Jesuit Order Seeking Impeachment of President Donald Trump

After failing to sabotage the Trump presidency through a staged UFO/alien spaceship invasion (with the assistance of Knight of Malta, Rick Santorum), with highly secret technology hoarded in secret bases controlled by the Jesuit Order; the Jesuit Order are now seeking to use the American politicians they control (they control a majority of US politicians through various secret societies and mind control) to impeach President Donald Trump and remove him from office.

After intelligence leaks, the Jesuit Order cancelled their staged UFO/alien spaceship invasion, which they were going to use to establish Martial Law in the United States. The Jesuits were also going to use the UFO invasion to cancel the US Presidential election so they could stop Trump from becoming president. Due to intelligence leaks, the Jesuit Order cancelled their staged UFO/spaceship invasion. However the Jesuit Order are still trying to remove Donald Trump, by using their controlled US politicians to impeach Donald Trump and remove him from office.

The Jesuit Order and their subordinated secret societies, in addition to their mind controlled politicians and subordinates, are now planning and attempting  impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. They will attempt to impeach President Trump based on fabricated lies and false allegations. This is the Jesuit Order pulling the puppets and strings from behind the scenes. Jesuit controlled politicians such as Lindsey Graham (Republican) and Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) will be used by the Jesuit Order to lead the impeachment of Donald Trump. After many years of ruling the White House, the Jesuit Order has lost control of the White House to Donald Trump, and they are presently in a war to regain control of the White House; so they can destroy America and implement a world government.

However the Jesuit Orders plans and activities are being watched carefully, and there are many intelligence leaks the Jesuits are not aware of. At present, Jesuits are being exposed in protestant churches, where they have secretly sought to poison members of the community and cause other mischief. Jesuit spies are also being exposed in various parts of the community. As stated above, the Jesuit Order planned to stage a UFO/spaceship invasion of America and this was also stopped due to intelligence leaks. The Jesuit Order are continually being exposed and investigated, and the general public are going to turn against them if they are not careful, and they will eventually be placed in jail for their: murders, poisonings, treason and political meddling (Be careful sons of Loyola, you were banned from almost every country on earth in the past and also suffered political and judicial prosecution in the past; history has a way of repeating itself). I personally do not believe the Jesuit Orders attempted impeachment of Donald Trump will be successful, because they are being watched very carefully and they know it. On a personal note, I am watching the Jesuit Order very carefully and I am well aware of many of their agents (including the ones who they send after me) and activities. I am still: strong, healthy, fit and confident and I’m not going anywhere. After numerous attempted poisonings and infiltration’s, I am still able to have productive days and expose the Jesuit Order wherever I’m sent.

To the Jesuit Order and their agents: I know your watching me.. but I am watching you too!



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