Selective voter fraud scam being used against Donald Trump in the Republican Super Tuesday Presidential nominee election

Selective scamming is a well known technique used among criminal groups both on the internet and in real life. Criminal groups often set up online shops and sell products to consumers, and most of the time the consumer recieves the product after paying for it. The consumer then spreads the word that he purchased a product from a reliable and trustworthy source. However in other cases which could be 10% of the time, the criminal group deliberately steals a different customers money and never sends them the product they paid for. After 10% of the customers complain about the theft, the criminal group will then say its the customers fault or there was technical errors that are being resolved, however the issue never gets resolved and the criminal group continues scamming 10% of their customers. However because they are operating honestly with 90% of their customers, the successful business transactions shield their criminal activities. By selectively scamming 10% of their customers they can make a handsome criminal profit on top of their honest transactions; because selective scammers only scam 10% of their customers it’s difficult to identify the criminal activity and to identify them as scammers.

It seems the political establishment are running a selective scamming campaign against Donald Trump in the election. On March 1st 2016 during Super Tuesday voting, a number of concerned voters called the KLBJ news radio station, and stated that they voted for Donald Trump but their vote was changed to Rubio. This is the exact type of voter fraud that journalist Lou Dobb’s uncovered a number of years ago, as he and a politician investigated voting machines that would vote differently to what the voter desired. Lou Dobb’s actually caught all this fraud on video. It seems the Jesuit New World Order are pulling out all the attacks to try and stop Trump from winning as Trump is against a one world government and collapsed US borders. The New World Order are also trying to claim Trump is a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan and other nonsense, even though Trump is supported by a number of high profile African Americans. The smear campaign against Trump has not worked so it seems as if they are now turning to voter fraud. Voter fraud seems to occur on a low percentage basis so it doesn’t get detected, however it seems Trump is able to successfully fight against this voter fraud because he is winning by so much.

In the below video journalists from infowars investigate the election fraud being committed against Donald Trump.

Below is one of the many video segments of Lou Dobb’s covering the story about how voting machines can be rigged and tampered with.


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