Jewish Conservative Ben Shapiro Explains the Communist/Alt Left Wing/Marxist and Islamic Alliance to Destroy Western (Protestant) Civilization

As documented in previous articles, the Jesuit Order were the authors and creators of Communism and Marxism. The Jesuits also trained President Obama in communist tactics (It’s documented Obama was trained to be a communist leader by a Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo. Obama also appointed a CIA director named John Brennan that is on record as voting for the American Communist Party), and instructed him on how to implement a soft communist revolution within the United States.

The Jesuit Order also control a majority of US universities and colleges directly (many of the top colleges in the US are overtly operated by the Jesuit Order and Vatican), and through their network of secret societies. Other colleges are administered by members of the Theosophical Society (founded by a Russian communist and student of the Jesuit Order named Helena Blavatsky) and other Jesuit controlled secret societies (Scottish Rite Freemasonry etc. Scottish Rite Freemasonry degrees were written by the Jesuit Order).

Due to the Jesuit Order controlling most colleges in the United States, most of these colleges have become communist fortresses that brainwash the future communist revolutionaries of America. These American students are not only trained in communist propaganda, but they are also trained in violent and communist militant tactics. These militant tactics involve explosive devices and extreme violence, which they use against their conservative American political opponents on campus and at other locations. This communist element within American colleges and in the Democratic Party (and even in the Republican party on a conspiratorial level) is attempting a communist overthrow against America. The communists in America are also working with radical Islam to achieve their goals. Jewish conservative Ben Shapiro, explains why the communists are working with radical Islam to overthrow Western civilization in the below video. According to former Jesuit of the 4th vow, Alberto Rivera, the Vatican created Islam to destroy Protestant Bible based Christianity in the Middle East. The Jesuit Order are now using Islam and communism, to destroy the prosperous and traditionally Protestant United States of America. Check out the video below to understand the alliance between radical Islam and communism, which both seek to destroy the Western world. Its also interesting to note that Ben Shapiro (who is anti-communist, pro-capitalist and pro-conservative America), was threatened with arrest if he even stepped onto the Jesuit/Vatican controlled DePaul University, this is because DePaul is a Jesuit/Communist training center and people like Ben are a threat to their propaganda.


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