Fabricated and deceptive polls being used against Donald Trump

The New World Order led by the Jesuit Order is very threatened by Donald Trump. Donald seems to be the only popular presidential candidate in years who is not a member of a Satanic secret society controlled by the Jesuits. Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit who founded the Bavarian Illuminati and the Jesuits also control a number of other secret societies which include: the 9th circle Satanic cult, a number of Vatican Knighthoods, Skull and Bones and Scottish Rite Freemasonry. By only allowing politicians and Presidential candidates from these secret societies, the Jesuits can control the governments of the world.

Seven hours ago (from the time this article was written) Donald Trump tweeted a poll shown by the FOX business channel, which showed Trump was leading at 39% for preferred presidential candidate among Republican voters. Trump’s closest rivals were Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who were both at 18%. Five hours later the Wall Street Journal released a poll claiming that Ted Cruz had overtaken Donald Trump as preferred Presidential candidate among Republicans. This is simply not logical or mathematically possible. This is exactly the same thing that happened to Congressman Allen West, when many people including Sean Hannity from FOX believe he had the election stolen from him. When officials were counting the ballots between Allen West and his rival, West was leading by thousands of votes, however after a partial recount which was conducted behind locked doors (illegal under Florida statute), West’s opponent, Patrick Murphy took the lead from West by thousands of votes within a 30 minute period. Both Congressman West and journalist Sean Hannity believe this incident was unconscionable and proved there was some voter fraud occurring.

Donald Trump himself tweeted that he was being attacked by phony polls.


As the Presidential race continues I believe you will see much voter fraud and fabricated polls being used to push Donald Trump out of the race. Below is a poll which shows Donald 20% ahead of Cruz in a national poll conducted by an objective University, however the Wall Street Journal and NBC who are controlled by the New World Order and political establishment are releasing false polls.


Below is a video of Sean Hannity talking with Congressman Allen West talking about voter fraud.

Below are two cards from the well known Illuminati card game which show how the New World Order will use controlled polls and big media to move their agenda forward.










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