Illuminati Begins Helter Skelter Gun Ban Plan In the United States


According to former mid level Illuminati member John Todd, the music group known as the Beatles are considered Prophets in the occult and Illuminati world. According to Todd who was on the council of 13 in the Illuminati, the Beatles wrote songs that were prophetic to the occult world and which contained witchcraft and spells. Many songs the Beatles wrote contain hidden plans of the Illuminati and curses.

One song that the Beatles wrote was called, ‘Helter Skelter.’ According to Todd, Helter Skelter was an Illuminati prophecy that involved unleashing a violent race war and civil war within the United States. According to Todd, Helter Skelter would begin in the United States after the Illuminati banned guns in the United States. Helter Skelter would involve a massive civil war where criminal groups would be given weapons to unleash havoc on an unarmed US populace. This would also provide the pretext to implement Martial Law in the United States, where a government more Nazi Socialist and Communist would emerge in the United States (these types of Nazi socialist governments can only exist where the population is unarmed). We must remember that both Hitler and Stalin (both Jesuit/Illuminati controlled) banned firearms before they took power. One of the main goals of the Jesuit controlled communist Gamaliel Foundation in Chicago which trained President Obama is to ban all firearms in the United States. Marxist/Communist and militant left wing groups controlled by the Jesuit Order, are in almost complete control of the US education system, and youth are being indoctrinated to protest for a gun ban in the US. If semi automatic rifles are outlawed for law abiding citizens, law abiding citizens will be powerless against: criminal groups, a fascist government and possibly UN troop occupation. Once the gun ban takes place the Jesuit Order will be able to instigate a type of inquisition and holocaust against US citizens.

Back in the 1970’s, the Illuminati was trying to ban guns in the United States but it was very difficult due to the second amendment. However the Illuminati is using mind controlled patsy’s to shoot up US schools, and using their Jesuit controlled communist community organising groups to stage mass protests in the US. These protests are incidentally being led by Beatles band member: Paul McCartney (the prophet of Helter Skelter).

At present US school students led by people such as Paul McCartney are demanding the US government ban firearms due to school shootings. Although I commend these kids for wanting to reduce gun violence, banning guns is just going to cause more senseless crimes and violence, because law abiding people cannot defend themselves. It will also leave the US wide open to a Nazi socialist type takeover. The Bush US political family actually played a part in financing the rise of Hitler in Germany so this is definitely possible, and you also have Nazi occult groups such as The Temple of Set having significant control over the NSA/CIA. If guns do get banned in the US and you see more of the US constitution become eroded (freedom of speech etc), you will start seeing elements from within the NSA/CIA become more anti-christian and gestapo like. These elements will start persecuting fundamental Christian groups and even shut down ministries like Jack Chick Ministries (probably one of the most powerful Christian ministries in the world, which is banned in many parts of the world).

If you look at the situation in Mexico, you have violent criminal cartels committing violence against law abiding people who cannot defend themselves on a regular basis. The gun murder rate in Mexico is excessively high, because criminals have guns and law abiding people cannot have them. If the second amendment in the US is repealed, the US will no longer exist because it will no longer have a constitution. Repealing the second amendment is a step in taking away the sovereignty of the United States, so it can be controlled by the UN and a coming Antichrist; who will rule the world through the UN.

Below are some notes from former Illuminati member John Todd about Helter Skelter. According to Todd, Charles Manson was going to help lead Helter Skelter in the United States, but the Illuminati could not get the gun control laws passed while he was alive. Manson was the leader of an occult group called “The Process Church” which was controlled by the Illuminati.

NOW IN IT IS A SONG CALLED “HELTER SKELTER (by the Beatles).” You should listen to that song, I used to have a lot of drug friends get together & say, “I wonder what that means?”–Witches knew what it meant, it was part of witch language. It meant a time when the pit would be opened & the demons would be set free & the World would become insane in less than a 24-hour period & they’d be killing everybody–their next door neighbors, their kids, their wife, everything! The World would just completely go mass insane overnight….

NOW THIS MAY NOT SEEM VERY IMPORTANT, & I AM AMAZED AT HOW MANY CHRISTIANS SEEM TO THINK THAT BEING A CHRISTIAN MEANS THAT YOU SHOULD BE AGAINST GUNS. How many of you think that, seriously?–That if you’re a Christian you should be against guns, that guns are evil? I’ve got news for you: the Illuminati is so scared of every private-owned gun that it’s unbelievable! It’s the only threat to them….

THE ONLY THREAT TO THEM RIGHT NOW OF THEIR PLANS IS YOUR PRIVATELY-OWNED GUNS. Now I asked the Pastor if I could just throw in these things, & I have, & I’m going to give them to you, & if you were afraid this morning, I pray that you won’t get afraid now! Lord help them….” -John Todd

The only thing standing between lovers of freedom (including Christians) and tyranny is assault rifles. God inspired America’s founding fathers to give their people the right to bear arms so they could defend their freedom. The United States is home to some of the most profound Christian ministries on earth, and it’s the Jesuit Orders goal to destroy these people through a fascist government.

Below is a picture of Beatles star, Paul McCartney, leading the left wing “March For Our Lives” protest which is seeking to destroy the second amendment and ban firearms in the United States for private citizens. This is in accordance with the Jesuit Marxist/Socialist/Nazi ideology of fascism, and in agreement with the Jesuit Roman laws of the dark ages which banned cross bows and other weapons for private citizens.


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  1. Thank you so much for your precious contnual information to open our eyes to know what is going on now on this earth.

    On Sun, Mar 25, 2018, 3:09 AM Reptilian Dimension wrote:

    > The Individual (a.k.a: Reptilian Dimension) posted: ” According to former > mid level Illuminati member John Todd, the music group known as the Beatles > are considered Prophets in the occult and Illuminati world. According to > Todd who was on the council of 13 in the Illuminati, the Beatles wrote > songs” >

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