How the left uses false allegations of racism against Donald Trump and how Trump can counter attack

trumprally1When you watch Donald Trump get interviewed on mainstream media (most of it is progressive left wing communist), they constantly insinuate Donald Trump of being a racist. The journalists ask questions like, “you have been accused of being a racist, what is your response?”, “your supporters have been seen acting racist, what is your response?” These questions are intended to fulfill the Saul Alinsky communist manifesto of demonizing your opponent, to avoid any intelligent conversation. Most of the mainstream media promotes this false narrative by constantly accusing Donald Trump of being a racist. The left wing financially controlled mainstream media is controlled by people who want to form a one world government. These people want to collapse the US borders and form a one world government (This was confirmed by Newt Gingrich who explained how Hilary Clinton gave a speech in Brazil, where she announced she wanted to destroy the USA’s borders). When a: pro-constitutionalist, pro-bill of rights, pro-secure borders, pro-American personality begins asserting influence, the left wing communist machine (mainstream media, Democrats, many Republicans and establishment) starts attacking the personality with false allegations of racism and bigotry. This is because the Jesuit controlled left wing communist agenda wants to destroy American sovereignty, you are already seeing this destruction through UN treaties (climate control treaty which is based on false science and the proposed gun treaty). The gun treaty would take away Americans rights to bear arms, and the climate control treaty would introduce a world carbon tax. A world carbon tax would bring us closer to a world government with an international tax, and the gun treaty would disarm Americans in preparation for a possible world army and world police.

Donald Trump’s policies which include tariffs to protect domestic manufacturers will benefit all Americans, and in particular minorities who are struggling financially. His policies of lower taxes for employees and employers will also create more jobs. His secure border policies and strong stance against illegal immigration will also ensure jobs remain for Americans. Trump has also stated that he wants to help African Americans get jobs, as many of them are overly represented in unemployment statistics. Donald Trump is not racist at all. However the left are hell bent on framing his as a racist because that cannot debate his policies, as his policies are of great benefit to all Americans; including minorities.
It has been proven that many of the violent agitators who stirred up trouble at Trump rallies were paid to do so. I also believe people masquerading as Trump supporters are acting racist on camera to paint Trump as a racist, and they are probably being paid to do this. This also gives fuel to the corrupt mainstream media who can say, “look! your supporters are racist!” We also saw left wing agitators dress up as KKK members at Trump rallies and harass African American Trump supporters. African American Trump supporters have also been attacked by left wing agitators on Trump rallies, however this is never reported on the mainstream media, because it doesn’t fit their narrative of Trump being a racist. This well funded left wing movement is violent, racist, bigoted and Nazi like. Anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda in the mainstream media is viciously attacked and called names, and anyone who thinks differently to them is violently attacked and rioted against. The current street protests against Trump are extremely well funded and coordinated, and its been proven that many of them are paid to commit violence. These aggressive and violent left wing groups exist in all wealthy protestant nations, as its their agenda to shut down any conservative groups, who want to have an intellectual conversation about the dangers of: radical Islam, immigration, climate change and UN treaties. They shut others down with: violence, intimidation, aggressive protests that involve violence, and aggressive name calling and accusations.

Donald Trumps best defense against prostitute journalists (who sell themselves to the left wing communist/world government agenda) who accuse him of being racist, is to tell them that the left is financing people to masquerade as Trump supporters and cause trouble. His response should also be that its been proven that the left is paying people to incite violence and hatred at his gatherings, and that they are probably being paid to masquerade as Trump supporters; and to intentionally act hostile to frame Trump.

It should also be noted that the left wing communist movement which supports Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (an overt hardcore communist/socialist) is controlled by the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order control the Vatican which is described by Avril Manhattan as the wealthiest corporation in the world, and they promote left wing politics to destroy wealthy protestant nations.

Check out the video below from Infowars which documents how violent agitators, are paid to incite violence and hatred at Trump rallies.

Check out the video below where an African American Trump supporter is harassed by left wing agitators dressed up as KKK members at a Trump rally. The African American responded by defending himself and I think he was justified in doing so. It is the left who are inciting hate.

Watch below as the prostitute MSNBC network cuts off an African American Trump supporter because he exposes their false narrative.


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