CNN sux. The communist one world government news network exposed as a fascist propaganda machine

From creating platforms for people like Van Jones who constantly incite race wars on CNN, to being caught red handed fabricating and staging false news, CNN has lost every bit of credibility they ever had. CNN (which some call the Clinton news network or communist news network) is an absolute disgrace. They are militantly partisan and are a propaganda machine installed to destroy the American constitution, and to bring America into a one world government. With a constant barrage of anti-constitution programming and anti-second amendment brainwashing, CNN has an agenda against the American people.

Recently CNN was caught red handed in directing one of their camera men to pose as a random anti-Trump protester. This camera man was given a script by CNN to read which exalted Hilary Clinton, and demanded that she be given the presidency even though Trump won. CNN tried to present this camera man as one of the protesters, however CNN news anchor Don Lemon recognized him, and told another CNN journalist that it wasn’t a random protester but a CNN employee. Don Lemon accidentally exposed a fabricated CNN story on live TV. The people financing CNN are also financing the violent protests against Donald Trump, and may attempt to incite a race war through the protests and communist media (CNN).

Watch the video below as Don Lemon accidentally discovers CNN staging a fake story in favor of Hilary Clinton. Notice the obvious bad acting (overacting) of this pathetic camera man posing as a random Trump protester. This is one of the most pathetic things I’ve seen on live television in years.

If you watched CNN during the election period it was a hate fest against Donald Trump, with most of the journalists on there spreading false propaganda about Trump. Journalists on CNN would regularly say that voting for Trump would be a bad choice because he is an evil and racist bigot (with no evidence), despite the fact that prominent African Americans support him, and that he has a history of helping disadvantaged minorities find employment. CNN cannot be considered a news service, they are a corrupt propaganda machine determined to push the left wing/communist/Jesuit agenda. The left wing/communist/Jesuit agenda, is planning to destroy the sovereignty of historical Protestant Christian nations and to bring them under the authority of an international body. This agenda promotes mass immigration from cultures that are the anti-thesis of Protestant Christian culture, and it also promotes mass welfare, to steal the wealth from predominantly Protestant Christian nations; and in many case giving this wealth to unassimilating immigrants. Many of the founding fathers of the United States stated that, the United States was built upon the principles of the King James Bible. Mass immigration from cultures that cannot assimilate into America is a way to destroy the country. Islamic Arabs have their own countries, are they ever called racist because they want to dominate their own countries? No. The communist Chinese dominate their own country with their own ideology and race, are they never called racist or bigots? No. The communist/Jesuit agenda in America, is determined to promote self hatred against traditional Americans and calls anyone who wants to maintain Protestant/Christian American values as a bigot. Anyone who opposes radical Islam which: imprisons, executes and tortures anyone who chooses another religion is called a bigot in the liberal media. The liberal/communist media protect radical Islam because they want to use it to destroy America. This agenda also wants to destroy America’s borders, and anyone who opposes illegal immigration is labelled a bigot. CNN also created a platform for English journalist, Piers Morgan, to attack America’s second amendment on a regular basis, as he called for Americans to be disarmed and the constitution destroyed. CNN’s agenda is to destroy the American bill of rights and American constitution, which means their objective is to destroy America. When you destroy the bill of rights and constitution, you no longer live in the United States, you are living in another country. It is the bill of rights and constitution that make the United States one of the most prosperous and fair nations on earth.

CNN/the liberal communists and the Jesuit Order want to destroy America, but the American people have awoken to the lies of CNN. In a previous Donald Trump rally the crowd chanted, “CNN sux! CNN sux!” Check out the video below.


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