Russia warns Donald Trump of assassination plot

Russian government intelligence recently decrypted a computer belonging to a number of Saudi nationals in Lebanon recently. The contents of the computer contained detailed information about the movement and security detail of Donald Trump. According to the Russian foreign intelligence service; there is an active plot to assassinate Donald Trump.

The intelligence from Russia makes perfect sense. The New World Order which is currently taking a pro-communist/pro-Islamic direction is completely opposed to Donald Trump. These communist fascists and Islamic apologists want to destroy European and Protestant Christian culture with suicidal leftist policies. These leftist policies preach tolerance of Islam while the government (Saudi Arabia) funding mosques in Western countries has a death penalty for apostasy. You cannot have religious freedom where Islam exists. Islam preaches intolerance toward other religions and violent punishment for those who live differently to Islam. Saudi Arabia is a key part of the Jesuit New World Order, as the Saudi Royals are Knights of the Golden Fleece (a Vatican Knighthood), who are assisting the Jesuit Order in a genocide against Christian Protestants. Roman Catholics are also being killed in this genocide, but they are merely considered collateral damage to the Jesuit Order.

The New World Order which is ruled by the: Jesuit Order, Vatican Knighthoods, Ninth Circle Satanic cult, the Illuminati, Scottish Rite Freemasonry (inner core of this Rite is ruled by the Jesuit Order), wants to use Islam to initiate war and chaos all through the West, so they can build their world government out of the ashes. The Denver airport mural clearly illustrates the plans of the New World Order. As you can see in the Denver airport illustrations below, it shows a soldier wearing a gas mask and destroying peace (symbolized by the dove) in the United States with an Islamic sword. In the other picture there is an illustration of a dead girl in a coffin holding a Bible and wearing a Jewish star (what the Nazi’s forced the Jews to wear during the Holocaust); this picture illustrates how the Jesuit New World Order will destroy the Judeo/Christian culture and peoples in the US using Islam. The New World Order is using the left wing liberal political movement to import radical Muslims into the West so they can have their civil war. If Donald Trump bans Muslims coming into the US, he might just hold back the radical Islamic invasion the New World Order is planning. So it certainly makes sense that the New World Order wants to assassinate Trump. Trump seems to be a thorn in the New World Orders side and an obstacle to their goals.

I also find it interesting that Russia warned Donald Trump about the assassination plot. According to Craig Oxley (a top Jesuit and New World Order researcher in the UK) Vladimir Putin has broken away from the New World Order and is no longer controlled by the Jesuit’s.

The Illuminati card game produced in the 1980’s is also said to predict the assassination of Donald Trump. This card game also predicted the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York and a host of other events.

My advice to Donald Trump is to get rid of the secret service. The secret service is a part of the Jesuit Order control apparatus, as they were used to assist in the assassination of President Kennedy. Former Mafia boss Tony Gambino spoke on the radio program, ‘the Investigative Journal’, and explained how President Kennedy was killed by a Mafia hit man hiding in a storm drain. According to Gambino, the Mafia is controlled by the Jesuit Order and Vatican and works closely with the CIA (CIA is controlled by the Knights of Malta who are submitted to the Jesuit Order). Many secret service agents may also be MKULTRA mind controlled (this mind control was developed by the Jesuit Order, as per the testimony of Cathy O’brien, who is endorsed by former Californian FBI chief Ted Gunderson). It is most likely the secret service and CIA who leaked Donald Trump’s private information to the Saudi nationals suspected in the assassination plot. Donald Trump should dump the secret service and hire private security personnel who are not working for the shadow government.


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