Can Russia beat NATO, Turkey and Saudi Arabia in Syria? Pacific Vision War Games shows Russia can win


Bashar_al_AssadThe situation in the Middle East seems to be moving toward world war 3. NATO and the US seem to be backing the Sunni Islamic factions in the Middle East, while Russia is backing the Shia Islamic factions which include President Assad of Syria who is an Alawite Shia. In fairness to President Assad of Syria, he seems to be a genuine moderate who protects Christians and other minorities. Christianity has thrived in Syria up until the US and NATO started arming rebel Sunni groups to attack and overthrow the Assad regime. This uprising against Assad has resulted in Islamic extremists taking over large parts of Syria and executing Christians and other minorities.

Assad invited Russia into the civil war in Syria to help them fight the: US, NATO, Saudi Arabian and Turkish backed rebels; and this did help Assad recapture much of Syria from the rebels. Russia has also set up air defense systems and an airport in Assad’s Syrian stronghold of Lattakia to protect Assad. Russia has been bombing the Sunni rebels and giving air support to Assad’s army and they are beginning to recapture much of Syria. This is causing Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US to consider further support of the Sunni rebels which may include: Saudi Arabian fighter jets (F-15’s or F-16’s) and a ground invasion involving Saudi Arabian and Turkish soldiers. Politicians in Russia are saying that this could result in a world war. In November Turkey shot down a Russian Su 27 bomber near the Syrian border, and in the last two days Turkey has been shelling the Kurds and Assad troops in Syria. Things are definitely heating up and Turkey has been continually provoking Russia since November. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also stated that Turkey will regret shooting down one of his jets more than twice. Will Putin give the green light for a military response against Turkey? It seems it is very likely. The war in Syria may spread to Turkey and possibly Saudi Arabia, it’s also possible the US may participate in a war against Russia to some extent also. I think the war will escalate in Syria and I think Russia and Assad may go to war with Turkey and others supporting Turkey. But who would win in this war?

SU35Russia now has a number of Russian made Sukhoi fighter jets and bombers in Syria which include the: Su 27, Su 30, Su 35 and more recently the Su 35S. The Su35S is Russia’s most cutting edge fighter jet and Russia recently deployed 4 of these planes in Syria. These fighter jets are ready to be in the sky within 60 seconds. These Russian fighter jets will be going up against the Turkish, Saudi Arabian and possibly US air force.

A Rand corporation experiment discovered that US fighter jets (including the F-35) are inferior to Russia’s Sukhoi fighter jets. In a simulated experiment in Hawaii called Pacific vision war games two teams fought each other; one team was known as the blue team and consisted of US F-22 Raptors, US F-35’s (JSF) and Super Hornets. The other team was known as the red team and consisted of Russian made Su 27’s, Su 30’s and Su 35’s. During the war games the Russian planes significantly outmatched the US planes and easily beat them.

Defense expert Peter Goon was critical of the Australian government because they purchased a number of F-35’s from the US. Peter wrote a letter to the Australian defence minister and stated that the results of the Pacific Vision war games was disastrous for the F-35. Peter stated, “Red force dominated the exercise going up against two divisions of blue force, both of which were roundly defeated… the exercise demonstrated the F-35 was useless… hundreds of blue force jets were lost in the first 20 minutes.”

The information relating to the Pacific Vision war games is very difficult to obtain and there’s only one video on youtube which discusses this incident. It seems the Pacific War games excercise was kept quiet even though the results of the experiment were leaked. Russia’s air force is superior to the US air force and Russia would easily crush the Saudi Arabian and Turkish air invasion. The Pacific Vision war games proved that Russian built planes would be able to destroy hundreds of US built planes in 20 minutes. Saudi Arabia and Turkey both use US fighter jets in their air force. President Putin has so far been reluctant to go to war with Turkey or Saudi Arabia, but as Turkey continues to provoke Russia, it could result in Putin giving a green light to expand the war to Turkey. If one evaluates the Pacific Vision war games results, it seems likely that Russia could win against Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US (if the situation escalates to a US vs Russia situation). Its going to be interesting to see what happens if a war does break out and I certainly don’t claim to be an expert, but if one observes the results of the Pacific Vision war games, its clear that Russia wont be easy to beat in Syria.

Another defensive feature Russia has deployed in Syria is the S-400 air defense system. This air defence system is one of the best in the world and many experts have stated it is better than the US patriot air defense system. The S-400 system is a long range air defense missile/radar system and can shoot down air craft over all of Syria and much of Turkey and Iraq. If NATO, Saudi Arabia or Turkey attempt to invade President Assad’s stronghold of Lattakia they are going to have serious problems evading this air defense system. Russia has insulated Assad from any outside air attacks with this system, and it’s doubtful that NATO or anyone else will be able to penetrate the safe zone Russia has created for Assad in Lattakia (Syrian province) and surrounding areas. Since Turkey shot down a Russian bomber, Russia has deployed the S-400 air defense system as well as other advanced systems. If Saudi Arabia intends to invade Syria with war planes I don’t think their air assets will have much success in evading the S-400 defense systems or the Russian fighter jets. President Putin has deployed his best air defense systems and fighter jets in Syria and has an impressive arsenal to wage a significant war, but he knows if he gives the green light for this weaponry to be used in full force then he knows he may trigger world war 3. Russia also has a number of Navy war ships and submarines in Middle Eastern waters and recently sent another cruise missile ship into Middle Eastern waters.


The range of the S-400 air defense system courtesy of RT news

The New World Order and Jesuits must know about the Pacific Vision exercise in Hawaii. Do they want US forces to suffer defeat and casualties in the Middle East? According to Protestant Minister and Jesuit expert, Eric Jon Phelps, the Jesuit Order who rule the New World Order (The founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, was a Jesuit) are planning a war between Russia and NATO. It seems like the predictions of Eric Jon Phelps are coming to pass and that a NATO/Russia war is emerging in the Middle East. In the past the Jesuits and New World Order have used wars to kill certain segments of the population and to achieve other goals. Many Syrian Orthodox Christians have been killed in the US backed rebel insurgency against the Assad regime, and the Jesuits have always staged wars that result in the death of Christians seperated from Rome in the past. The Syrian civil war may have been staged to kill Syrian Christians, and a Russian war with NATO and the US could result in more Protestant Christians being killed. The NATO backed Albanian invasion of Serbia resulted in many Serbian Christians being killed also. Eric Phelps has also stated that the New World Order intend for the US to be invaded by Russia and China.

Former NATO secretary General and Knight of the Golden Fleece, Javier Solana

Former NATO secretary General and Knight of the Golden Fleece, Javier Solana

Eric Phelps says NATO and Russia are both controlled by the Jesuit Order and the Jesuits will stage a war for their advantage. I don’t claim to understand all the details but only God knows what is going on in the shadows. Eric’s claims also do have some substance as the former Secretary General (Javier Solana) of NATO was a Knight of the Golden Fleece (A Vatican Knighthood controlled by the Jesuit Order); this fact indicates that the Vatican and Jesuit Order are in control of the worlds military forces. Whatever happens in the Middle East the Jesuits and Vatican are deeply involved in it, and we can only guess what these servants of the devil are up to. It’s also interesting to note that former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, has stated that the Vatican created Islam to destroy Bible based Christianity in the Middle East. The Saudi Arabian Royals are also working for the Vatican and Jesuits, as Saudi Royals are Knights of the Golden Fleece ruling for the Jesuit Order. I think its also a possibility President Putin of Russia has broken away from the Jesuit Order and New World Order. Putin may be operating on his own uncontrolled, and that is why he is constantly foiling the plans of the alleged New World Order. Only God knows the answers to all these questions but the scenarios that could be occuring in the shadows are endless. But its clear the Jesuits, Vatican and New World Order are deeply involved in the present crisis in the Middle East.

Below is a rare video of a journalist documenting the Pacific Vision war games results and concluding that US made fighter jets are useless against Russia’s jets in real combat.


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