UFO researcher Max Spiers found dead in suspicious circumstances

UFO researcher, speaker and investigator Max Spiers was recently found dead in his home, after contacting family and warning them that he was going to be assassinated.

Unfortunately Max is not a unique case. Multiple UFO researchers are regularly assassinated for knowing too much, or for uncovering information that the Jesuit Order and malevolent reptilians don’t want you to discover.

Branton (Bruce Alan deWalton) who many consider one of the greatest UFO/conspiracy researchers of our time, was deliberately run down by a car a while ago, after the Jesuit Order and malevolent reptilians decided he knew too much.

William Cooper who was a former Navy Intelligence officer was gunned down by police officers in front of his home, after he started uncovering major information about: secret underground military bases, anti-gravity flying saucers and secret occult organizations.

Phil Schneider who was a qualified geologist and explosives expert, worked at secret underground military bases similar to Area 51. Phil actually worked at the well known Dulce Base, where he claimed he was involved in a gun battle with grey aliens. According to Branton, Dulce Base is a major underground city and military base, that is connected to an enormous underground travel system, which links underground cities all over the world. These underground highways travel below sea level, and probably connect Pine Gap in Australia to Dulce Base in New Mexico. After Phil started speaking at conferences about his experiences at Dulce Base, he stated that he believed he was going to be murdered and it would be made to look like an accident. Not long after warning people about this he was found dead in his apartment. Although Phil was found strangled to death in his apartment, the authorities ruled his death as suicide.

Before Max was found dead, he was appearing on numerous alternative media programs, and talking about how the leaders of the New World Order were Templar’s. Those who study the history of the Jesuit Order will clearly observe, the Jesuit order are merely a continuation and revival of the Templars. The founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius Loyola, was himself a Templar. Max was also discussing Dulce Base and the 4th Reich Nazi element of the New World Order. It seems as though Max was discovering information that was deemed too dangerous for him to know by the Jesuit Order. Branton also concluded that the Jesuit Order did indeed rule the: New World Order, Illuminati, flying saucer empire and secret underground base military network. With the exceptions of: James Casbolt (former MI6 operative), Branton and Eric Jon Phelps, there are few who discover the Jesuit connection in UFO and conspiracy research. It seems by investigating the Templars, that Max was starting to stumble upon the Jesuit connection. Dulce Base is definitely a topic the Jesuits and interlocking secret societies don’t like being investigated also, Max was definitely following in the footsteps of Branton with the research he was doing. Its also worth nothing that after Max warned relatives that he could be murdered, that he started vomiting black liquid and subsequently died. It is my personal belief that Max was poisoned by one of the highly advanced poisons developed by the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits are the masters of poison and have developed highly complex poisons that cannot be detected by mainstream medicine. If you study history, the Jesuits and poison have had an ongoing relationship throughout the centuries. The Jesuits almost always use poison to eliminate a threat.

Rest in peace Max Spiers and God bless.

Max & his mother. Happier times.

Max & his mother. Happier times.


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