Election fraud is being committed against Donald Trump on massive scale

Trevor Lafauchi who is the campaign coordinator for Hilary Clinton was caught on video, condoning the ripping up of Trump ballots by election officials. Check out the video below.

Jerry Mosna from San Pedro, California, found 83 unused ballots addressed to the same address in a small unit next to his house. It is impossible for 83 people to live in one small unit. Read the full article from Fox News by clicking here.

Infowars reported on multiple accounts of vote flipping, where people voted for Trump and their vote was changed to Hilary. Click this link to view the multiple social media posts that reported on this issue.

Computer programmer, Clint Curtis, who has worked on the voter machine software, claimed that he was instructed to put hidden commands into voting software to rig elections. Check out Clint Curtis’s testimony below.

Pennsylvania police raid Democrat advocacy group over alleged templates used to print counterfeit voter registration forms. The police needed a warrant to execute this raid, so clearly there was some evidence to prove this was happening. Read the article by clicking here.

Democrats caught paying operatives to intimidate and attack Trump voters, and to commit voter fraud in favor of Hilary Clinton. Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich discuss these issues in the video below.

Alan Schulkin who is the NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, admits that widespread voter fraud is going on. On a hidden camera, Schulkin told an undercover female reporter about all the factors that lead to voter fraud. He admits that laws are in place which actually promote voter fraud. Donald Trump has been stating that voter fraud is happening, and it seems the NYC Democrat Election Commissioner agrees with him. Check out the video below.


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