Jesuit Order and CIA attempt to assassinate Trump team member: Roger Stone

scorpion-23158_960_720Donald Trump’s senior advisor Roger Stone was recently poisoned after he fell ill and tests concluded that he was poisoned with polonium. Polonium is a highly radioactive substance often used by black ops spies to assassinate or debilitate a target. Polonium was used to poison Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko in London. In previous articles I predicted that the Jesuits would use poison against Donald Trump, but I did not expect this to happen so soon. I was also surprised Trump was not poisoned at the Jesuit Al Smith charity dinner, but I guess the Jesuits refrained from poisoning him there to prevent getting convicted for the act.

Polonium, arsenic, heart attack causing poisons, nano-tech poisons, and other complex poisons, are many of the poisonous weapons used by the Jesuit Order. The attempted Roger Stone poisoning, was most definitely an attack by the Jesuit Order, who have controlled the government of the United States for decades. The Jesuit Order have lost control of the white house, however they still control large segments of the CIA and NSA. The Jesuit Order still control parts of the white house and government through establishment personalities. Roger Stone could have only been poisoned by a trusted colleague or friend, so its likely the Jesuits have their agents earning Trumps trust, so that they can poison him at the right time. In addition to the Knights of Malta almost exclusively directing the CIA, the Jesuits also placed a chemist (John Deutch) in the position of CIA director. Why would a chemist become CIA director? Probably to direct the development of poisons so the Jesuits can poison their enemies (predominantly protestants and pro constitutionalists).

Donald Trump, Roger Stone and other non-submissive politicians, are considered heretics who must be killed according to the Jesuits. Most CIA directors since its inception have been Vatican Knights of Malta (controlled by the Jesuit General), and establishment political personalities like Jeb Bush are Vatican Knights maintaining Rome’s control over the United States. Since the protestant reformation removed much of Rome’s power from the world, the ruthless Jesuit Order have begun taking it back through stealth. The Jesuits control an army of: Knights (Knights of Malta, Knights of the Golden Fleece, Knights of Columbus), Satanic mind controllers, MKULTRA spy assassins, CIA/NSA spy assassins, super soldiers, Manchurian candidates, secret societies, secret fourth reich Nazi cells (most of the secret technology hoarded by the Jesuits and segments of the CIA were developed by the Nazis), and a large segment of Freemasonry (the Scottish Rites of Freemasonry are Jesuit created and controlled) to maintain their power.

Its very likely the attempted assassination of Roger Stone was a black ops CIA operation overseen by the Jesuit Order, and carried out by a Jesuit subordinate or a Jesuit himself. Make no mistake about, the Jesuits are going to try and poison Donald Trump or assassinate him by other means. Trump needs to get rid of all establishment employees from the White House including Reince Priebus. Anyone of these establishment employees, who are submitted to the Jesuit Order or are Jesuits themselves could secretly poison his cup at any time.

Below is an excerpt from the Jesuit Oath:

“I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.” (The Jesuit Oath).

The Jesuits do not believe in the same Jesus as Protestants and Bible believers. They believe in a different Jesus who has made the Jesuit General (black Pope) a god, and they must: kill, spy and torture on his command.

The Jesuits in many respects are similar to the extreme Islamic group ISIS. The Jesuits however are far more clever and sophisticated in the murdering of heretics. They murder their victims with sophisticated poisons, and many of their poisons are undetectable by modern medicine.

The Jesuits seem to be bringing in masses of radical Muslims into traditionally protestant nations to persecute and eventually kill off protestants (President Obama who was trained by Jesuit Greg Galuzzo has been importing thousands of radical Muslims and wanted to bring even more) . Donald Trumps election may stop this radical Islamic madness if he follows through with his promises. According to former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, the Vatican created Islam to kill off Bible believing protestant Christians in the Middle East. The principle leaders and financiers of the most radical form of Islam (Wahhabism) are in fact Vatican Knights. The Saudi Royals who finance and are the custodians of radical Wahhabi Islam are Vatican Knights of the Golden Fleece.

Throughout the centuries, American politicians and prominent historical figures have warned the world of the Jesuit threat. The Jesuits have been: political assassins, spies and controllers of governments for centuries, they have not changed, and continue to wield great power from behind the scenes.

To read famous Jesuit quotes from such notable people as: Napoleon, John Adams and Ian Paisley; please read my article called: The Jesuit history erased from today’s education system and mainstream literacy.

To read my article where I predicted how the Jesuits would use poison against Donald Trump please click here.


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