CNN political commentator Van Jones inciting racial war against Donald Trump based on lies

Van Jones

Van Jones

CNN commentator Van Jones has been regularly inciting a race war to sabotage the Presidency of Donald Trump. Van Jones made irresponsible inflammatory comments about Trump voters, and claimed they were a part of some Ku Klux Klan whitelash against a black president and minorities.

Does Van Jones know that President Obama’s African American brother, Malik Obama, actually voted for Donald Trump? Does Van Jones know that 8% of African Americans and 29% of Mexican Latinos voted for Trump? Are these African Americans and Latinos also in the Ku Klux Klan? Is President Obama’s own brother in the KKK, because he votes for Trump and vocally supports him? Van Jones is unable to have an intelligent conversation about key political issues, so he resorts to calling people names because voters didn’t choose his candidate (Hilary Clinton) or his communist world government party (Democrats). The Democratic Party and Hilary Clinton are a tool of the New World Order who want to form a one world government, and destroying America’s borders is a part of that agenda. Donald Trump wants to protect America’s borders, and protect America’s businesses from cheap child slave labour in China (among other places).

The first tactic of non thinkers is to call people names. Van Jones is professionally trained in Saul Alinsky communist tactics, which involves: picking the target, freezing it, personalizing it, and polarizing it. Saul Alinsky is a Jesuit trained communist who helped train communists for the Jesuit Order. Saul Alinksy helped the Jesuits run the Gamaliel Foundation, which is a Jesuit controlled communist community organizing group. President Obama also worked at the Jesuit Gamaliel Foundation, where he was trained in communist tactics by a Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo. The Jesuits are attempting to form a world government that they control, and the Democratic and Republican establishment is assisting them in doing so. With Donald Trump now taking over the white house, the Jesuit plans of a world government may be foiled. However the Jesuit trained communists which include Van Jones, are attacking Trump and his supporters with vile accusations with no substance. These verbal attacks and name calling which have no substance, are now turning into mindless violence on the streets. Violent anti-Trump protests are now being funded by the Jesuit New World Order. Many of Hilary’s contributors are now funding violent communist protests against Trump. You may also see the Jesuits fund assassination attempts, and use their MKULTRA CIA/NSA assassins to kill Trump. If Trump is not controlled by the Jesuit Order, the USA may have a chance to survive and separate from the emerging one world antichrist government.

Van Jones is a part of the hardcore left wing communist faction, which seeks to avoid intelligent policy discussion through desperate name calling. As Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels once said, “If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it.” Van Jones behavior, and much of the behavior from the pundits on CNN is nothing short of Nazi propaganda. The mainstream media pundits and Van Jones do nothing but call peoples names, and they avoid discussion of key policy issues affecting Americans.

American manufacturing is being destroyed by globalization and jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants on a massive scale. Over half of African Americans don’t have a job and many others in the US are on some form of welfare. Corporations are moving their bases off American soil and hiring cheaper laborers in third world countries. Donald Trump wants to put a stop to this pillaging of America, by introducing protective tariffs to protect domestic manufacturers and jobs. Donald also wants to secure Americas borders to stop the illegal drugs and immigrants coming over the border. To accuse: Donald Trump, Malik Obama (African American), Herbert Cain (African American), Dr Ben Carson (African American), 8% of African Americans, 29% of Mexican Latinos, American whites and others who voted for Donald Trump as being racist bigots is: grossly irresponsible, disgraceful, ignorant, uneducated, unintelligent and ridiculous. Van Jones cannot have intelligent conversations with people so he just calls them names. This is the type of behavior CNN promotes, as they want to incite a violent race war against Trump and his supporters. The current protests against Trump are very well financed, and its been proven that many of these protesters are given money to commit violence. These are professional paid protesters who are violent and are trying to start a race war.

In a rare moment, an African American CNN analyst confronted Van Jones and CNN, for falsely accusing Donald Trump and his supporters. The African American analyst conveyed that Donald Trump has a sizeable African American and Latino support base, and also explained how Trump appealed to those who felt left behind. You can watch the revealing video below.


In the video below you can observe a report from Infowars which shows undercover video, proving that violent protesters are paid by the Democratic Party, to deliberately incite violence toward Trump and his supporters. The Democratic Party and some of the Republican Party are militant communist anarchists (trained and controlled by the Jesuit Order) seeking to form a: one world government, one world religion and one world economy.


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