Private corporation and British Police admit they are extorting money from a British citizen under Maritime law

At 4.37 minutes in the below video, a BBC TV licensing officer working for a corporation and being assisted by the British police, admits he is executing a warrant to seize a persons goods under Maritime law. This is absolutely shocking and proves the assertion made by common law activists, that the NWO (Jesuit Order) are using Vatican Maritime law to extort money from private citizens and enslave them.

England by law is under common law (law of the land) which is historically the law which Protestants were under, however through trickery and witchcraft the Jesuits have placed British citizens under Maritime law (the law of the sea). British citizens are now being governed as if they were at sea in boats, and the law of the land no longer applies to them.

What is Admiralty/commercial law or law of the sea? “A corporation under International Maritime Admiralty Law (Uniform Commercial Code) based upon Vatican Canon Law and perfected by the Roman Empire.” (Written by an anonymous person).

The Admiralty law system is a system designed to enforce a number of Rome’s Papal bulls (decrees of the Pope of Rome). England broke free from some of the Popes temporal power (political, economic and worldly power) in 1215 when the Magna Carta (an English common law document) constitution became the basis for law in England. As England loses touch with the Christian Protestant reformation, it begins to come under control by the Jesuit Order, who seek to place it under Vatican Admiralty law.

To read more about this please read my article Admiralty Law (Commercial law) vs Common Law (Law of the land)


One thought on “Private corporation and British Police admit they are extorting money from a British citizen under Maritime law

  1. Is it the law for the warrent to need to be signed and did it have a official stamp on ithe and the official forced his way in and this I belive to be illigale

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