Donald Trump’s poll numbers go through the roof! Trump almost has half of the Republican voters in Georgia on his side at 43%


The political establishment and New World Order must be terrified of Donald Trump, the entire lying mainstream media is against him, the corrupt United Nations has condemned him and the political elite never stop attacking him. Despite the onslaught against Trump he has almost half of the GOP voters in his pocket. This is a clear indication that the established system controlled by the Jesuit Order and their network of secret societies is losing its grip on the United States. Nothing the system throws at Donald Trump is sticking and it seems the more they attack him the larger his support grows. People no longer have faith in the political elite and business as usual. Donald Trump actually wants to make America prosper (by threatening China with tariffs to stop American jobs going overseas) and protect its borders from Islamic militants and illegal immigration.

The corrupt and occult United Nations who are in bed with the satanic Theosophical Society and who use Alice Bailey’s book publishing company, “Lucifer Trust”(renamed Lucis Trust so people don’t catch on), to publish UN publications have come against Donald Trump and condemned him. The UN is pro-Islamic and their policies often result in the genocide of Christians. If you think Islamic immigration is good for a country just have a look what happened in Serbia. In Serbia you had Muslims pour into Serbia who tore down churches and killed multitudes of Serbian Orthodox Christians, and the Serbians even lost Kosovo to the Albanian Muslim militants. If the United States lets the pro-Islamic UN dictate policy and Muslim immigration quotas to it, the United States will lose parts of their country to Islam, just like what happened in Serbia. Saudi Arabia was reported to have funded the Islamic militants who invaded Serbia, and it is Saudi Arabia funding many of the Mosques in the US. Remember that the penalty for apostasy in Saudi Arabia is death.

Donald Trump has the common sense and intelligence to protect the American people from militant Islam, as he has taken a firm stance against radical Islam, and his assertion of banning Muslims from entering the US until they can properly protect the borders is a reasonable request. Even a US General came out and stated that the current US administration has been unable to protect the American people from radical Islam, and that Donald Trump’s request to stop Islamic immigration temporarily is not an unreasonable request.


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