Donald Trump discovers illegal drug trade run by black ops intelligence agencies and Clinton political network

Many years ago Cathy O’brien wrote a book ‘Transformation of America’ which was endorsed by former FBI chief Ted Gunderson. In the book Cathy explained how she worked as a covert CIA agent smuggling illegal drugs for Bill Clinton.
Controversial figure James Casbolt who is an alleged Mi6 agent and confirmed US soldier also claimed to be involved in an international drug network, which operated through government intelligence agencies which were secretly controlled by the Jesuit Order. It should also be noted that Bill Clinton is a member of the DeMolay fraternal Order which is a Jesuit secret society.

In one of the most shocking media conferences I have ever seen, a well respected Haitian politician explained to Donald Trump first hand how the Clinton’s used Haiti to export illegal drugs, and to launder drug money that was used to lobby politicians in Washington. This media conference confirms the research done by leading alternative media personalities, and by people claiming to be former black ops operatives (Cathy o’brien, James Casbolt etc). Haitian politicians also explained to Donald Trump at the press conference, how the Clinton’s stole most of the money donated to help poor Haitians; and how the Haitian community only saw 2% of the overall donations that was supposed to be for them.
Donald Trump is indeed breaking the corrupt (and Jesuit controlled) system and going further down the rabbit hole with each day of his campaign. How far down the rabbit hole will this man go? At the bottom of the rabbit hole are the Jesuits and the devil himself. It has been conveyed to me that Donald Trump is being protected by people in the intelligence community who are secretly working against the Jesuit Order. I don’t think the Jesuit Order will order an assassination against Donald Trump at this point because it could expose them. It seems the Jesuit Order and their secret society network are on the defense now because they don’t know who is on their side and who is on Trumps side.
Illegal drugs have been made illegal because they are worth more when they are illegal. Most drugs that are presently illegal; used to be sold and produced legally and under a quality control system. When these drugs were legal they were produced safely and had minimal negative side effects, but today these drugs are produced illegally and often deliberately mixed with poisons to destroy the youth. The illegal drug manufacturing and distribution networks are managed by the shadow government and ultimately controlled by the Jesuit Order.

Watch the below media conference as Donald Trump learns of the Clinton/shadow government illegal drug trade cartel. This has to be one of the most ground breaking political media conferences in world history. The part of the video which exposes the shadow government drug cartel can be seen from 11:30


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