Donald Trump is right about the F-35 fighter jet

The Lockheed Martin F-35 project has been proven to be an absolute disaster. The F-35 has been proven to be inferior to older Russian fighter jets, and the F-35 could make the US vulnerable in future wars. In addition to the pathetic performance of the F-35, Donald Trump believes taxpayers are paying too much for this jet.

Donald Trump recently tweeted the below message


A Rand corporation experiment discovered that US fighter jets (including the F-35) are inferior to Russia’s Sukhoi fighter jets. In a simulated experiment in Hawaii called Pacific vision war games two teams fought each other; one team was known as the blue team and consisted of US F-22 Raptors, US F-35’s (JSF) and Super Hornets. The other team was known as the red team and consisted of Russian made Su 27’s, Su 30’s and Su 35’s. During the war games the Russian planes significantly outmatched the US planes and easily beat them.

Defense expert Peter Goon was critical of the Australian government because they purchased a number of F-35’s from the US. Peter wrote a letter to the Australian defence minister and stated that the results of the Pacific Vision war games was disastrous for the F-35. Peter stated, “Red force dominated the exercise going up against two divisions of blue force, both of which were roundly defeated… the exercise demonstrated the F-35 was useless… hundreds of blue force jets were lost in the first 20 minutes.”

Donald Trump is one of the sharpest politicians on the scene at the moment.


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