How the Jesuit Order will attempt to assassinate Donald Trump

The assassination of Donald Trump will involve the secret service primarily. A member of the secret service who works for the Jesuit Order will attempt to assassinate Trump with a handgun. Once Trump is shot the Jesuit’s will blame the assassination against some patsy who allegedly acted alone.

The Jesuit Order have a number of human assets within the secret service. Many members of the secret service are members of secret societies (Knights of Malta, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Rosicrucian Order, Knights of Columbus etc) and serve the Jesuit Order and Vatican above any country. Many members of the secret service are also under Jesuit mind control which has been perfected through the Jesuit controlled; CIA, NSA and also through various occult groups controlled by the Jesuits. Cathy O’brien who worked black ops projects for the CIA was under mind control she conceded was developed by the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits are masters of mind control, and even well known Satanist and NSA officer Michael Aquino, had to be trained by the Jesuits in the art of mind control. The Jesuit mind control used on Jesuit assets (including those in the NSA) can trigger them to assassinate somebody and they won’t even remember doing it. At a young age Jesuit assets are tortured as children and their minds are broken into various pieces, the Jesuits can then create a separate identity and person with each fractured piece of their mind. Former Californian FBI chief Ted Gunderson stated that Paul Bonacci (was hired by Michael Aquino to abduct children) had at least one hundred separate personalities within him. These personalities were created by NSA officer Michael Aquino and Aquino worked for the Jesuits and was trained by them according to Cathy O’brien (O’brien is endorsed by a former FBI chief).

“Torture to the point just before death, such as with Death’s Door programming, was jointly used by the Catholic Jesuits and the CIA in Project Monarch.” (Source: Transformation of America by Cathy O’brien)
“I’ve been expecting you,” Aquino said with a smile. Events later that night proved that Aquino had been supplied the keys to my previously established Jesuit based programming, which he and Byrd used and altered to suit their own perversions.”(Source: Transformation of America by Cathy O’brien)

Death’s Door programming, MKULTRA and other mind control programs used through various intelligence agencies around the world are controlled by the Jesuits. By controlling these programs the Jesuits may have hundreds of thousands of mind control slaves all over the world. These slaves can do the bidding of the Jesuit Order without even remembering that they did it. The Jesuit mind control can trigger an alternate personality within a persons brain, and the alternate personality can commit an assassination without even remembering they did it. Through these mind control techniques the Jesuits have transformed the human mind into a computer which they have the passwords to. When the Jesuits attempt to assassinate Donald Trump they will most likely use a mind control asset who was placed into the secret service, or they may use a Jesuit subordinate who is a member of the Knights of Malta or Knights of Columbus (both Vatican and Jesuit controlled secret societies). If Trump is assassinated the Jesuit Order and their subordinated secret societies and mind controlled assets, will blame the assassination on someone they will setup but who had nothing to do with the assassination. They may hire some mentally disturbed person to run into a Trump event with a gun (they can easily use a mind control asset to do this or give a drug addict drugs to do this), however it will be the secret service who assassinates Trump.

Both President Reagan and President John F Kennedy were shot by secret service agents (controlled by the Jesuit Order). Kennedy was also shot by a man hiding in a storm drain in addition to being shot by a secret service agent. President Reagan and President Kennedy were both shot by the Jesuit Order, because they were too conservative and wanted to run the country for the benefit of the people. Donald Trump is very conservative and is doing many things that President Reagan and President Kennedy wanted to do, so it’s very likely the Jesuit Order will attempt to assassinate Trump.

Please keep Donald Trump and his family in your prayers as the prayer of a righteous man avails much. God bless you Donald.


3 thoughts on “How the Jesuit Order will attempt to assassinate Donald Trump

  1. Changes in man’s society always come from the bottom, not the top – changes in economics, politics, or religion, or the earth – because the top does not want to change; it always wants to be on the top. But if they try to seal the pot to preserve the status quo, they cannot, and the pot will explode and destroy because of the fire.

    Be prepared.

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