Paul Bonacci: An Example of Jesuit/Illuminati Mind Control and Manchurian Candidate American Politics


Paul Bonacci

Paul Bonacci was a young man put under mind control by NSA officer and Temple of Set leader, Michael Aquino. As per Cathy O’brien’s testimony, Aquino used mind control techniques taught to him by the Jesuit Order.

Bonacci was put under mind control to serve the Jesuit Order and the Order of the Illuminati (a network of occult secret societies, many of which were created and developed by the Jesuit Order).

From a young age (according to Bonacci it started at age 3) Bonacci was sexually and violently abused by men in order to split his consciousness. When a child suffers a severe traumatic event, the child dissociates from his/her consciousness, in order to separate herself/himself from the event; this is a natural mental mechanism built into the human brain, and this mechanism actually creates other consciousnesses or personalities within the person. Bonacci was tortured and sexually abused throughout his childhood in order to create dissociation. When this dissociation occurred, Bonacci’s handlers were able to create different consciousnesses and personalities within Bonacci. According to Bonacci, he had around 120 personalities. Each personality had its own: name, memories, skills and purpose.

In many cases, certain personalities held memories that the other personalities had no knowledge of. Some personalities could only be activated through secret codes only known to Bonacci’s handlers. This is a diabolically genius method used by secret societies to create spies and assassins (Sirhan Sirhan who assassinated Robert Kennedy was a member of the Rosicrucian Order which is a part of the Illuminati, and was probably programmed to assassinate Kennedy). If a person had access to one of Bonacci’s personalities, they could use one of Bonacci’s alternative personalities, to carry out assassinations and spy work without Bonacci even knowing about it.

Many of the Satanic rituals carried out by secret societies, are designed to create multiple personalities within people. People (especially young children) are ritually tortured in Satanic rituals, in order to split their consciousness and create multiple personalities which the cult can manipulate. This is another reason why occult secret societies have become very powerful, they literally have an army of people with multiple personalities which they can program. The film, ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ illustrated very well how secret societies can put a MPD (multiple personality disorder) person in political office and manipulate him for their purposes. In the movie, a man is put under mind control and placed into political office by his handlers, and his handlers also use him to assassinate other politicians. The politician in the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ is an almost identical character to Paul Bonacci. A lot of these film scripts are based on leaked information. The secret societies controlling Bonacci eventually planned on putting him in political office, so they could control him to achieve their goals.

Below is a short dramatisation of the mind control techniques illustrated in the movie, The Manchurian Candidate.

Occult secret societies are also heavily involved within intelligence agencies. Michael Aquino who was a high level NSA officer recruited people from his secret society into the NSA and CIA, because these intelligence agencies employ occult techniques in their mind control programs (MKULTRA, Monarch etc). Many CIA directors were also Knights of Malta which is a society submitted to the Jesuit Order (the creators of most occult secret societies worldwide).

Many intelligence agencies including the CIA and NSA also have a strong Nazi influence. Many Nazi war criminals were absorbed into the American intelligence community and NASA (Operation Paper clip), because they were members of secret societies which controlled much of the American intelligence community. Nazi’s who were expendable were punished after the war, but Nazi’s such as Joseph Mengele became influential figures in American and British intelligence. Former NSA officer Michael Aquino even used Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler’s ceremonial dagger when leading occult ceremonies. Nazi’s who were important within the occult world, were definitely given asylum and jobs within British and American intelligence.

According to Bonacci, he was exposed to Satanic Ritual Abuse by Michael Aquino (a Nazi influenced member of the Order of the Illuminati submitted to the Jesuit General). Bonacci also states he was controlled by the Monarch Program which involved Michael Aquino and the CIA. The Monarch program in the United States was designed to produce elite spy/assassins for the CIA. This was a program that clearly involved an occult secret society and CIA joint operation. According to Bonacci, Aquino was using the CIA and NSA to help usher in the Antichrist. Part of the plan to usher in the Antichrist, involved producing mind controlled slaves to take over US politics and America’s intelligence community. The international occult group Aquino belongs to, want to destroy the sovereignty of the United States, so they can bring it under the banner of a world government. They want their Antichrist to rule the world through a one world government. This explains why American colleges have become communist brain washing institutions that preach cultural Marxism (destruction of the United States through immigration and cultural destruction), and why you have treasonous US politicians who are demanding the US make treasonous treaties with the UN. The UN gun treaty and climate change treaty, are examples of treaties which are designed to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. Some politicians are also calling on UN troops to police parts of Chicago. If the secret societies get their way, the sovereignty and strength of the USA will be destroyed, and a Hitler type figure will rule the world from the UN.

Bonacci was basically a mind controlled slave with over 100 different personalties. Some personalities were elite super soldiers, others were submissive male prostitutes and so forth. Studying Bonacci will help people understand how the Jesuit Order and Order of the Illuminati wield so much influence. Its hard to say how many mind controlled slaves the shadow government have placed in society, but I am sure its vast.

Its also important to note that Bonacci cannot easily be cast aside as having no credibility. He has demonstrated honest and transparency when he confessed to assisting in the abduction of Johnny Gosch. The mother of Johnny Gosch confirmed Paul’s confession in kidnapping her son, after Paul revealed confidential information not even the police were aware of. Bonacci is also endorsed by former FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson, and former US Senator, John DeCamp. Bonacci has also been endorsed by an American judge in court as being a person who tells the truth, as testified by Noreen Gosch in a mainstream TV news interview below.

Below are some videos of Bonacci being interviewed by former FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson, and him giving a taped interview related to a class action against a Credit Union Manager involved with the Jesuit/Illuminati club called ‘Bohemian Grove.’ Also included below is a video of Noreen Gosch being interviewed on mainstream TV news, where she testifies to the legitimacy and honesty of Paul Bonacci.

Former Californian FBI bureau chief and private investigator, Ted Gunderson, interviews Paul Bonacci 

Desposition of Paul Bonacci

Below is a video of Noreen Gosch (mother of kidnap victim Johnny Gosch) who testifies as to the legitimacy of Paul Bonacci


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