Anti-Trump protesters are paid professional violent communist agitators

communism-157634_960_720The anti-Trump protesters are paid professionals who are trained in violent communist revolutionary tactics, and are funded by financiers who are in subordination to the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order seek a one world/socialist government with no borders. This world government will be controlled by the United Nations, where the Vatican Knights of Malta (controlled by the Jesuits) have permanent observer UN council status.

This communist Trump protest movement pays each protester $15-20 per hour, and they are trained in communist revolutionary tactics. These tactics include: violence, fighting against police, radical disruption of society, anarchy, intimidation and damage to property. It is my belief that financial incentives such as cash and iPhones, are also given as bonuses to people who commit violence. Those paying the protesters are Hilary Clinton contributors and establishment lobbyists. These anti-Trump protesters are not even protesters, they are a violent street army with massive funding, who are sophisticatedly coordinated by experienced communist agitators.

CAN Washington is hiring people through Craiglist and paying them to participate in violent communist riots against Donald Trump. This is not a people protest, this is a communist funded revolutionary street army at war with democracy. The communist financiers also seem to have government connections and put pressure on the police to deal with these protesters with kids gloves. This kid gloves treatment only emboldens them to become more violent. Violent criminals definitely make a large percentage of these professionally paid protestors. Check out the Craiglist job advertisement recruiting anti-Trump protesters below.


sickle-39035__340This paid communist street army will physically fight with police and government officials, to stop them from carrying out orders directed to them by a democratically elected President (Donald Trump). These communists have no respect for democracy and will fight to stop Donald Trump’s plans from being carried out. They especially want to stop the deportation of illegal aliens and sanctuary cities, because these welfare dependent immigrants are a massive voting block for the Democratic party. Once Trump deports all illegal immigrants, it will have a significant impact on the Democratic parties voting block. Recent reports indicate, that up to 3 million votes by illegal aliens were cast in the recent presidential election.

Check out the video below where MSNBC reporter Chris Matthews has a rare moment of sanity and admits the Democrats promote illegal immigration because they want the votes.

This communist street army are also pro radical Islam, and this movement has violently attacked any person or group in Europe who speaks against radical Islam. Radical Islam is the most undemocratic form of religious government in the world. People are: violently tortured, imprisoned and executed for leaving Islam in many Islamic countries. Most punishment for not adhering to religious rules involves violence in these countries. Recently in Saudi Arabia, an Arab man was sentenced to 10 years jail and violently whipped, because he became an atheist. To allow the financiers of this Wahabi Islam (radical form of Islam) to build mosques (radical ideology fortresses) in the United States is cultural suicide. The communists, Democrats and many Republicans (who pretend to be conservative) want this form of radical Islam in the United States, because they can use radical Islam to divide and conquer. Muslims mostly vote Democrat, so this is another voting block for the Democratic party. The communist controllers who are ultimately controlled by the Jesuit Order, violently attack anyone who opposes Islam, because Islam is a massive voting block for them. They also want to use Islam to persecute Christians and Jews, and this is already happening in the UK on a massive scale. Churches and synagogues in addition to the clergy are regularly attacked by Islamic mobs in the UK, and this is something that the left desires because the Judaeo/Christian voting block is predominately conservative. The Islamic civil war within Western countries, will also help the Jesuit Order destroy these sovereign nations and create a world government. The Jesuit controlled and funded left wing progressive movement in western nations is designed to destroy these countries. You cannot have a world government when you have strong independent and sovereign nations.

Check out the video of the violent communist anti-Trump protesters below. Attacking innocent people and smashing windshields with baseball bats seem to be common practice for them. Notice the double standard of the left wing media; if these were Trump supporters they would be calling for Donald Trumps incarceration. Who are the real haters?


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