Jesuit Illuminati play their judge and court card against Donald Trump’s executive order


supremecourt1The Jesuit Order have used a Vatican Knight family appointed judge named Judge James Robart, to stop President Trumps lawful executive order to protect the nation from radical Islamic terrorism. It is complete madness and incomprehensible that a judge can do something like this, but it shows that the Jesuit Order still have significant control over the government and court systems. In the Illuminati card game (shown left), control of the court system is used to cancel out the actions of political groups opposing the Jesuit Illuminati.

The Jesuits are not going down without a fight. They control large portions of the Jesuit influenced Scottish Rite Masonic lodge, in addition to a host of Vatican Knighthoods and other secret societies. Many of the members of these Jesuit secret societies are committed to the Islamic invasion of the United States, so that Protestant Christianity and the Jews can be destroyed. The Denver airport mural illustrates the plan of the Jesuit Order, which clearly shows a girl in a coffin holding a Bible and wearing a Jewish star (this is symbolic for the death of Protestant Christians and Jews). The Denver mural also depicts an Islamic sword piercing a dove (symbolic for the: Holy Spirit, peace and Biblical Christianity). This Islamic sword attacking the dove is symbolic of a Jesuit plan; to use massive Islamic immigration to persecute Protestant Christians and Jews.

Donald Trump recently signed a common sense executive order, which banned people from coming to the United States, who are from regions plagued by radical Islamic terrorists. If you want to see what mass Islamic immigration does to nations, just look at the situation in France and Germany, where you have major problems with violent Jihad attacks. The Jesuits also seem to want to force Islamic doctrines on school children which we are seeing in Europe. Having children adopt Islamic totalitarian ideologies, which are consistent with the communist/socialist ideologies of the Jesuit Order, also prevent children from voting for constitutional political candidates in the future. Protestantism and constitutional liberty go hand in hand, as Protestants escaping Jesuit and Vatican persecution founded the United States of America. The fight against Trumps executive order is also a fight against Trumps future election, because if the Jesuits can get more Muslims into the country they can cancel out the votes of Trump supporters, as Muslims overwhelmingly vote for Democrats who are sympathetic to radical Islam.

The establishment republicans who are mainly Jesuit Knights (Jeb Bush and his associates) pretend to be conservative, but they are secretly working for the liberal/leftist agenda; which involves the destruction of Judaeo/Protestant America and an inquisition. The judge who overturned President Trumps executive order was appointed by George W Bush, who is a skull and bones member, who has kissed the slipper of the pope in a devil cult ceremony. The kissing of the popes slipper in the skull and bones ceremony, is an act of worship which signifies his allegiance to carrying out the inquisition wishes of the pope. The Jesuit pope seeks to use Islam to destroy Judaeo/Protestant Christian culture, the Jesuit pope also wishes to kill off liberal Catholics who don’t submit to his temporal power (political power and political orders). The Catholics who voted for Trump are considered deserving of death by the pope. The current Jesuit popes goal regarding the United States, is to use Islam to kill off his enemies in a bloody civil war, that will result in the extermination of: Jews, protestants and liberal Catholics. The Bush family’s appointed judge is ensuring the Popes Islamic inquisition of the United States will take place. It should also be noted that the current Pope is not a Catholic neither are the Jesuits Catholic or Christian. The Jesuits were banned from the Catholic church in a papal bull in the 1700’s and according to Vatican law; papal bulls cannot be reversed. The Jesuits were expelled from the Catholic church for being: assassins, political infiltrators, spies and diabolical characters of the most sinister order. However the Jesuits now have full control over the Vatican and its societies and knighthoods (Jeb Bush is a Vatican Knight of Columbus). The Jesuits also have large control (although not full control) of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the United States. According to some sources, many Scottish Rite Freemasons are leaning towards the ideals of York Rite Freemasonry (traditionally Christian Protestant and King James Bible based). Many Freemasons are supporting Donald Trump and opposing the Jesuit influence in their lodges. Many Scottish Rite Freemasons are not even aware that the Jesuits wrote the 33 degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Jesuits wrote the first 25 degrees in France at the Jesuit College of Clermont, and they wrote the final 8 degrees in Prussia. The King of Prussia protected the Jesuit Order, during their suppression and banishment from the Roman Catholic Church; and many nations around the world. The King of Prussia was known as the first Chief of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in 1786. The King of Prussia was merely a Jesuit puppet and Jesuit sentinel. In the Jesuit oath, it states that an objective of the order was to infiltrate Freemasonry (which originally was a force for benevolence and Protestant Christianity), and it seems they have achieved this goal to some extent through Scottish Rite Freemasonry. It seems however there is a strong York Rite resistance occurring within Freemasonry in America, and the Jesuits cannot fully control the Masonic lodges over there. Author Eric Jon Phelps has stated in the past, that only a schism in Freemasonry can bring political liberty in the United States. It seems that there is a schism going on within Freemasonry in America at the moment. Those Freemasons resisting Jesuit influence in their lodges are definitely fighting for righteousness and I applaud them. The Federal judge who overturned Trumps executive order is most likely a Jesuit influenced Freemason (and we know for a fact he was appointed by a family whose children are Vatican Knights).

The Denver airport death mural

The Denver airport death mural

Trump needs York Rite leaning/Protestant leaning/non-Jesuit judges on his side to win this battle, he cannot win this battle alone, as the Jesuit judges will gang up on him and twist the interpretation of the law to suit the Jesuit agenda. The Jesuits are experts at manipulating the law and they have been doing it in the United States for years. Its not even lawful to have to pay tax in the United States, and its unlawful for the United States to depart from the gold standard; but the Jesuits managed to twist the law to achieve these unlawful acts. The objective by the Jesuits to cause the US to depart from the gold standard was to destroy its currency, and the objective for having US citizens to pay tax was to steal from Protestants (anglo saxon protestants are traditionally wealthy) and to give this money to hoards of immigrants. Only in traditionally protestant anglo saxon nations is welfare rampant; this is a Jesuit tactic to steal wealth from their enemies. The main enemy of the Jesuit is the anglo saxon protestant. It is the anglo saxon protestant and his King James Bible, that the Jesuit has the most difficulty submitting to his non-constitutional and totalitarian rulership. These Jesuit totalitarian rulerships are often socialist/communist empires or Islamic empires under shariah law (similar to communist rule). The Saudi Royals are Vatican Knights (Knights of the Golden Fleece) ruling a totalitarian empire for the Jesuit Order.
The Jesuit Orders main enemy at present is the traditionally Protestant and constitutional United States. The Jesuits control large parts of its government, but it seems they have lost the white house to Trump for the first time in decades. They seek to destroy the US through mass immigration (to cancel out the votes of protestant anglo saxons and their freedom loving allies), and through an engineered civil war involving Islam. President Trump seems to be on the front line in this war.
The battle is not over yet and if Trump can use: Jeff Sessions, the DOJ or his newly appointed Supreme Court Judge to confirm his executive order, then Trump may be able to continue to protect the US from a staged Islamic invasion. Trump may not be: politically correct, polite, nice or pretty; but only a rough guy who gets his hands dirty will be able to win this fight. It seems God has chosen the right guy to be in the white house, because only a: rough, tough and fighting character is going to have a chance in this fight. The Jesuits are the most vicious characters you will ever encounter, and its only a tough bastard that will save America.

When the White House and President of the United States cannot control who enters the country then you have serious problems. This legal ruling made by a Jesuit controlled Judge is absolutely ludicrous. The Jesuits are using their judges to fight Donald Trump who they see as a heretic who needs to be put to death. Trump is opposing the will of the Jesuits and their network of Satanic secret societies, and these Jesuit secret societies are not going down without a fight.


The Jesuit plan for your Protestant and Jewish children

Above is a picture of a dead child in a coffin holding a Protestant Bible and wearing a Jewish star. This illustration was pictured at a Jesuit controlled Masonic Scottish Rite airport located at Denver. This illustration illustrates the death of protestant and Jewish families in the United States, who the Jesuit Order consider heretics who have traditionally never submitted to their totalitarian controlled governments. The Jesuits wish to kill them and steal their wealth as they did during the Nazi reign of Germany. Jews were rounded up and their wealth stolen by the Nazis. The Jesuits controlled the war on both sides, and ensured that mostly the German Protestants were killed in Germany when the allies invaded. Hitlers SS was built on the model of the Jesuit Order and Hitler himself was controlled by the Jesuits. Many of Hitlers top people were absorbed into the CIA/NSA and Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele became a mind controller in the: CIA, Illuminati and secret societies. Mengele was later replaced by Satanist Lt-Col Michael Aquino (who is documented as being a servant of the Jesuit Order by CIA operative Cathy O’brien and Californian FBI chief Ted Gunderson). There is a strong Nazi presence in the American intelligence community at present, and it will be under this Nazi leadership that the extermination of Jews and Protestants will begin in America. The Jesuit/Nazi American intelligence community will also ensure that the most radical Muslims will enter the US, because they want to use them to kill Protestants, Jews and conservatives who vote for constitutional liberty, and they will also use them to vote against Trump and other libertarian candidates before the civil war begins. Most of the new mosques that will be built in the US will be financed by Saudi Arabia who will promote violent Wahabi (most extreme form of Islam) doctrines; which call for violence and intolerance against non-muslims. If you think this type of Islam is safe for your community or family, then simply research why there are no: churches, synagogues, Buddhist temples or atheist clubs in Saudi Arabia; these services don’t exist because anyone who leaves Islam is either put in jail and tortured, or has their head chopped off.

This article has not been edited or proof read as I have neither the time or money to do these things. Thanks for your understanding.


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