Alex Jones and Infowars report of a massive invasion of Syria by over 13 nations

The_Alex_Jones_Show_14Nov2013_Mancow_Muller_amp_Mario_Lopez__Infowars__157243Infowars recently reported that over 13 nations are holding a joint military exercise in Saudi Arabia which involves: 350,000 troops, 20,000 tanks, 2,450 war planes and 460 military helicopters. The military exercise to be held in Northern Saudi Arabia is called “Northern Thunder.” Infowars believes this military exercise will become an actual live military operation related to the invasion of Syria.

If the above report by Infowars is true then we are about to witness the biggest war in the Middle East in decades and possibly a third world war. Russia obviously has the intelligence on what is transpiring in Saudi Arabia, so its going to be interesting to see how Putin deals with this coming challenge. If Turkey participates in this war in a significant way then you may see NATO get involved also. All the ingredients in the present Middle Eastern conflict indicate that we are headed toward a third world war.

I have written an article about whether Russia has the capabilities to repel an invasion from NATO, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and Russia does indeed have the capabilities in Syria to serious challenge NATO, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. However if one looks at the assets Saudi Arabia has brought in from around the world, if they do invade Syria by land and air it is going to be a serious war. It will be difficult for an air invasion because the Russian S-400 air defense system is considered the best air defense system in the world. But 2,450 war planes is a massive air invasion force and its possible the S-400 won’t be able to hit all those planes. Russian Sukhoi war planes have proven to be superior to the American planes Saudi Arabia and Turkey are using, but the coalition Saudi Arabia is forming is quiet massive so who knows how this war will play out if it happens. Only God knows the results of any possible war in the Middle East, but there is going to be serious losses on both sides and it could also turn into a world war.


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