Who is Paul Bennewitz? Did he actually monitor alien communication coming from Dulce Base?

paul_bennewitzPaul Bennewitz has to be one of the most intriguing characters within ufology. He is a major source for the writings of Branton (Bruce Alan deWalton) and a number of other UFO researchers. Paul Bennewitz was no average guy off the street. Bennewitz was the director of a company called Thunder Scientific Laboratories. Thunder Scientific Laboratories had government ties through contracts. Bennewitz worked on projects with: Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico, Sandia Labs and many other prestigious organizations. Bennewitz had a Masters degree in electronics and was a man the government used for various military and defense projects. The fact that Bennewitz was made director of a scientific company that did high level defence contract work for the government, indicates that he was a man who many had confidence in. To do the work Bennewitz did, he would have had to pass: psychological tests, IQ tests and his college education performance would have also been evaluated. Bennwitz was: intelligent, highly educated, sane and he had an outstanding college performance history.

One day Paul Bennewitz claimed that he had uncovered an elaborate conspiracy involving aliens in the town of Dulce New Mexico. Bennewitz had numerous sightings of anti-gravity crafts and UFO’s landing in areas around Manzano Albuquerque, Bennewitz began recording these sightings with a video camera and reported the UFO activity to the police and military personnel (this was a mistake in my opinion). Bennewitz also claimed that by using a radio/video/computer device and a hexadecimal math code, he was able to intercept the communications of aliens based inside and outside of Dulce Base New Mexico. Bennewitz stated that he was also able to intercept the mind control communications coming from New Mexico, that were used to control implanted people who had implants put in them by the aliens. It has been well documented that those visited by the grey aliens have computer type implants inserted into their body. Dr Roger Leir actually performed surgery on people who claimed they had implants, and he discovered highly advanced computer chips that were far ahead of their time. Many of these people were not lying and the advanced technology found in their bodies could not be explained. After Bennewitz reported all these incidents to the police and various military personnel he started receiving persecution by the government and people broke into his house and went through his files. Bennewitz also claimed that aliens would come through his walls and inject him with chemicals. It was around this time that Bennewitz began having psychological problems and eventually a breakdown. When Bennewitz started investigating and uncovering the alleged alien communication coming from Dulce, that he alleged was related to the communication from Dulce Base to the flying saucers exploring the planet, he began to come under attack in a variety of ways. He stated that spheres would enter his house and cause burning on his face. He woke up one morning and discovered a red burn mark on his face he attributed to the spheres entering his home. These spheres could be related to either Jesuit black magic (According to Branton and other sources the Jesuit Order controls Dulce Base and other underground bases), or they could be related to sophisticated weapons produced at Dulce. The white sphere or ball of light is the most typically observed UFO.) I personally believe the aliens who walked through Bennewitz’s walls were actually demons (fallen angels) as it is the demons who control the malevolent factions of the reptilians, grey’s and Jesuit’s. It is very likely these demons were able to inject Bennewitz with poison that sent him crazy. How else can you explain the sudden psychological breakdown of a distinguished man with no history of mental health? Why did these demons inject Bennewitz with poison? It seems Bennewitz was the greatest threat to the secret underground military base network in years, as he was actually able to monitor communication coming from Dulce Base as they communicated with the: grey alien collective (organic robot soldiers), flying saucers and mind control victims with implants. Bennewitz also had video evidence of UFO’s landing near military bases in the New Mexico area. On top of all the evidence Bennewitz had, his reputation was impeccable and he was the director of a high level company that had important government contracts.

Bennewtiz became a major source for a variety of UFO researchers including Branton. Even Wikipedia hosts a Paul Bennewitz profile and says this about him, “Bennewitz claimed the existence of a plot involving an extensive network of UFO bases tied to an alien colonization and control scheme to subjugate the human race.” (Wikipedia) Wikipedia unfortunately names Bennewitz as a paranoid delusional with a mental illness, but they fail to report his distinguished credits and achievements relating to his employment and education. Are Wikipedia trying to discredit him? Anyone evaluating Bennewitz’s legacy can clearly observe that he was a highly educated and distinguished member of society.

Below are some quotes from the Dulce Book by Branton regarding Bennewitz.

“Paul Bennewitz, director of Thunder Scientific Laboratories [a New Mexico-based research facility with government contract ties], who claims to have gained access to and ‘interrogated’ an alien computer system via a radio-video-computer setup of his own invention.” (The Dulce Book by Branton)

“The fantastic story that Mr. Bennewitz had succeeded in communicating with aliens at an underground base situated near MT. ARCHULETA in the town of DULCE that was close to the Colorado border and situated on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. (Note: Bennewitz actually stated that he ‘interrogated’ the alien-collective via a computer-radio-video link with an ‘alien’ computer terminal, by tapping-in to the aliens’ ship-to-base communications frequency and using a type of hexedecimal mathematical code to break the alien encryption. He first discovered the signals using specialized equipment he had developed, and later concluded that these signals were also being used to influence abductees who had been given electronic mind-control implants. – Branton).”( The Dulce Book by Branton)

Bennewitz got very close to the secret underground empire of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order who information harvest at their universities have hoarded secret technology which has allowed them to build anti-gravity aircraft and organic robots (grey aliens) to serve their shadow government and secret empire. The Jesuit’s serve the fallen angels and command legions of malevolent reptilians and super soldiers which they use to control the: governments, military’s and intelligence agencies of the world. The high level Jesuit’s are black magicians and sorcerers who worship Satan or Lucifer, in addition to their advanced technology they can also employ witchcraft and black magic against their enemies. The demons which entered Bennewitz’s home were able to do so through black magic and occult power. If you find yourself in this situation you can pray in the name of Jesus Christ to send these demons out of your home. Studying the King James Bible and in particular the New Testament will give you the tools which will allow you to fight the demons and Jesuit black magic. The Jesuit Order are an ancient Satanic cult made up of highly trained assassins and spies. They pretend to be Christian or followers of Jesus as they seek to hide behind their religious costumes to disguise their true agenda. The Jesuit’s are the masters of the New World Order and creators of the Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit) and they are also the administrators of the secret underground military base network. Many Jesuit’s of the inner circle are malevolent reptilian shapeshifters and the Jesuit’s lead the malevolent reptilian factions. There are benevolent reptilians out there who have broken away from the Jesuit Order and are seeking to do good though.

Well known Jesuit expert and Protestant Minister Eric Jon Phelps has stated that most government intelligence agencies are controlled by demons (who appear in person to their subordinates) and managed by the Jesuit Order. The fact that demons personally attacked Paul Bennewitz indicates that Bennewitz was seen as an imminent threat. I personally believe Bennewitz did intercept genuine communication transmissions coming from Dulce Base and other installations.



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