Donald Trump is correct, large percentage of Muslims in the United States want Sharia law

sharia1Donald Trump has stated on television numerous times that a large percentage of Muslims (at least half of them in America) want Sharia law in America. Sharia law is the radical political aspect of Islam that demands: violence, torture, imprisonment and the execution of apostates. Sharia law has been established in Saudi Arabia and people who do not wish to follow Islam are regularly: put in jail, tortured and killed because of Sharia law in that country. Most of the 9/11 terrorist hijackers were radical Muslim’s from Saudi Arabia. Muslims who want Sharia law should be considered radical. In the below clip from the Fox program Hannity, Sean Hannity’s news contributor goes to an Islamic center in the US and finds out that a large percentage of Muslims want Sharia law in the US. Sharia law is a violent and dangerous aspect of Islam that demands violence against non-Muslim’s and those critical of Islam. Sharia law is not compatible with the US constitution. In the below clip Sean Hannity confirms that Donald Trump is correct in asserting that over half of American Muslims want Sharia law. This in my opinion confirms that Donald Trumps intention to ban Muslims entering the United States is reasonable. Those who oppose Islamic Sharia law are not racist but human rights advocates. Donald Trump is a beacon and voice for human rights.




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