Gun goes missing after alleged Donald Trump assassination attempt. Coverup?

At a recent event in Nevada, Donald Trump hosted an event where an alleged assassination attempt occurred. I reported on this earlier today, however new details have emerged that paint an intriguing story.
According to reports, Austyn Crites created a commotion at the Trump Nevada event, and witnesses saw him or a person associated with him holding a gun. According to mainstream media reports, even Donald Trump’s children claimed this was an assassination attempt.

Austyn Crites

Austyn Crites

The Secret Service detained Austyn Crites, searched him, and claimed they found no gun. Witnesses however claimed they saw a gun. What occurred may have been a conspiratorial assassination attempt involving the Secret Service. Some of the Secret Service agents may be working for the Jesuit New World Order, or they could be under Jesuit MKULTRA mind control. The Jesuit Order want Hilary Clinton or one of their Republican puppets in power. If Donald Trump becomes president and is not controlled by the Jesuits, it will be the first time the Jesuits lose control of the White House in decades. The Jesuits want a one world government and economy with their antichrist as world ruler. Donald Trumps: protective tariff policies, border policies, trade policies, constitutional policies and anti-shariah law policies, are an attack against the Jesuit New World Order. It is understandable why they would want him dead.

Throughout history the Jesuits have used their control of intelligence agencies and criminal groups to assassinate political threats. According to Tony Gambino of the Gambino Crime Family: the CIA, Mafia and Secret Service worked together to assassinate John F Kennedy. This CIA and organized crime connection is further confirmed by Haitian politicians, who advised Donald Trump how the American intelligence agencies, were trafficking drugs and laundering the money in Haiti. This drug money was then sent back to the United States in Kellogs cornflakes cereal boxes, and the money was used to lobby politicians in Washington. LA Narcotics Detective and CIA agent, Mike Ruppert, also witnessed the CIA involved in drug dealing and organized crime. In a public town hall meeting Mike Ruppert confronted the director of the CIA on this issue. You also have an army of mind controlled spy assassins in the CIA and NSA. These assassins have multiple personality disorder (MPD), and can be switched to assassination mode at any time. These assassins don’t even remember assassinating anyone due to the MPD, and they are also given drugs such as Scopolamine which erases memory. According to former CIA operative, Cathy O’brien, the Jesuits hold the keys to every CIA mind controlled spy and assassin. O’briens testimony was confirmed by former Californian FBI chief, Ted Gunderson. It is the Jesuits who unleash this army of mind controlled assassins on their enemies (anyone who opposes their world government and destruction of the protestant middle class).

It is very likely Austyn Crites is a CIA/Jesuit/MKULTRA assassin asset. He is programmed with Jesuit programming, and can be switched to an obedient assassin through keys only known to the Jesuits. These keys could be: words, symbols, sounds etc. Some of the Secret Service agents assigned to protect Trump may have been involved in this assassination attempt. Its very peculiar that witnesses saw a gun, however the gun conveniently went missing. Did Jesuit controlled Secret Service agents coverup the assassination attempt? Did they hide the gun? Were the Secret Service agents working with the assassin secretly, but the assassination got thwarted by by-standers who saw the gun? Trump supporters are passionate and tough, so the Jesuit New World Order may have been stopped by Trumps grass roots supporters.

There are many Jesuit spy assassins planted in various government agencies, so I’m certain they’re planted in the Secret Service also. Hong Kong journalist, Yoichi Shimatsu, reported that dead FBI agent, Barry Lee Bush, was found in Trump Tower with a gun and silencer not long ago. Barry Lee Bush had his death staged so he could become a secret assassin for the shadow government (Jesuit World Order). Clearly this shows the Jesuit Order are recruiting and mind controlling Federal Agents to be their assassins.


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