Will the New World Order controlling the Republican Party use a brokered convention to steal the Presidential nomination from Donald Trump?

DOnaldpic2Donald Trump is a thorn in the side of the New World Order. The New World Order seeks to establish a one world government by collapsing the borders of civilized Western countries, and using radical Islam to destabilize traditionally Christian Protestant nations. The massive immigration of radical Islamist’s into Europe and other places is changing the faces of nations and destabilizing them. Just like in the Middle East where Islam dominates; Jews and Christians are being persecuted in their native countries. One Jewish man who was interviewed in England spoke how he had to fortify his home and could not have guests at his house because it was too dangerous. The man had suffered so many attacks and threats in England he was considering moving to Israel. In the town of Luton in England, Islam has established itself and the town has now become a hot spot for radical Islam, and spawned various terrorists which included the 7/7 bombers who attacked London. Europe’s left wing New World Order policies which include massive Islamic immigration is turning Europe upside down. Some of the terrorists who attacked Paris and killed over a hundred people were refugees from Syria, and even the radical Islamic group ISIS has stated they would use the immigration program to send it’s members to Western countries. The policies of the political establishment all over the world seem to include embracing radical Muslim’s. Does the New World Order want to use Islam to establish a one world religion? Well known Bible preacher John MacCarthur believes the Antichrist will be an Islamic Messiah. Former leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, stated that the Islamic immigration was population replacement. Tommy Robinson formed the English Defense League after seeing his town turn into a habitation for radical Islamic terrorists. Robinson would regularly see posters in his town which glorified the terrorists who flew planes into the world trade center in New York, and he also observed on the local Mosques website; an article which discussed how killing infidels was justified. Other problems Robinson observed was Muslim’s attacking people of other religions, and this hate was being taught in local Mosques and encouraged. Massive immigration of Muslim’s into European and Western countries, is turning whole towns into radical Islamic hot spots and these towns are becoming too dangerous for non-Muslims. In Paris there are a number of no-go zone areas for non-Muslims as these highly populated Muslim areas are unsafe for non-Muslims to enter. These are the sort of situations Islamic immigration is causing in these countries.


The New World Order seems to greatly desire this Islamic immigration and they persecute anyone for questioning it. Former English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson was put in jail for protesting against radical Islam. The only political leader in the world that seems to be taking a stand against radical Islam is Donald Trump; much to the dismay of the New World Order controlled political establishment. Who knows why the New World Order wants to flood Western countries with radical Muslims, but it definitely seems to be related to collapsing the borders of sovereign nations and establishing a one world government and religion. Illustrations painted on the Masonic Denver airport show pictures of a girl holding a Bible with a Jewish star on her chest while she lays in a coffin. The pictures also show a man holding an Islamic sword while attacking a white dove. These pictures could be a picture of how the New World Order will use Islam to destroy Christianity and Judaism in the United States. The Democratic left wing policies include having weak collapsed borders and allowing millions of Muslims to enter the United States, and the Republican Party seems to have the same policy as well even though they pretend to be conservative and different from the Democrats. Well known political commentator Michael Savage stated that the Democrats and Republicans are controlled by the same people and there’s really no difference. I tend to agree with Michael Savage. I believe the Republicans and Democrats are both controlled by the same special interest groups and donors who are aligned with the New World Order. The New World Order seeks a one world government under the United Nations and the political establishment is working toward this goal. Donald Trump however has risen up and is taking a stand against the New World Order which uses it’s political correctness police to strike down anyone who opposes them. In other countries such as: Israel (politician Rabbi Kahane was put in jail by the Israeli Supreme Court for complaining about Islam and Arab’s) and Europe (Tommy Robinson and other protesters of Islam have also had legal action brought against them) protesters against radical Islam are persecuted by the authorities. The United Kingdom is now considering banning Donald Trump because of his views. The UK in many respects resembles Saudi Arabia in certain towns, and Islamic expert Robert Spencer believes England will become an Islamic State in the future. In nations where Islam rules you have a fascist dictatorship rule where anyone who disagrees with the government or religious leaders is put to death or put in jail. Islam seems to be a religion that could be used by the New World Order to control the population through a one world religion. All over the world the political establishment is bowing down to radical Islam, and invading their nations with radical Muslim’s whose values and beliefs are completely opposed to Western culture.

Donald Trump seems to be a genuine Presidential candidate who has heard truth from the alternative media, and understands that the United States is being destroyed by design. The United States is one of the big challenges for the New Wolrd Order and UN because their: constitution, bill of rights and historical Christian culture prevent the New World Order from establishing a one world government, and that is why the NWO is using Obama to flood the US with radical Muslim’s. The NWO want to use Islam to destroy the US.

Donald Trump is interviewed by anti-NWO voice Alex Jones

Donald Trump is interviewed by anti-NWO voice Alex Jones

One of the leading voices in the alternative media, Alex Jones, has stated that Trump almost has an invisible force field surrounding him, as none of the attacks against him from the NWO controlled media seem to stick. When Trump first came into the Presidential race the entire NWO controlled media came against him and tried their best to drag him down. However because Trump has such an outstanding record of being a successful businessman and he has a great reputation; nothing they threw at him would stick. Even former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson said it was clear the mainstream media was trying to convince voters not to vote for Trump. Trump is not owned by anybody and is not controlled by the New World Order, Trump is financing his own campaign and is running because he wants to make the US a better place.
The New World Order led by the: Jesuit Order, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Shriners (Masonic/Islamic group) and Vatican Knighthoods have had their way in the United States for many years. Over the years they have been chipping away at the constitution and using the US for their own purposes. It seems the NWO have been allowing Muslim terrorists into the US, and even aiding them to attack the US so they can use the attacks to establish laws contrary to the US constitution. We saw this occur when the September 11th attacks were used as a pretext to establish the Patriot Act which was another attack against the US constitution. Many of the Muslim hijackers were known FBI/CIA assets and even Osama Bin Laden was a known CIA asset. At least two of the September 11 plane hijackers were in the US on expired VISA’s, which indicates that the relaxed borders and immigration policies of the US create an environment for Muslim terrorists to thrive. The only politician at present who seems to be taking a stand against these problems is Donald Trump. Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico and ban Muslim’s from entering the United States until they can be vetted properly. Trump also wants to impose tarrifs on China and other countries which would bring jobs and manufacturing back to the United States. Many of the founding fathers of the United States imposed taxes on imported good to protect local manufacturers. It’s clear Donald Trump’s policies would make America great again and bring it to a place of safety and prosperity. The New World Order however is completely opposed to Trump’s policies as they want to destroy America by design.

Much to the dismay of the New World Order Trump’s poll numbers are going through the roof and many polls also suggest he could beat Hillary Clinton. Trump is clearly anti-NWO and is an obstacle to their plans and they want to stop him. Alternative media voice Alex Jones has even suggested they may even try to assassinate him. They could very well assassinate him a number of ways. The historical assassinate device of the Jesuit’s has usually been poison as they regularly poisoned Popes who wouldn’t obey them. Stanley Meyer who invented a car powered by water (a threat to the Islamic nations and oil companies) was also poisoned. However another way the NWO could destroy Trump’s chances of being nominated is through a brokered convention within the Republican Party. A brokered convention involves a lot of complex and shadowy politician moves, that result in no Republican Presidential candidate being nominated by Republican delegates.

Wikipedia defines a brokered convention as stated below.

“In United States politics, a brokered convention is a situation in which no single candidate has secured a pre-existing majority of delegates (whether those selected by primary elections and caucuses, or super-delegates) prior to the first official vote for a political party’s presidential candidate at its nominating convention. Once the first ballot, or vote, has occurred, and no candidate has a majority of the delegates’ votes, the convention is then considered brokered; thereafter, the nomination is decided through a process of alternating political horse-trading, and additional re-votes.” (Wikipedia)

At present Republican voters clearly want Trump to be the candidate as he has double digit leads over all other Republican Presidential candidates. Former political adviser Roger Stone has stated that Donald Trump represents a population uprising, as Trump is an uncontrolled candidate, who wants to make America great again, instead of destroying it and bringing it under the United Nations. Donald Trump has also appeared in the alternative media and supported media personalities exposing the New World Order. Trump has appeared on both the Savage Nation and Infowars, and both programs are dedicated to exposing the New World Order and coming one world government. Trump is definitely anti-establishment and anti-NWO. The only thing that can stop Trump from being the nominee is through a brokered convention and I think it’s possible the NWO will use their controlled politicians to do this. However because a brokered convention could cause a backlash from American citizens, it’s also possible the NWO may resort to voter fraud as seen in the congressman Allen West case.

President Obama was trained by a Jesuit Priest named Greg Galuzzo at the Gamaliel foundation in communist tactics, and he was also taught how to destroy the US constitution there as well. Obama’s tactics in destroying the United States are consistent with the communist/left wing/Islamic alliance using Islamic immigration to destroy traditionally Christian nations. Since the Jesuit’s (Greg Galuzzo) have been caught training future Islamic/communist leaders like President Obama it’s clear the Jesuit’s are behind this communist/Islamic movement sweeping Europe and Christian nations. The current Jesuit Pope has stated that all religions find God in different ways and the Pope seems to be an Islamic apologist. It’s quiet possible the Pope could convert to Islam and create a one world religion using Islam and Islamic leaders, and this one world government and religion could be ruled through the United Nations. The current policies of the United Nations are anti-Christian and they seem to be aiding and apologizing to radical Islam on a regular basis. The UN’s policies in the Middle East and Eastern Europe (Serbia) have resulted in the death of millions of Christians so it’s quiet possible the UN could use a type of Islam as it’s one world religion. The Jesuit’s were never Christians and only control the Vatican because they assassinated their way into power. The Jesuit Order are secretly a cult of black magicians and are the leaders of Luciferian Scottish Rite Freemasonry and an Islamic Masonic group known as the Shriners.

The Jesuit’s also have strong links to the Bush family as Jeb Bush is a Vatican Knight (controlled by the Jesuit Order). Jeb Bush is listed as a member of the Knights of Columbus which is a Vatican Knighthood and secret society under the authority of the Jesuit Order. George W Bush was also a member of a secret society called the Skull and Bones, and in this initiation Bush was required to kiss the slipper of the Pope which symbolizes submission to the Jesuit Order who control the Pope. The Jesuit Order are a group of professional assassins and spies hiding under religious costumes, and were once banned from dozens of nations all around the world for political infiltration and assassination. The Jesuit’s also control Scottish Rite Freemasonry as they wrote the Scottish Rite Degrees at the College of Clermont in France. The Jesuit’s also use Scottish Rite Freemasonry to control the political establishment in the US as well. The Knights of Malta (Vatican Knighthood controlled by the Jesuit Order) also have observer status on the UN council. The Jesuit’s using these various secret societies could instigate a brokered convention and stop Trump from getting the nomination.

Jeb Bush with fellow Knights of Columbus

Jeb Bush with fellow Knights of Columbus

I have written an article in the past about how the Jesuit’s control the CIA through the Knights of Malta, and many prominent journalists have reported that ISIS and other militant Islamic groups are: supported, equipped and funded by the CIA. It also seems the Jesuit’s control political candidates through these same secret societies as Jeb Bush who is running against Trump is a Knight of Columbus. Trump is essentially competing against the Jesuit Order and the Jesuit Order do not like to lose and rarely lose. The Jesuit’s will not want Trump to win so they will either assassinate him or use a brokered convention to get rid of him. I think a brokered convention is very possible.






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