NSA officer Michael Aquino’s Nazi Satanic Ritual in Germany

Michael Aquino ran his own Satanic cult known as Temple of Set and was the former Vice President of the Church of Satan. Michael Aquino has also been the subject of various investigations by law enforcement. Former Californian FBI Chief Ted Gunderson suspected Aquino to be involved in a number of Satanic crimes and conspiracies, including the kidnapping of a young paper boy named Johnny Gosch. It has been alleged that Aquino has engaged in: unlawful Satanic rituals, child abuse, child torture, rape and murder. A man named Peter Chernoff also alleged that he kidnapped a young boy named Kevin Collins for Michael Aquino, and that he later saw Kevin Collins murdered by: Aquino, dignitaries and Vatican officials at Bohemian Grove. Chernoff stated that Kevin Collins was stabbed with knives in a Satanic ritual by a number of prominent people including Aquino. According to Chernoff, the Satanic ceremony at Bohemian Grove involving the murder of Collins was a: Nazi, Vatican and Satanic Ritual.

In the below video, Aquino admits that he travelled to a Nazi SS officers secret occult chamber in Germany. When he travelled to this secret chamber, he dressed up in Nazi attire and performed a Satanic Nazi ritual to summon black magic occult powers associated with the Nazi’s. This is not an allegation or rumour, this is coming from the actual mouth of a high level NSA officer who recruits his cult members into the NSA. Those saying that the Nazi’s have taken over the NSA and CIA, may not be as crazy as you think they are… before you make a judgement on these claims, please watch the below video to hear the words spoken by Aquino himself.


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