Newt Gingrich admits establishment afraid of Donald Trump because he doesn’t belong to an occult secret society

Newt Gingrich is a long term politician and understands the political scene very well, and his recent comments are both shocking but true. When Newt Gingrich was asked why Donald Trump drives the establishment crazy he replied, “Well because he’s an outsider, he’s not them, he’s not part of the club, he’s uncontrollable, he hasn’t been through the initiation rites, he didn’t belong to the secret society.” (Newt Gingrich, Fox news)

A number of people including myself have been saying, that the governments of the world are controlled by the Jesuit Order and their subordinated secret societies. Most politicians are members of Jesuit controlled secret societies, and must go through a series of intiation rituals before they can be admitted into the Jesuit New World Order. Once admitted into the Jesuit New World Order through the many secret society doorways, these members are then permitted a position within the political establishment. The person is then moved around a chessboard by the Jesuit General who controls the initiated member completely. The initiated member is controlled through; Jesuit black magic and through manipulation. The initiation rituals a person must go through to join these secret societies involve: spiritual rebirths in coffins, Satanic confessions which allow demonic possession, speaking curses over oneself, speaking death over oneself, interacting with demons or the devil himself, necromancy (rituals involving the summoning of evil spirits), witchcraft, Satanic rituals, murders and so forth. All these demonic initiation rites are not engaged in for mere games, they are engaged in to ensure the Jesuit black magicians can control the person through witchcraft, and so that the demons who the Jesuit’s work for can control them. The Jesuit’s are second only to Satan and his demons in the emerging New World Order.

An example of Jesuit controlled establishment politicians are the Bush family. Jeb Bush is a Knight of Columbus which is a Vatican Knighthood secret society controlled by the Jesuit Order. George W Bush is a member of skull and bones which is another Jesuit controlled secret society which involves the participants kissing the slipper of the Pope. The CIA has also been controlled by the Jesuit Order since its inception. Almost every CIA director since its inception has been a Knight of Malta (a Vatican Knighthood and secret society). The Bush family are also members of the Jesuit controlled Bohemian Grove secret society. The Bohemian Grove has its own Roman Catholic patron saint, which indicates the grove has been controlled by the Jesuit Order since its inception. Peter Alexander Chernoff confessed to the police and others, that he kidnapped children for the Bohemian Grove, and that the children were used in sacrificial Roman Catholic/Satanic/Nazi rituals. Children were executed at these rituals which involved Pope Ratzinger who stabbed at least one child with a knife. High level NSA officer Michael Aquino was also named by Chernoff as leading the murderous Satanic rituals. According to former CIA asset Cathy O’brien whose testimony is endorsed by former Californian FBI chief Ted Gunderson, Aquino was trained by the Jesuits, which clearly illustrates he was working for the Jesuits and under their authority. Aquino is a well known Satanist who was second in command at the church of Satan, and later formed his own Satanic cult called Temple of Set. What most people don’t realize is that Michael Aquino is Jesuit trained and works for Satan’s dark princes who are the high level Jesuit Order. All the Vatican Knighthoods controlled by the Jesuit Order are also Satanic at the very top and inner circle. The Jesuits believe in a perverted type of Jesus who commands them to murder anyone for the Jesuit General; this is not the Jesus of the Bible, but rather a different Jesus used by the Jesuit Order to further their goal of world dominion.

The Jesuit Order at the very top worship Satan and they rule the world and organized Satanism through a number of cults. The Jesuits founded the Illuminati through a professor of canon law (a position historically held by Jesuits) named Adam Weishaupt. According to former United church minister Kevin Annett, the Jesuits founded a Satanic cult called the ninth circle cult. The Jesuits also wrote the high level degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry at the Jesuit college of Clermont. Most secret occult societies base their initiations on the Scottish Rite degrees written by the Jesuits. The Scottish Rite degrees are a series of 33 separate degrees and initiations, which involve the participant placing himself under Satanic control by confessing witchcraft and curses over himself. These curses and confessions of witchcraft were designed by the Jesuits who are instructed by demons and the devil himself.

It seems as if Donald Trump is not a member of any secret society, but that he is genuinely a Christian who wants to protect Christianity, and make the United States a safe and prosperous nation. Donald is a Christian who grew up in the Presbyterian church under the ministry of Norman Vincent Peale, and it seems Donald has shunned and refused to join any secret Satanic society over the years. Donald Trump may not be perfect but he is definitely the best option the United States has had in many years, and it seems he wants to protect Christianity and follow Gods will for his life.

Newt Gingrich understands the secret societies very well as he has been photographed at the Bohemian Grove, and unless you are linked to Bohemian Grove its very difficult to get into politics. Newt must understand all the Satanic activity that occurs within Bohemian Grove and that is why he made the comments he did. At Bohemian Grove participants must worship and participate in rituals with a god called Molech. Molech is a demon known as the god of child sacrifices and is often depicted as an owl. To understand more about Bohemian Grove and how it is controlled by the Jesuit Order please read my other article on this topic.


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