was simply financed to develop technology for the Illuminati and Jesuit Order, and then the Nazi government was destroyed so this technology could be transferred to the international Jesuit Order and international Illuminati. The Jesuit Order now use this technology to enforce their temporal power over the world.

As stated in other articles, the inner circle of the Jesuit Order and Illuminati are shapeshifting reptilians, and its these reptilians who control the anti-gravity technology and secret underground military bases all over the world. These secret underground bases are connected by a secret underground train system that criss crosses the world. This giant underground system is literally a sovereign nation made up of: reptilian shapeshifters, sorcerers, secret society members, hybrids (genetically altered intelligent lifeforms), Nazi’s, super soldiers (genetically enhanced humans) and others.

Anti-gravity technology, water engine energy and Tesla technology (free energy sources) are also hoarded by the Illuminati through: University information harvesting (hoarding advanced research from University studies/experiments and hiding the technology from the public), stealing technology from inventors (They either buy them out or assassinate the inventor, as was the case with Stanley Meyer who invented an engine that runs on water. A family friend I know also invented a water powered engine and was bought out for millions, the technology was then hidden from the public. Fossil fuel combustion engines are as prehistoric as horse and cart, but the Illuminati will never let the masses advance in this area, because it gives them a monopoly on energy) and a large scale suppression campaign.

Spiritual UFO’s or orbs

Many people who live in haunted houses describe seeing orbs in their houses. These orbs are often caught on film or in photographs. These orbs are actually fallen angels who have taken possession of the property. If a house was previously used for witchcraft or if there is an occult object in the home, fallen angels can take possession of that property where they often haunt people.
Some witches who are possessed by a multitude of fallen angels can actually release demons (another word for fallen angel) into the atmosphere. A former witch and member of the Illuminati, John Todd, stated that his witch sister would often go into a field and summon demons that would appear in the sky. These demons would then appear as orbs of light in the sky and they would later be described in the newspaper as a mass UFO sighting. Many times, a UFO sighting can often be a demon, for these creatures are known as “princes of the power of the air.”

Sometime ago there was a man summoning UFO’s on television who confessed he came from a lineage of Freemasons and he also interacted with people from the Martinist Order (an occult group that engaged in necromancy, which is interacting with demons). This man would actually call upon beings to appear in the sky and suddenly you would see white orbs in the sky. This was often caught on camera and I have no doubt that this man was summoning demons. The summoning of UFO’s is a form of sorcery similar to the signs the Egyptian sorcerers performed in the book of Exodus.


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