The Hierarchy of The Illuminati

I have been investigating the Illuminati and New World Order for well over 15 years. Driven by personal curiosity and a deep desire to understand reality, I conducted a number of investigations into the Illuminati, including infiltrating the lower levels of the Illuminati. I have visited and investigated Illuminati headquarters sites and have: read, checked, investigated and researched every piece of information that has broken about the Illuminati; including the testimonies of alleged former members. I do believe I have more information about the Illuminati than most out there. I have never made any money out of my research and investigative work and am sharing this information for free, because I believe the truth should be freely available to all.

Who are The Illuminati?

The earliest identification of the Illuminati can be observed in Spain in the 1500’s. In the 1500’s in Spain, a man by the name of Ignatius Loyola was a known member of a group called Los Alumbrados. Los Alumbrados means the Illuminated ones.

Ignatius Loyola who was a well known member of the Illuminated ones, had an interesting life and career, and I believe through analysing his life we can truly understand the history of the Illuminati.

As a young boy, Ignatius Loyola was a page in the Crown of Castile (A Kingdom which later became Spain, when the Kingdom of Castile united with the Kingdom of Aragon). Loyola worked directly for his Uncle, Juan Velázquez de Cuéllar, who was the treasurer for the Kingdom of Castile.

Loyola then went on to become a soldier in Spain and has been known as a Templar; some have even labelled Loyola as an Aragon Templar.

Its clear that Loyola came from some kind of noble bloodline, as his uncle was a treasurer for a Spanish Royal family. It would seem to me that Loyola’s relatives and family associates (Spanish Royals) were members of the Illuminated ones.

After his military career, Loyola went on to found the notorious Jesuit Order, an Order within the Roman Catholic Church. Most people think the Jesuit Order are a benign group of religious monks. But the Jesuit Order has been documented throughout history, as being the most ruthless army of assassins to have ever walked the earth. The Jesuit Order were once banned from multiple continents throughout the earth for: political infiltration, assassinations and conspiracy. It has also been reported by former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, that the Jesuits at the top worship Satan in Black Masses, and are sworn to assassinate and spy under the command of the Jesuit General. Former CIA station chief, Howard E. Hunt, described the Jesuit Order as “the greatest intelligence agency in the world.”

The Jesuit Order have also been proven as the masters and creators of high level Freemasonry. The Jesuit Order wrote the 33 degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry at the Jesuit College of Clermont and while in exile in Prussia. Many of the secret orders within the Illuminati are based on Scottish Rite Masonic rites.

The Bavarian/German branch of The Illuminati were founded in Bavaria/Germany in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, who just happened to be a Jesuit Priest! Many confuse this with the founding of the Illuminati, but this was merely the founding of a branch of the Illuminati. As documented above, the Illuminati was operating in Spain in the 1500’s.

What we know for sure is that the Illuminati can be traced back to Spain in the 1500’s, and that it involved Spanish Noblemen and the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order are a key part of the Illuminati.

Illuminati Practices and Beliefs

The Illuminati worship Lucifer (Satan) and pure evil. The Illuminati’s religious activities include Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), which involves the: murder, torture and cannibalism of human beings (In many cases: children). They also engage in various other occult practices related to witchcraft and demonology.

Some children who were recruited into the Illuminati and escaped have testified as to the practices of the Illuminati. In 1989, journalist Ian Leslie interviewed a young girl on the ‘60 minutes’ TV show in Australia, who had been forced to join the Illuminati by at least age 10. The girl had been recruited into the Illuminati by her grandmother, who was a low level priestess within the organisation. The girl was taken to a wealthy estate within the UK where elaborate Satanic rituals took place. The girl witnessed Satanic worship and actual people being sacrificed to the devil. The girl stated she saw homeless people being sacrificed in the name of Satan, and that the cult members would eat the people after killing them. The girl also stated that she was married to Lucifer who appeared to the cult in a hooded cloak. The young girl also identified wealthy individuals and medical professionals (Medical Doctors etc) as being members of the cult. After interviewing the girl who was around age 14, Ian Leslie spoke to a number of medical professionals who had helped the young girl, and they confirmed that this type of activity was occurring within society, and they believed the young girls story. There was also evidence supporting this young girls testimony, including the fact that she had given birth to a child at age 11. The young girl was also forcibly impregnated by the cult several times, however the baby was prematurely aborted and cult members ate the fetus after removing it from her. Eating human beings of various ages seems to be a key religious practice of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati as an Organization

I am not going to try and claim I know the exact hierarchy and pyramid structure of the Illuminati. However after getting information from confidential informants, infiltrating the lower levels of the Illuminati, and after doing years of research, I do believe I have some of the most accurate information about the group out there. Some people who have come forth and stated they came out of the top levels of the Illuminati were not as high up as they thought. Even if your at the middle level, it seems like your very high up, and there is immense wealth and power even at the middle level. The Illuminati is an extremely complex organisation and consists of pyramids within pyramids, and secret societies within secret societies.

One thing we know for sure is that Lucifer (Satan) who is a spiritual entity and his demons are at the top of the Illuminati. Whether you believe in the spirit world or not, these non human entities control the Illuminati. When I infiltrated the lower levels of the Illuminati, I am fairly certain I came into contact with non human entities (demons). These demons were probably investigating me spiritually and psychologically, to get a better understanding of me as a potential recruit. When I investigated this lower level of the Illuminati, I was also exposed to a number of books about spiritualism and occult philosophy. These books were all about interacting with the spirit world and spiritual entities. These books were obviously preparing me for spiritual interaction with the devil and his demons (a key practice of the Illuminati). When I infiltrated this lower level, I also recall seeing a big book titled ‘Lucifer” in the library, and another book about the Jesuit Order. Other books in the Illuminati library also related to Freemasonry. I was involved with this lower level of the Illuminati for about 2 weeks, however after the second week of attending meetings with this group, and after they started talking about a horned god; I felt it was time for me to quietly leave this group.

One thing advised to me by an informant is that there is an inner circle of Jesuits who are very high up. How high up? I do not know for sure, but I was advised that they are “very high up.” These inner circle Jesuits are nephilim bloodlines, which means that one or more of their ancestors was the result of a human and demon sexual union as documented in Genesis 6 of the Bible.

At the very top of the Illuminati you have nephilim bloodlines. These nephilim bloodlines include: the inner circle of the Jesuit Order and Roman Black Nobility bloodlines. The Roman Black Nobility bloodlines consist of bloodlines which have regularly produced: Popes, Cardinals and Jesuits over the centuries. Some of the most powerful Illuminati bloodlines are located in Italy and have strong ties to Vatican City.

Below are a list of the 13 Black Nobility Roman bloodlines:

House of Aldobrandini/Borghese
House of Borja/Borgia
House of Breakspeare
House of Chigi
House of Colonna/Cologna
House of Conti
House of Farnese/della Rovere
House of Gaetani/Caetani
House of Merdici/ De Medeci/ Domedici
House of Orsini/Maximus
House of Pamphili
House of Somaglia
House of Este Estence

Many of the above bloodlines are Italian royalty and some have the titles of Princes over certain Italian cities and provinces. Most of these bloodlines reside in Europe.

Other Royal Bloodlines

Many of the royal bloodlines around the world are Illuminati bloodlines, however they are most likely submitted to the Jesuit Order and Vatican bloodlines. The Queen of England seems to be a Dame of Malta as she has been seen wearing a Vatican Knight of Malta cape, which would indicate that she is in the Order of Malta and submitted to the Jesuit General. Spanish Royalty are most definitely Vatican and Jesuit Knights, as the King of Spain is always a Knight of Malta and Knight of the Golden Fleece, which are both Vatican Knighthoods. It should also be noted that the royal family of Saudi Arabia are Vatican Knights of the Golden Fleece.

Nazi Bloodlines

There is a strong presence of Nazi and German bloodlines within the Illuminati. Many Nazi war criminals came to places like the United States (Operation Paperclip) and Australia after the war, and have an extremely influential presence within those nations and within the Illuminati.

Former NSA officer and Illuminati member Michael Aquino admitted on video that he travelled to Germany, and engaged in a Nazi Satanic ritual while dressed in full Nazi uniform. Aquino was Jesuit trained and was also immersed in the Nazi spiritual philosophies. It seems Aquino was under some kind of Nazi leadership and influence within the NSA. Only canon fodder Nazi’s were were punished for their crimes, other Nazi’s who were members of the Illuminati were embraced by their brothers in countries like the US.

Generational Bloodlines

Other members of the Illuminati are simply born into it. Their parents and grandparents were members and they are groomed to be the same. Many of these families are often well educated and members of high society and include: doctors, lawyers, politicians, businessmen etc. Some of them even include low wage people living in public housing. They are often members of Orders within the Illuminati and engage in witchcraft and human sacrifice, and are used to further the Illuminati’s agenda.


As stated above, the high degrees of Freemasonry were written by the Jesuit Order and it is an organisation controlled by the Jesuit Order. Freemasonry is a Jesuit organisation.

There is the inner court of Freemasonry which is made up of Illuminati members who knowingly follow Lucifer. However most of Freemasonry is made up of pawns who have no idea what they are involved in. Most of these members get business and career related favours, in return for promoting the Illuminati agenda in business or politics.

Secret Societies

There are so many secret societies within the Illuminati they are simply too numerous to mention but they include: Ordo Templi Orientis, The Golden Dawn, The Rosicrucian Order, Temple of Set, The Theosophical Society, The Martinist Order, Bohemian Grove, Masonic Orders and Rites, Lodges, Vatican Knighthoods and Orders, Templars and so forth.

Most of these Secret Societies function the same. They have an inner court and an outer court. The outer court often consist of decent people who are just curious, and who often engage in charity work on behalf of these groups. However as you progress further into the society, you will eventually discover that you are in the Illuminati, and you will have to participate in ritual killings and other Satanic behaviour. Many lower level members of these societies do not progress beyond certain levels, because they may not fit the profile of being a member of the Illuminati. However the Illuminati still uses them for their agenda by exchanging favours with them, or by using them to do charity work, in order to create a good public image for the society. All these secret societies have the same ideology at the top which is: Satanic worship and Satanic rituals.

A Realistic Discussion on the Illuminati Hierarchy

At the top of the Illuminati are the nephilim inner circle of the Jesuit Order. Also at the top are the Roman Noble bloodlines who are mainly located in Europe. Below the Roman Noble bloodlines and Jesuit Order are the other royal bloodlines located around the world (Spanish royals, English royals etc), and its also very likely that these bloodlines are also nephilim. Most of these royal families are Vatican Knights which would indicate subordination to the Jesuit Order and Vatican.

In my opinion the inner circle of the Jesuit Order are at the top of the Illuminati and the Roman Noble bloodlines are just below them. Beneath these two groups is a mammoth group of international secret societies that make up the Illuminati. The Illuminati’s goal is a one world religion and one world government under the Antichrist. The UN definitely seems to be a precursor to this one world religion and one world government. Its also worth noting that the secret society known as the Knights of Malta (Knighthood controlled by the Jesuit Order and Vatican), have permanent observer status on the UN council. The Theosophical Society is also involved in the spiritual and literature publication aspects of the UN.

The Vatican

As stated previously, the Jesuit Order seem to be at the top of the Illuminati hierarchy, along with noble bloodlines who have produced: Popes, Jesuits and Cardinals over the years.

A number of different witnesses who claim to have come out of the Illuminati have stated that many Roman Catholic clergy are members of the Illuminati. Many of the Satanic rituals involving human sacrifice are also said to take place in Roman Catholic churches. Former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, also stated that he was forced to take part in a black Satanic mass in a Roman Catholic Church after taking his fourth vow.

The Vatican and Roman Catholic church seem to be an extension of the Roman Empire. The Vatican is also an Illuminati church. The outer court of the Vatican is made up of many decent people, who want to do charity work and help others. The inner court of the Vatican is made up of fully initiated Illuminati members, who regularly participate in Satanic rituals and murder people. The Illuminatists would most likely consist of high level officials in the Vatican in addition to many clergy (Cardinals, Popes, high Jesuits and many clergymen etc). There are however many decent clergy in the Roman Catholic Church who genuinely want to help others and do good. However the Roman Catholic Church is an Illuminati church that does not offer Biblical salvation, they teach that your sins can only be forgiven by one of their priests which is not Biblical. According to God’s word, salvation and forgiveness is attained by faith in Jesus Christ, and believing that he died for your sins and rose from the dead (John 3:16).

The people high up in the Vatican are definitely high level Illuminatists, and they most likely only promote people in the church who are Illuminatists. The Vatican is definitely an integral part of the Illuminati. The Roman Catholic church is in many respects similar to the Freemasons (who were created and controlled by the Jesuit Order and Vatican anyway). You have millions of Roman Catholics and clergyman in the outer court, participating in pagan occult rituals (mixed with Biblical symbols to make it seem kosher), and who genuinely want to do good things and be charitable. And you have the inner court rulers within the Roman Catholic Church who are Illuminatists and followers of Lucifer. As stated previously, high members of the Illuminati are also Vatican Knights.

What We Know About the Vatican

-Ignatius Loyola who founded the Jesuit Order was a member of a group known as the Illuminated ones in the 1500’s.

-The Bavarian branch of the Illuminati was founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. Weishaupt was a professor of Vatican canon law, which is a position reserved for Jesuit priests.

-When investigating secret societies and the Illuminati… all roads seem to lead to Rome.


The Vatican, its Secret Orders and family bloodlines form the head of the Illuminati. These individuals and groups control the many secret societies that make up the Illuminati.

If you have never read the King James Bible, get a copy of it and start with the New Testament. Believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead so you could be forgiven of your sins.

“For God so loved that world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever would believe in him would not perish but would have eternal life.” (John 3:16).

Pray to God and ask him what you can do to help humanity as it faces this Satanic conspiracy.







3 thoughts on “The Hierarchy of The Illuminati

  1. My Dear Brother,
    your right on, excellent explanations of the army of Satan. Love your gift of being able to taking us from A to Z. I met Jesus at 23. At 25 Dave Ward, man that led me to Jesus introduced us to a senior British Officer ( Hank ). 1n 1977 he was writing a book Wither The World. Once a week, to a dozen of us he would read his manuscripts to. This is were I learned about the Illuminati. Since then I have acquired a library on secret societies. And by the way I also came under spiritual attack once we traced the Illuminati to Ephesians 6:. Love Jesus and stand under His Blood. Amen

  2. I would add that it goes farther back than the 1500s under different names. One of the biggest underlying spiritualities is Rosicrucian-ism, Templars, Merovingians, etc – and really they’re all similar to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon / Egypt. Some points I’d make: Fritz Springmeier’s “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” along with material in his book Be Wise As Serpents (these 2 I have and have read), covers a lot of ground that’s different from yours above. You don’t say much about the top bloodlines named Rotshchild, Rockefeller, Astor, Bundy, Collins, Delano, Onassis, Li, etc. They’re all Satanic as well (Lucifer is not the devil’s name – Jerome mistranslated the Isaiah passage). Did you know at the Rothschild mansion in The City they have an extra chair at the table for every meal – for the unseen guest – the Devil?
    When it comes to the Jesuits, I have 2 definitive works on them: 1) a book written by an ex Jesuit in 1841 Abbe Jacopo Leone called “The Secret Plan of the Order”- available free in pdf online
    2) the documentary by filmmaker Chris Pinto, “Tares Among the Wheat”
    I’ve also read works by Dr. Alberto Rivera, and Dr. Malachi Martin

    • Thanks for your comments. I will be adding more articles on the hierarchy and will address some of the issues you have raised. You do make some good points. The rosicrucians are a key part of the Illuminati and have more power than people realise. I’m not really into Fritz Spingmeier and do not trust most of his alleged research.

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