Report: Attempted assassination made against Donald Trump

According to a report and recent video, an assassination attempt was made against Donald Trump. Some time ago I reported that an assassination against Trump was imminent, and it seems as though it may have been executed today. It seems the Secret Service did their job correctly, and Trump may not have any Jesuit spy/assassin infiltrators in his Secret Service camp. However its possible there is one or more Jesuit spy/infiltrators in Trumps security detail. I think Trump has been wise in keeping his long term bodyguard (a former NYPD police officer) on his security detail, because having a trusted security guy keeps the opposition on their toes. Below is a video of the alleged assassination attempt.

There was also a report some time ago about a black ops assassin who entered Trump tower with a gun and silencer. This black ops assassin was a former FBI agent who was supposed to be dead. The Jesuit Empire recruit assassins from law enforcement agencies (including the Secret Service) among other places, and often place them under Jesuit mind control. Former NSA officer Michael Aquino was trained by the Jesuits on how to administer mind control on subjects. The former FBI agent who entered Trump tower with a gun and silencer was Barry Lee Bush. Barry Lee Bush was supposed to be dead after a shootout with armed robbers, but it seems his death was staged so he could become a spook assassin. After Barry Lee Bush entered Trump tower with his weapons, he was arrested, and his intentions and identity were leaked to the press by police.

Hong Kong journalist, Yoichi Shimatsu, wrote about the Barry Lee Bush assassin and his connection to Donald Trump, in an article that was published on Rense. You can read the article by clicking here.


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