Donald Trump lawful immigration enforcement, unlawfully obstructed by criminal judges; enforcing the law of the sea (Jesuit/Vatican canon law)

Criminal judges are ignoring written US law to obstruct Donald Trump from protecting America’s borders from radical Islamic terrorists.

Watch below as Donald Trump cites the laws which clearly give him the power over immigration.

Its clear Donald Trump has the lawful authority over the protection of America’s borders. This is not the job of corrupt judges who ignore written law.

Much of the US legal system is infused with Jesuit secret society members, who are enforcing Vatican/Jesuit canon law (also known as the law of the sea) on the populace; and now they are enforcing it on President Trump himself.
The judges obstructing Trump are admirals of ships at sea. As admirals, they ignore the law of the land (constitutional/magna carta based law) and make laws up as they travel through the sea. These judges are admirals of the Jesuit General and Jesuit Popes ship. These admirals rule in favor of the Jesuit General and his emerging New World Order, that will be governed by the UN and overseen by the Knights of Malta who are submitted to the Jesuit Order (these Knights have permanent observer status on the UN council).

Judges who act as admirals exist in a legal system known as admiralty law. Admiralty law is also known as the law of the sea, which is based on Vatican/Canon law. Canon law is extremely anti-American and promotes: no second amendment, no freedom of the press, no free speech (first amendment), progressive and high taxes (socialist/communism) and no middle class. Under canon law there is a very small group and monarchy, who manage a nations wealth for the Jesuit General and Jesuit Pope. The rest of the population exists near the poverty line, and we see this type of system in majority Roman Catholic and Islamic nations (Saudi Arabian leaders are Vatican Knights of the Golden Fleece). The only nations that have had any type of middle class and reasonable wealth distribution is in: Protestant, constitutional (limited government) and capitalist societies (capitalist systems almost exclusively exist within Protestant nations). The Jesuits want the Protestant United States of America destroyed economically and culturally, so they can absorb it into their UN empire. The Jesuits will take control of the US through UN treaties that steal its wealth and sovereign governance.

Under the law of the sea, the judges appointed in the legal system by the Jesuit Order are: Jesuit influenced most worshipful masters, whose opinions contradict written constitutional law. They serve the emerging Jesuit New World Order, as opposed to the written constitutional sovereign law of the United States of America.

The judges ruling against Donald Trumps lawful immigration ban are committed to the destruction of the United States, so it can be absorbed into a one world government. The judges fighting Donald Trumps immigration ban are enforcing fabian socialism, which uses mass immigration to destroy a nation from within. The mass immigration into America of unassimilated cultures (predominately hostile radical Islamist’s) will be used to create a civil war in America, and to cancel out the votes of Donald Trump supporters (81% of Protestant evangelicals voted for Trump) to ensure Trump is not re-elected. The judges fighting Donald Trump are promoting the law of the sea as opposed to the law of the land. The law of the sea is based on Vatican canon law, and the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, was a Jesuit and professor of canon law. Fabian Socialism, Communism, totalitarianism and Islamic Shariah law are all based on canon law. Under canon law, the governing body has all power and the disarmed masses have little to no rights. The masses have elected Donald Trump in a rebellion against the corrupt elite government who are systematically destroying the nation, and the corrupt government has responded by obstructing Trump at every possible turn.

The judges ruling against Trump are: anti-Judaeo/Christian, pro-Jesuit (Luciferian), pro-Vatican (totalitarian, communist, socialist, non-constitutional, cannon law, law of the sea), pro-fabian socialist, pro-communist and anti-Protestant (anti-constitutional, anti-law of the land, anti-magna carta, anti-liberty, anti-King James/Geneva Bible).

Fabian socialism is a Jesuit philosophy implemented in traditionally protestant/constitutional nations, which involves destroying a nation from within using: mass immigration, destruction of judeao/protestant culture, infiltration (fabian socialism was developed in: Theosophical Society/Jesuit/Scottish Rite/Masonic/co-ed lodges) and other militant/spy/Jesuit tactics. Annie Besant who was a leader in the Theosophical Society (a Luciferian and Jesuit secret society), was also a leader in the Fabian Socialist movement. The Theosophical Society also plays a role in the official religion and spirituality of the United Nations. The Theosophical Society is also synonymous with Satanism, as most of its leaders such as Helena Blavatsky are known Satanists. The word Lucifer and Theosophical Society almost go hand in hand, as leaders such as Alice Bailey used to produce a monthly magazine called “Lucifer”! Many of the leaders in the Theosophical Society are dedicated to the study and worship of Lucifer (Satan). If Annie Besant was a member of the Theosophical society, she would have been directed by the Jesuit Order, and the demons who materialize at the Theosophical Society lodge after being summoned through black magic. The Theosophical Society does not publish books on Lucifer and engage in black magic to play games, these are serious people who control much of the United Nations, and use their black magic to increase their grip on the world. Annie Besant became a powerful political force in the United Kingdom and in India; where she was a politician.

The Jesuit judges opposing Trump (one of them was appointed by a Vatican Knight family) are enforcing the law of the sea on him (the law of the sea are the Jesuit Generals commandments; which are to destroy Protestant America through Islamic immigration and other illegal immigration). By obstructing Trumps immigration policy they are enforcing the Jesuit Generals commandment of immigration destruction of the United States. Under Vatican canon law (the law of the sea) the Popes word is the law, and the Jesuit General is the power behind the Pope. The Jesuit General has tremendous power, and controls powerful Vatican Knights who govern regions all over the world. Their objective is to recapture world dominion which they lost after the protestant reformation. Part of this goal involves the destruction of the United States, so it can be absorbed into a UN world government. Destroying America’s wealth and middle class is a part of this objective, but Donald Trump is reversing a lot of the economic warfare being waged against the United States. Trump is implementing domestic tariffs to protect domestic manufacturers, and cutting red tape which destroys local businesses. The Democrats led by communist and Jesuit trained Barak Obama (trained by the Jesuit, Greg Galuzzo, in Saul Alinsky communist tactics), have used all kinds of regulations to destroy local businesses and move them offshore.
Donald Trump was elected by American grass roots workers, and the majority of Protestant evangelicals to save their jobs and businesses; and he is doing exactly that. Trump has: thrown out TPP (a major domestic job killer), destroyed regulations that hamper business startups, and is planning to disarm the EPA (the EPA uses false science and exaggerations to steal: land, businesses and property from honest businesses). The EPA is a communist tool using the communist tools outlined in Ayn Rand’s book, “Atlas Shrugged” to destroy and steal prosperity in the United States. Ayn Rand who grew up in the Soviet Union understood communism better than anyone, and she wrote about how the communists would use corrupt science institutes in the US; to manufacture excuses based on false data to steal property and businesses (This has been somewhat exposed through a University professors emails, which exposed how he was creating global warming data based on fabrications; because he was being paid to do so). Communism and Fabian socialism are major tools of the Jesuit Order, and these are two of many groups they control. The Jesuits have ensured that fabian socialism and communism are the dominating philosophies in the US. The Jesuit Order desire totalitarian ideologies in nations, because with these ideologies, they can control the wealth and spirituality of those nations; fulfilling their goal of having spiritual and temporal power over the world. The global warming (renamed climate change after the fraud was exposed) agenda is designed to create a world tax that goes to the UN, so that further power can be exercised over the US and other nations. This world tax will help consolidate nations into a world government. In addition to the climate change world tax, the Jesuit Order also want to implement their cap and trade ponzi scheme system on the world population. The cap and trade ponzi scheme will forcefully extort money from the world population, based on bunk science invented by corrupt University professors (college professors are predominately communists), who are paid to spin lies, and who are members of Jesuit secret societies. A ponzi scheme generates money for those on top of the pyramid, not by the production of goods and services, but by the recruitment of members. The Jesuit Order will forcefully recruit cap and trade participants based on false scientific data, and by a UN treaty that will surpass the laws of sovereign nations. Once the Jesuit Order force people to participate in cap and trade, they will be able to make money out of thin air, just like they do with fiat (non-gold standard) currency. Companies and businesses will start trading non-existent air with each other. These UN treaties and related legistlation’s will be implemented by compromised politicians and judges in various nations. Corrupt judges serving the Jesuit Order will continue to contradict written law and defy honest elected officials such as Donald Trump.

The only way Donald Trump can beat the masters of the sea is by standing on the: common, constitutional, law of the land. The constitution was written so even a high school student could understand it. If the judges are contradicting the law of the land, they need to be arrested and tried by a jury who can determine if they are breaking the law.

In the United Kingdom, common law expert, Raymond St Claire, actually facilitated the attempted arrest of a judge, who was contradicting the law. Under the magna-carta (the Protestant law document the US constitution is based on), lawful rebellion against corrupt judicial officials is permitted, and judicial officials can be placed under citizen arrest if the law is broken.

Donald Trump recently read the from the law which states, that he has the power to determine who can come into the country and who cannot. The law is crystal clear about this. If judges are denying president Trump the ability to his job in accordance with the law, then they are obstructing the highest lawfully elected office in the country and breaking the law. These judges are criminals working for the Jesuit Order and are enforcing the law of the sea which is unlawful.
Watch below as common law expert Raymond St Claire attempts to arrest a judge in the UK. When corrupt judges ignore the law, they become a law unto themselves and therefore criminals.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump lawful immigration enforcement, unlawfully obstructed by criminal judges; enforcing the law of the sea (Jesuit/Vatican canon law)

  1. I appreciate educational articles like this. I have heard these things in the past, some anyway, and it’s good to review them. I believe any American who is more loyal to a foreign power or a law that was not enacted by Congress is a traitor to his country. No wonder America is in bad shape. Can President Trump fix things? I think it’s way beyond one man or even the group of men working with him. They can be voted out of office in 4 years if the international bankers pulls the economic rug out from under them. Americans judge their president mainly by how well the economy is during his administration.

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