Prominent Christian televangelist and Pastor of the Wisdom Centre mega-church Mike Murdock endorses Donald Trump

Mike Murdock is definitely an influential Christian televangelist in the United States. He regularly appears on the Benny Hinn TV program and often preaches at Benny Hinn crusades around the world. Mike also has his own TV program on Christian television where he preaches on the Bible and a variety of other issues. I can honestly say I have found Mike Murdocks Christian teachings encouraging over the years.

Mike Murdock with Benny Hinn on the 'This is your day!' TV program

Mike Murdock with Benny Hinn on the ‘This is your day!’ TV program

Mike started preaching from the Bible as a child and is the son of a Pentecostal Church Minister. He started off as an independent evangelist and went on to become a part of Oral Robert’s inner circle. Mike wrote a song for Oral Roberts which became Oral Roberts feature song for his TV program and preaching service. Mike then went on to found the Wisdom Centre church in Texas which quickly became one of the most popular megachurches in the region. Mike can often be seen on Christian television programs all over the country in addition to his own Christian TV program. I used to regularly watch Mike on the Benny Hinn TV program and really enjoyed his teachings, testimonies and faith in Jesus Christ. I think Mike Murdock endorsing Donald Trump is a fantastic endorsement.

Below are some recent comments Mike Murdock has made regarding Donald Trump.

“We feel that there’s content for God in the Bible, and I believe that Mr. Trump has a heart of restoration, including restoring us economically.”

“I like a man who is thoughtful and I like a man that tells me his heart. [Trump’s] face always says me what his mouth is saying and I enjoy that.”

Mike will be publicly endorsing Donald Trump at an upcoming Donald Trump rally in South Carolina. I certainly wish Mike and Donald all the best with their upcoming rally.

Below is a video of Mike Murdock discussing Donald Trump and giving a review of Donald Trumps success. Mike also discusses how he has read Donald’s book ‘The Art of the Deal,’ and explains how the book helped him understand Donald and how to do business properly.


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