Dr Ben Carson identifies Hilary Clinton as a follower of Lucifer and as an associate of Jesuit trained Saul Alinsky

imrsDr Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon and Presidential candidate who recently dropped out of the elections. Carson made some amazing comments recently while endorsing Donald Trump at a press conference. Carson explained to the media that he was backing Donald Trump because Hilary Clinton was a cohort of a communist named Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky was a Jesuit trained communist, who was instructed by the Jesuit’s on how to overthrow America by infiltrating the political system. The Jesuit’s have been infiltrating and overthrowing governments for centuries, and they were banned from multiple nations over the years for political intrigue and assassinations. President Obama was trained in Saul Alinsky communist tactics by a Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo. Galuzzo was the director of the Saul Alinsky group called The Gamaliel foundation.

Saul Alinsky wrote a book called ‘Rules for radicals’ that was dedicated to Lucifer (the true god of the Jesuit Order). The book ‘Rules for radicals’ is a blueprint on how to destroy the US constitution and bill of rights, and turn the country into a fascist dictatorship. Rules for radicals is also a training manual for hardcore leftists (the left is controlled by the Jesuit Order) who are now aiding and abbetting the Islamic invasion of Europe. The left are being used by the Jesuit Order to destroy the Judaeo-Christian nations of Europe and they want to do the same thing to America. Rules for radicals instructs leftists on how to use hardcore and extreme tactics, to defeat their opponents and force their agenda on people. The UAF (United against fascism) in the UK use these kind of tactics to shut down any criticism of Islam in the UK. The UAF has been linked to a number of radical Islamic terrorists, and it also recieves funding from radical Islamic groups in addition to government funding. Most of the UAF members are college aged communists with some Muslim members. The UAF is in fact a UK government protected and funded street army that violently attacks any group that disagrees with left wing policies and Islam.

All these violent, extreme and aggressive left wing communist groups are controlled by the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit’s are using the left to destroy nations within so they can orchestrate their Islamic invasion of Judaeo-Christian nations and fascist agenda without any opposition. Donald Trump wants to preserve America’s constitution and defend it from an Islamic invasion, so the Jesuit’s are using their Saul Alinsky trained communists (Hilary Clinton and violent protest groups) to stop him. The tactics of the Jesuit controlled extreme left communists is the same in all Western countries. Anyone who opposes: mass Islamic immigration, collapsed borders (for a world government) and financial looting of wealthy Protestant nations; is attacked with violence and intimidation. The well funded extreme left will manufacture hysteria and lies, while shutting down their political opponents with organized violence so their free speech is shut down. Saul Alinsky trained communists are trained in community organizing, which involves shutting down their opponents with organized violence and mass hysteria. President Obama was a Jesuit trained Saul Alinsky community organizer, just like the community organizers who organized the recent violent protest at a Donald Trump rally which resulted in the cancellation of the event. According to my research the chaotic protest which resulted in the cancellation of a Donald Trump event, was organized by Jesuit Saul Alinsky trained community organizers. The extreme leftists involved in the Donald Trump protests are paid to do this according to my research, because the hardcore left are a very well funded movement. The leftists in Europe who violently shut down any protest against radical Islam are also paid to do this as well. In conclusion the extreme left wing communist movement which is funded to defend Islamic domination and a world government is a major tool of the Jesuit Order to ensure the destruction of wealthy Protestant/Judaeo-christian nations.

To read my article about how the Jesuits use people like Saul Alinsky to control the communist movement please click here.

To read an article by Jesuit and Vatican expert Eric Jon Phelps about how the Jesuits trained President Obama in communist tactics please click here.


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