Did a civilian actually fly an aeroplane into Area 51 and get shot down as heard on the Art Bell radio program?

Many listeners of alternative media have most likely heard of the famous Art Bell radio segment which consisted of a man calling the Art Bell show on a cell phone from a plane. The man spoke on the radio and claimed he was flying toward Area 51 in an aircraft and was then allegedly shot down by a fighter jet. All this was heard over the radio while the man was on the phone with Art Bell. I think that most likely this phone call was a hoax with only a 10% chance at it being legitimate. But is there any evidence that a plane was shot down over Area 51? Interestingly enough a dirt bike rider actually discovered a crashed aeroplane right on the border of Area 51. The crash site was just outside the border so the dirt bike rider was able to document the crash site with a video camera. You can watch the video of the actual crash site below. Below the crash site video is another video which plays the original Art Bell broadcast which documents the alleged plane crash as it happened.


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