Alleged inside intelligence source claims New World Order will use a mock alien invasion to stop Donald Trump

abduction-155651__180I recently heard from an unconfirmed source that a mock alien invasion will be staged in the United States very soon. This may relate to Donald Trump’s popularity in the current Presidential nominations. Donald is definitely anti-New World Order as he wants to preserve the US constitution, and is against unfair global trade that is stealing trillions from the United States. Donald also wants to protect the second amendment which is something Obama and the New World Order want to destroy. Donald has also taken a tough stance against radical Islam and has stated that he doesn’t want the US to suffer with Islamic immigration like Europe has. Countries in Europe such as the UK are resembling Islamic ghetto towns in certain areas which are becoming hot beds for extremism. It has been reported that 4 times many people in Britain are joining ISIS as opposed to the British army. It also seems that the New World Order is using Islam to destroy Christianity in Europe and this is starting to happen in the US also. School children in Europe and even the US are being taught that Islam is superior to Christianity. Donald Trump wants a ban on Islamic immigration and this is something that would protect Christianity in the US.

Donald has also threatened to expose who really committed the 9/11 terror attacks, and to investigate and make public the 28 classified pages from the 9/11 terror attacks which many suspect implicates Saudi Arabia. The New World Order is completely against Donald Trump and his values. The Jesuit New World Order are now trying to figure out how to stop Donald Trump, because if he gets elected he would significantly set back their plans in forming a world government under the UN. A rule under the UN would involve the US having an unconstitutional gun treaty with the UN.
I believe this mock alien invasion has been planned for a long time and would have occured sometime in the future, but I believe the Jesuit New World Order will initiate this mock alien invasion sooner instead of later in order to stop Donald Trump. If a mock alien invasion takes place Jesuit trained President Obama (He was trained by a Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo in New World Order politics), can use it as an excuse to implement martial law, and suspend constitutional law and the democratic process in the US. This implementation of martial law and the suspension of the political process, would be enough to suspend the current Presidential elections and stop Donald Trump’s rise to power.

According to numerous sources which include: Bruce Alan deWalton (Branton), myself and Eric Jon Phelp’s (Protestant Minister and an expert on the Vatican), the Jesuit Order completely control the secret military underground base network, which houses the anti-gravity flying saucers and other advanced technology. These secret underground bases also house non-human and partially human creatures, which have been developed at research farms with links to the underground base network. Many of the cattle mutilations have been connected to flying saucers, and it’s quiet possible the cattle mutilations were related to extracting: DNA, blood and organs from cows, which were used to grow and develop test tube created beings such as the grey aliens. According to Bishop Eric Jon Phelp’s the grey aliens which often pilot the anti-gravity flying saucers and abduct human beings; are test tube created beings created by the Jesuit Order to serve the Jesuit New World Order. You also have the malevolent faction of the reptilians (part human/part reptile) working for the Jesuit Order, however it should be stated that there are many benevolent reptilians in the world seeking to do good. The Jesuit Order is a military order which was established in the 1500’s to take over the world, and the Jesuit Order has achieved this by subordinating numerous Vatican Knighthoods and Scottish Freemasonry and has been using these societies for it’s purposes. The CIA since it’s inception has been controlled by the Jesuit Order through the Knights of Malta and other secret orders, Jesuit trained Lt Col Michael Aquino of the NSA has also assisted the Jesuit Order in controlling the NSA. The Jesuit controlled: CIA, NSA and underground military base networks, will begin sending anti-gravity flying saucers over American skies to perform overt exploits, in order to cause widespread panic that will result in martial law being implemented in the US. They may even allow a flying saucer to shoot up a building or something in order to create a pretext for martial law. Flying saucers, anti-gravity technology and aliens (intelligent non-human entities) originated on earth and they are all controlled by the Jesuit New World Order. The Jesuit’s plan to use these assets to submit the US to martial law and to stop Donald Trump from becoming President.

According to inside sources, Ted Cruz will be involved in giving false information at disclosure forums by claiming the aliens are from outer space, when in fact they are controlled and created by the Jesuit controlled CIA and NSA.  Once the Jesuit New World Order puts America in a panic by creating an orchestrated alien invasion with secret technology, they will then turn the US government into a dictatorship under martial law and suspend all democratic political processes. By allowing Obama and other Jesuit controlled politicians to control Washington, the Jesuit’s will continue their Islamic invasion of America through immigration and bringing the US under the control of the UN. Former high level New World Order insiders have stated that the Jesuit controlled Illuminati, plan to use a staged alien invasion to bring the US into a world government. In the past the Jesuit New World Order also discussed using Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney to be involved in spreading false information about the aliens and anti-gravity technology, however due to intelligence leaks they changed their choice to Marco Rubio and due to further leaks they changed their choice to Ted Cruz. The Jesuit Order have now chosen Ted Cruz to lead the alien/UFO/anti-gravity flying saucer disclosure agenda in order to implement martial law in the United States.


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