The Malcolm Pauly story. How a law abiding IT worker was forcibly recruited by Canadian black ops to be a secret government assassin

Malcolm Pauly was your average office worker. He worked as an IT worker and lived a comfortable middle class lifestyle. One day the paramilitary joint task force in Canada (The same task force that trained well known super solider James Casbolt), forcibly kidnapped him and used the drug scopolamine; to put him under mind control so they could force him to assassinate people. Under the influence of scopolamine you will literally do anything your are told. Once a person establishes themselves as an authority over you, you will do anything they say.

Scopolamine looks very similar to cocaine and is obtained from a flower in Colombia. The drug is odorless and is used by organized criminal gangs who give wealthy people the drug, and force them to transfer vast sums of money into other peoples bank accounts. The wealthy victims do this without question as once they consume the drug they do anything they are told. Scopolamine is considered one of the most powerful drugs on the planet, and is the main drug used to control MKULTRA (and other spy assassins) assassins.

Malcolm Pauly was not raised as a super soldier but was simply targeted by the Canadian joint task force when he was near middle age. Pauly confirms that Scopolamine is the main drug used to control sleeper assassins, and shares a lot of revelation on the mind control programs happening today. Check out his interview and testimony below. I have also posted another video below Pauly’s testimony which is a documentary about scopolamine.


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