Mainstream media propaganda shut down by Donald Trump campaign. MSNBC visibly shaken by the Trump phenomena


Hosts of the Morning Joe MSNBC program were originally at odds with Donald Trump at the beginning of his campaign. On one particular show Joe Scarborough took Donald Trump off the air after Donald overtly demanded the government take action against radical Islam. Morning Joe host’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough originally were carrying the mainstream left wing narrative, and were critical of Donald’s tough stance against Islam and left wing policies which are destroying America. In some of the most controversial live television debates on MSNBC Trump could be heard yelling, “we are at war with radical Islam!” as he was at odds with MSNBC. However more recently both hosts of the Morning Joe show (Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski) have began to take Donald Trump’s side. After hearing Donald Trump debate Jeb Bush about the 9/11 terror attacks and the dangers of Islam, both hosts stated that Donald was making sense and they both seem to have jumped onto the Trump train. A police officer and war veteran also gave Trump vocal support at a rally, and explained that his police department and the departments around him were on Trump’s side. This incident also seemed to have had an effect on Mika and Joe from MSNBC. It seems that Trump has started to shatter the left wing liberal brainwashing of many mainstream media TV anchors, as his movement picks up more momentum and he gets new supporters. When Mika, Joe and other MSNBC hosts recently reviewed a recent Donald Trump rally, and evaluated the Trump political movement they seemed to be in awe of Trump and his success. The Morning Joe MSNBC TV show which normally leans more to the left, now seems to have abandoned its politically correct stance and has become pro Trump. The establishment however did not let the Morning Joe Show get away with this, because others in the mainstream media began attacking them for supporting Trump. With the mainstream media propaganda collapsing under the Trump campaign success, some of the mainstream media has moved to more ridiculous tactics to try and stop the Trump campaign, by trying to connect Donald to the Ku Klux Klan which is ridiculous. The Trump campaign is full of a variety of people and many of his supporters are African American speak from the podium in support of him. The ridiculous accusations against Trump have become futile as his campaign continues to win states all over America.

The political establishment refuse to deal with radical Islam even though most Mosques are funded by Saudi Arabia who put people to death for apostasy. Recently a man in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to a sharia1decade in prison and 1000 lashings for being critical of Islam. Saudi Arabia has some of the worst human rights violations in the world, yet they are funding most Mosques spreading through non-Muslim countries, and if they are funding the Mosques then you can be sure its their brutal version of Islam that’s being preached. The political aspect of Islam preaches and instructs brutal and inhumane punishments on innocent people, and it’s this political aspect of Islam that gives birth to organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda. Former UK SAS (Special Air Services) officer Robin Horsfall recently stated that according to sources in UK Military intelligence, ISIS is being funded by Saudi Arabia, but the UK will not discuss this as it’s not politically correct and interferes with the elites business arrangements with Saudi Arabia. Donald Trump is not politically correct and tells the truth without apology and this is what will save the United States. The United Kingdom is turning into a Saudi Arabian funded Muslim nation in certain towns, and according to Tommy Robinson of PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West), the police conceded that around 400 ISIS soldiers returned to the UK recently. As fascist Saudi Arabia continues to fund Mosques and radical Islam in the UK, you continue to see a deep hatred within the Muslim community against the native British, and you are now seeing hate crimes regularly being committed against non-Muslim’s in Muslim areas. Over 90% of gang pedophile grooming against British girls is committed by Muslim men, and 20% of the offenders have the name Mohammad. This is not a racial issue, this is an ideology issue, as the Saudi Arabian funded Mosques preach hate against non-Muslim girls and encourages raping them (rape Jihad). We also saw this demonstrated in Cologne Germany, where you had gangs of Muslim men (recent Muslim refugees) walking around and sexually assaulting women in mass. It is this hatred contained in Islamic political law (Shariah law) that gives birth to the terrorism and militant Islam that is destroying much of the world. Donald Trump is the only politician at present who is taking a strong stand against this evil. The police and military are beginning to support Donald Trump in mass, because they recognize the dangers of radical Islam and the present administrations refusal to deal with it.

trumprally1Donald Trump is: tough, brash, rough and unscripted, but he is a highly intelligent man who understands that the New World Order is destroying America as it seeks to bring it into a world government. Trump wants to restore American sovereignty and bring jobs back so the country can prosper again. Trump also is tough against Islam and wants to stop the Islamisation of the United States. The Islamisation of Europe is destroying European countries and the left wing (communists) movement is using Islam to destroy and persecute Christianity and Judaism. Politicians in Europe are now telling Jews not to wear skull caps because of the Islamic immigration, as it could be dangerous for them to do so. Part of the reason the English Defense League rose up in the UK against Islam, was because Jewish residents in the town were persecuted by Muslim’s and most Jews had to leave the town due to fear. Other non-Muslim religious groups are also regularly attacked and persecuted by Muslims, however the political establishment in the UK deliberately hide many of these facts as they are working with the New World Order to destroy the UK with Islamic immigration. Donald Trump is a self funded patriot who wants to save America and protect Christianity, and he does not tolerate radical Islam (which is represented by entire countries such as Saudi Arabia who fund and control many Mosques being built in Western countries). The mainstream media are part of the problem as they use politically correct rules when talking about Islam and refuse to criticize it. Much of the media also ignore the human rights failures and atrocities committed by countries such as Saudi Arabia, who use Islamic Shariah law to persecute and harm innocent people. The mainstream media also refuse to identify the links between Saudi Arabia and the New York 9/11 terror attacks. Donald Trump has on a number of occasions during debates and on TV identified Saudi Arabia as being linked to these terror attacks. Donald Trump refuses to submit to the mainstream media narrative and takes them head on when pitted against them. When Joe Scarborough (MSNBC) told Donald not to be too tough on Islam and that he should visit a Mosque and talk to the people there, Donald responded that “talk was cheap.” Donald has studied radical Islam and knows that entire nations are raised in these Mosques to hate non-Muslims their entire lives. These nations then fund Mosques in Western nations and promote these same radical values, however these doctrines of hate are hidden from outsiders through clever public relations campaigns. So when an outsider visits a Mosque during an open day all your going to hear is lies.

Walid Shoebat

Walid Shoebat

According to former Muslim and terrorist Walid Shoebat, the majority of Mosques in the United States preach violence against unbelievers. When a former Muslim and terrorist explains what is happening in Mosques people should listen and investigate these claims in an objective manner. Evaluating genuine concerns about violence and terrorism within an ideology is not racist or xenophobic, it is a common sense approach to investigating terrorism and genuine threats. The only person with a common sense approach towards radical Islam at the moment is Donald Trump.

People are starting to compare Donald Trump to legendary patriotic figures like Andrew Jackson and George Washington. Donald Trump has no scripts or teleprompters and people can see he is not a controlled puppet, but that he is a citizen like them who is rising up to take back his country from multi-national groups (these groups are working with radical Islam and Jesuit secret societies), who want to destroy the US and create a one world government. Donald Trump speaks from the heart and his fellow US citizens see this. The US is at a major intersection as it’s constitution is under threat by Hilary Clinton and President Obama, and if the US constitution is taken away then the US will no longer exist. The US in its essence is the bill of rights and constitution and this is what makes America great. Radical Islam and the left wing communists (both groups are controlled by the Jesuit New World Order) want to destroy the US constitution as both groups do not believe in free speech or freedom of religion. In radical Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia fascism rules because: executions, torture and imprisonment are prescribed to apostates (those who don’t adhere to radical Islam or submit to it’s demands) on a regular basis in that country. In the United Kingdom which is now ruled by a left wing communist and radical Islamic axis, any objective and factual disagreement with Islam is met with police persecution and imprisonment; in addition to violent attacks by the government funded communist street army called the UAF (the UK government funded group has strong links to radical Islam) . Former English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson has been arrested, imprisoned and persecuted by the secret police in the UK for being critical of Islam. Robinson became a vocal critic of Islam after discovering his town had been taken over by radical Islamic groups with links to terrorism. Robinson would regularly see signs celebrating the 9/11 New York hijackers in his town, and he would also regularly see teachings on his local Mosques website which justified killing apostates. Robinson also called out radical Muslims pretending to be moderate on TV who he exposed as previously saying that terrorist attacks against British troops was justified. Many Muslims in the UK are pretending to be moderate for the cameras but they are repeatedly caught out as being extremists, as Donald Trump said to Joe Scarborough on MSNBC.. “talk is cheap.” The UK is rapidly turning into a radical Islamic hell hole as Islamic extremists like Anjem Choudary openly walk the UK streets and demand the: death, slaughter and beheading of those who won’t submit to Islam. Many UK towns are no longer safe for children because of the Islamic immigration.  There seems to be a worldwide policy by the political establishment to destroy Western nations through mass Islamic immigration, Donald Trump wants to make sure this doesn’t happen in the America.

After months of trying to shoot down Donald Trump, the mainstream media seems to have crumbled under the Trump phenomena as seen in the video below. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t beat em.. join em!”



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