Exclusive: The truth behind the Balwyn UFO sighting

In 1966 in Melbourne/Australia in the suburb of Balwyn, a bell shaped anti-gravity flying saucer was photographed by an Australian businessman. This is an extremely popular photograph and can be seen on most major UFO websites, however I’m going to share some inside information on this photograph. I know numerous people associated with this UFO sighting and am going to share some inside information. I wouldn’t even call this a UFO, because its clear this object is a highly advanced anti-gravity flying saucer. The UFO photograph consists of a bell shaped flying saucer, which may be a copy of the rumored Nazi Bell aircraft (aka: Die Glocke aircraft). The Nazis allegedly built a number of anti-gravity aircraft’s and one of them was shaped as a bell. The Balwyn UFO sighting seems very consistent with the Nazi Bell aircraft.

The photograph of the Balwyn UFO is seen below.

Balwyn,Melbourne,Australia, 1966

Balwyn,Melbourne,Australia, 1966

I actually know the persons involved with the Balwyn UFO sighting on a personal basis. I met a guy named Rich some years ago while traveling. Rich was a construction worker who was in demand by very wealthy people, as he was highly skilled in wood polishing. Rich worked for some of the wealthiest people in Australia for decades, and would often be employed to renovate their mansions. Rich told me that he was employed on a home renovation job by a wealthy arms dealer, and one day the arms dealer asked Rich’s boss to take a photo of him and his daughter in the back garden. Rich’s boss prepared to take the photo and all of a sudden they all heard a loud bang, and thats when Rich’s boss saw the flying saucer above the house. Rich’s boss then pointed the camera at the flying saucer and took a photo of it. My friend Rich was shown the photograph by his boss, and Rich knew a worker at Kodak who evaluated the photograph. The photograph was certified as genuine by Kodak.

According to Rich, the arms dealer sold weapons to various countries around the world. While Rich worked on this mans house he would notice laser security within the house (this was in 1966). Rich was in his 70’s when I met him, and he even allowed me to consult with a former Kodak employee (the original photograph investigator) about the UFO sighting. Rich is currently deceased (may he rest in peace), however I spent a lot of time with him while he was alive, and he told me a lot about the Balwyn UFO incident. The businessman involved with the UFO sighting eventually disappeared after the photo became public. Where he went I do not know.

My belief is that the arms dealer was being monitored by the Jesuit New World Order. They were keeping an eye on him, as his arms deals could change the balance of power in the world. The Jesuit Order control various military intelligence agencies around the world; and the advanced technology hoarded by these agencies. Many intelligence agencies are Nazi controlled as operation paperclip absorbed many Nazis into the CIA, NSA and NASA. Many of these Nazis were rocket scientists who helped develop Nazi anti-gravity flying saucers. According to former super soldiers, there is a strong Nazi fourth Reich movement within the: CIA, NSA, MI6 (now known as SIS) and JTF2 (Canadian). The Nazis absorbed into these agencies have created Nazi cells within the agencies. Some soldiers and spies who join these agencies are instructed in Nazi propaganda, and are inducted into secret Nazi groups, that in some cases completely control the agencies. Well known Satanic Priest, Michael Aquino, was one of the highest ranking officers in the NSA, and he engaged in a Nazi Satanic ritual in Germany; where he actually dressed up in a Nazi uniform. Former: US soldier, MI6 operative and JTF super soldier, James Casbolt, was raised to be a Nazi super soldier by the JTF. James was instructed in Nazi philosophy by his JTF handlers since he was a child. He was taught to help bring forth the Fourth Reich using the intelligence agencies (CIA, MI6, NSA, JTF etc) the Nazis had taken over. The Nazis controlling the intelligence agencies are controlled by the Jesuit Order; this is confirmed by James Casbolt and Branton (former CIA sleeper agent).
Its my contention that the Balwyn arms dealer was being monitored with Nazi technology (The Bell) by intelligence agencies controlled by the Jesuit Order.

Artists conception of the Nazi Bell

Artists conception of the Nazi Bell

Curiously, The Nazi Bell aircraft was also spotted in 1965 in Pennsylvania, USA. This may indicate that the Bell aircraft was absorbed into a black ops program based in the US. According to a Polish aviation historian, the Nazi Bell aircraft was originally tested by the Nazis in Poland. After Hitler lost the war, the plans to build the Bell aircraft were found but they later went missing.

Below is a segment from a war documentary which discusses the existence of the Bell.


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