Reptilian caught on film? A reptilian shapeshifter appears on the popular Dr Phil TV show!

It seems as though a reptilian shapeshifter has appeared on the popular Dr Phil TV show. I don’t see how anyone can debunk this one. This is definitely not a fake and it’s clear this woman has reptilian eyes as she does not have pupils but reptilian slits in her eyes. The video footage is clear as day and includes lengthy up close footage. Reptilian shapeshifters are among us however it should be known that there are benevolent reptilians out there and we should not attack a person just because they are reptilian. According to many researchers there are benevolent reptilians in the community who seek to do good, however just like with the human race there are bad apples out there as well. There is currently an underground war going on between malevolent and benevolent reptilian factions. I have written many articles which discuss the reptilian issue but I also discuss how many benevolent reptilians believe in Jesus Christ and seek to do good.  A reptilian just like a human has a choice to either follow Jesus Christ or the Luciferian consciousness. The Jesuit Order lead the malevolent reptilian and malevolent human factions and all reptilians following the Jesuit Order are evil and influenced by the Luciferian consciousness. Other reptilians have split off from the Jesuit Order and are seeking to do good. The Jesuit Order is made up of both malevolent reptilian shapeshifters and malevolent human beings. The Jesuit Order which is comprised of malevolent reptilians and humans control all secret societies worldwide (including all Satanic cults, Scottish Rite Freemasonry and Vatican Knighthoods).

Below is a video of a woman appearing on the Dr Phil show and its blatantly clear that she has reptilian eyes. This video created so much controversy that even the popular news website, before it’s news, reported on the video.


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