American Communist Group Antifa Supported by Jesuit Order and Radical Islamists, are Seeking to Shut Down Donald Trump Supporters and American Conservatives with Violence

The attack against Western nations (that have traditionally been Protestant) is being co-ordinated from a number of angles. However in each Western country, the attacks seem to be following the same blue print. There is a soft communist revolution occurring within the education and political systems of these Western countries, and the Universities and Colleges (predominantly controlled by the Jesuit Order) have become Marxist/Communist fortresses and propaganda centers.

These colleges are ruled by: anti-Western, anti-capitalist, anti-Protestant, anti-Christian, pro communist, pro-Marxist: professors, administrators and leaders. Parents who send their children to college are unknowingly sending their children; to be indoctrinated into an aggressive communist movement designed to destroy their own country. Those indoctrinated into the communist fold are taught to hate their Western home country and to overthrow it. In many cases they are also paid to participate in violent riots (soft communist revolution). In the UK these violent communist groups receive government funding despite having strong links to Islamic terrorists. There are countless testimonies of American students, who have had to lie about their political beliefs in order to pass an exam at college. American Jewish conservative Ben Shapiro, stated that in order to get a pass on a college paper, he had to write an essay that exalted the ideas of Marxism and communism. Even though Shapiro is a conservative and capitalist he had to lie about his beliefs in order to pass college. This is just one example of the communist brainwashing occurring within US colleges.

Communist groups in the United States also receive funding and support from radical Islamist’s with links to terrorism. This was seen in the UK where an Antifa (A communist group based in the US and Euopre) communist sibling (United Against Fascism) group, allowed radical Islamic terrorists to lead them and speak for them. The Islamic terrorist, Michael Adebolajo, who beheaded UK soldier Lee Rigby at Woolwich in 2013, was actually a well known speaker at the United Against Fascism (UAF) communist group based in the UK. Michael Adebolajo spoke at a UAF conference in 2009. The ties between the communist groups and Islamic terrorist groups in Western nations are definitely there. It’s also important to know that communist groups like the UAF and Antifa are either funded directly by the government (UK government directly funds and protects the UAF), or they are funded by government party donors. Whenever UK citizens protest against the rise of Islamic terrorism, they are often met by UAF members who violently attack them and verbally call them names (racist, bigots etc). Name calling and violence is the last refuge of non-thinkers. When you have: white, black, Indian and people of various cultures, making a legitimate complaint against Islamic: terrorism, violence and totalitarianism, this is not racism or bigotry; this is a legitimate concern.

Communist groups in Western countries are always aligned with radical Islamic groups (often with links to terrorism), because they despise Western/Protestant civilization and want it destroyed, and are partnering with radical Islam to achieve this. Radical Islam is funding these Western communist groups, as we are seeing Iranian Shia groups funding left wing communist groups in Europe, and the radical Sunni Islamic groups are also funding and working with the communists. Islam funds these leftist groups because they can help them overthrow the Western countries. In the UK, the communists and anti-Western office holders are also promoting Islam in schools, while banning Christmas festivals and renaming them Winter festivals to destroy Protestant history and culture.

The Islamic and Communist axis controlled by the Jesuit Order, is a Trojan horse presently seeking to destroy Protestant Western civilization from within. This axis controlled by the Jesuit Order, is being used to promote abortion and groups like planned parenthood in college, to nullify the multiplication of traditionally Protestant families in Western nations so immigrating cultures can out breed the native population (and eventually out vote them and overthrow them). They want these Protestant populations replaced with others cultures (Islamic, socialist, communist and totalitarian cultures). These communist groups also promote militant feminism and hatred of white men to destroy the family unit (the bedrock of any healthy nation). These communist groups also promote homosexuality (to feminize men in Western nations) to stop the native population from multiplying. These doctrines are all militantly preached and promoted at communist colleges. I guess parents can now understand why their kids are now graduating from College as men hating lesbians, and militant communists who love Islam and hate capitalism and Protestantism. With no family values and no desire to breed, these communist college graduates might decide to have one child when their 40, but the mass immigration of radical Muslims (who often have more than 5 children with multiple wives) will overtake Western civilization in terms of numbers, and then they will demand Islamic Shariah law in their host country. In places like Saudi Arabia, Arab’s who choose to change their religion are: imprisoned, tortured and killed due to Shariah law. Do the communists in Western nations who claim to support human rights ever speak up about these Arab victims? No they don’t, because these communist fascists are funded by radical Islam and are aligned with it. They have no idea how evil and fascist Islamic Shariah law is, and they themselves embrace the communist ideology, which has murdered hundreds of millions of innocent people worldwide. These brainwashed communist youth have been indoctrinated through the education system to join the communist ideological army. This communist army is used to attack anyone who stands for the: constitution, freedom, Christianity, Protestantism and conservatism. They also attack anyone who wants to protect the borders of Western countries, because they want to replace the populations of Western countries with other cultures. Many of these communist college students are chosen by the Jesuit Order and their secret societies, and are then placed in political positions to further the communist/one world government anti-Christ agenda once they graduate. Former Democratic President of the United States, Bill Clinton for example, was a member of a Jesuit/Masonic secret society known as the DeMolay boys.

Does Western civilization really want an extension of Wahabi Islam in their country? Most of the mosques in the United States are being funded by Saudi Arabia, which is a country with the most wicked and evil human rights records in the world. If you become an atheist or change your religion in Saudi Arabia, you will be tortured and imprisoned if your lucky, and in many cases you will be put to death. Women are second class citizens in Saudi Arabia, and can often be seen getting beaten in public if they get in a mans way. Women are considered so low in Saudi Arabia that they cannot even drive a car. Do the communist feminists ever discuss the plights of these women? Of course they don’t, they don’t give a damn, because they are taking money off Islamic extremists, and are destroying their own countries for: money, Islam and communism. These communists who claim to fight against fascism, never even mention the scores of victims in Islamic countries, who are imprisoned and executed for not following Islam. All these far left communist groups in Western countries do is go around calling people racist and fascist (false allegations) if their political views disagree with theirs. They also engage in co-ordinated and well funded violent operations against conservative political groups.

These communist groups in Western countries are traditionally aligned with liberal political groups who are often led by secret communists. In the United States, these communists lead the Democratic party (Under Barak Obama, the appointed CIA director is on record as voting for the American communist party) and seek the destruction of the United States and their political opponents (Protestant Christians are the main enemies of the communists, as over 80% of Donald Trump voters were Christian). Barak Obama was trained in the communist tactics of Saul Alinsky by the Jesuit Order. A Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo trained President Obama in communist tactics at the Gamaliel foundation in Chicago. Saul Alinsky under the direction of the Jesuit Order, wrote a communist manifesto on how to overthrow the United States with a soft communist revolution, and Barak Obama and the Democratic Party are definitely seeking to implement that manifesto. Many of these militant communist groups receive political protection despite their violence, because their violent disruptions work for the benefit of the Democratic party and shadow government (The shadow government seems to have lost control of the White House with the election of President Trump). The shadow government led by the Jesuit Order have also controlled the Republican party up until Donald Trump got elected (Trump seems to be uncontrolled by the Jesuit Order and Jeb Bush who lost the election was a member of the Jesuit controlled Knights of Columbus. Jeb’s brother George who is also a Republican, was a member of the communist Skull and Bones group at Yale, which is also Jesuit controlled and requires members to kiss the Popes slipper. The leader of the Chinese communist revolution was also a Skull and Bones member).Most establishment Republicans have seemed to secretly further the communist agenda that the Democrats push forward.

At a recent Berkeley College event, Donald Trump supporters sought to have a peaceful rally and speaking event, however it was violently attacked by communist groups on campus. Led by the communist group Antifa (with whom the Mayor of Berkeley is associated), a violent attack erupted against Trump supporters at the event. During this violent eruption, the police stood down and did absolutely nothing to protect the Trump rally, this is because the area was governed by communist infiltrators with influence over the police (Mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin; is a communist). The communists want total control over college culture so they can produce communist youth. Anyone who promotes ideas against their communist agenda in the college sphere, will be attacked with violence if they cannot be shut down politically. Conservative speakers are usually banned from Western college campuses, because college has been designed by the Jesuit Order to be a communist brainwashing camp.

The Mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin, is a communist affiliated with Antifa. Now you can understand why the police stood down and allowed militant communists to attack Trump supporters at Berkeley.  Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of ‘BAMN’ AKA ‘By Any Means Necessary’, a violent organization affiliated with ANTIFA (I received this information from The Gateway Pundit News organization). To verify this information and ensure I’m not making this up, you can visit an officially saved screenshot from the Mayors facebook page by visiting this link.

Conservative speakers such as: Ben Shapiro (who is protested as a Nazi by college communists even though he’s a Jew), Ann Coulter (Nationalist and border protection activist), Milo Yiannopoulos (a minority homosexual alerting people to the danger Islam poses to minorities) are usually obstructed from speaking at college campuses in America. If the obstruction does not work, organized mobs are mobilized to violently attack them to prevent them from sharing anti-communist, anti-shariah law (speaking up for: imprisoned, murdered and tortured victims of Islamic fascism), conservative and protectionist views on college campuses. These are text book communist tactics to shut down your political opponents(Target the opponent with false allegations and use violence against them).

The Jesuit Order is using Islam (According to former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, Islam was created by the Vatican to destroy Protestant/Bible based Christianity in the Middle East by executing anyone of another religion) and communism to destroy Western/Protestant civilization so they can create a one world government. A one world government cannot be created if you have prosperous independent nations (Only traditionally Protestant/Capitalist nations have had widespread prosperity and a middle class). They will use massive immigration of non assimilating cultures to destroy prosperous and peaceful Protestant/Capitalist nations. Communism and cultural Marxism within Colleges and governments is designed to allow this invasion of unassimilating counter cultures, and this invasion will result in civil wars (terrorism is the seeds of the coming civil war) and bring formerly prosperous nations to their knees. Once these nations come to their knees they will be taken over by a one world government (Super socialist/super communist/super shariah law/super Vatican canon law world government). Cultural Marxism promotes the idea that all cultures are equal. Not all cultures are equal, just go to Saudi Arabia and observe all the: prisoners, corpses and tortured souls who were afflicted for merely choosing another religion. A majority of Islamic nations with Islamic governments are plagued by poverty and human rights violations, because Islam is a totalitarian political institution with a religious component. If you also look at nations that lean toward socialism and communism, you will also see a similar situation of: poverty, injustice, genocide and no middle class. Islamic governments and communist governments are very similar, because they are both totalitarian ideologies that fleece and enslave the people, and both ideologies usually have a huge gap between rich and poor with no middle class. In majority Roman Catholic nations with no constitution, you also see a similar trend of poverty and communism. These majority non constitutional Roman Catholic nations also have no middle class (Mexico, Brazil, etc). Political Islam and communism is the enemy of free and prosperous nations, and those who want to live in prosperity and peace need to be aware of this.

Below is a Fox News segment which investigated how College campuses in the US, were promoting communist/Marxist leader Che Guevara as a hero, and teaching that America’s founding fathers were evil racists. This is clear evidence of the communist agenda within US colleges. These people want to overthrow the US and turn it into a communist third world country under UN rule.

Below is a video documenting the violence of the communist group Antifa against Donald Trump supporters at Berkeley. These communists who often have links to Islamic terrorist groups are determined to shut down free speech. The video shows Antifa using: fireworks, rocks, extreme violence, pepper spray and explosive devices against Donald Trump supporters. Donald Trump supporters can be seen gushing blood after being hit with giant rocks, and the police do absolutely nothing to protect Donald Trump supporters or to arrest the communist rioters (Because the Mayor of Berkeley is a documented communist associated with a violent Marxist group). In communist controlled left wing college jurisdictions, these communist groups with links to Islamic terrorism are allowed to do as they please. This is the movement that represents the emerging one world government. It is a radical communist/Islamic/canon law movement controlled by the Jesuit Order, designed to destroy Western civilization and Protestant/Christian/capitalist culture. This militant movement is being mobilized out of college campuses on an intellectual and paramilitary level.


Below is a video of conservative speaker, Ben Shapiro, interviewing a Trump rally attendee, who describes how communist groups (supported by the Mayor and Police Chief) are using IED’s( Improvised Explosive Devices) made up of dynamite, to injure Donald Trump supporters, when they hold a rally or speaking event at College Campuses. When the communists engage is this violence, the police are ordered to stand down, as the political and law enforcement leaders in these areas are communist infiltrators.


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