Donald Trump’s support increases by 8% after comments to ban Muslims from the US

A recent poll in South Carolina showed that after Donald Trump made the statement to ban Muslims from the United States; his poll numbers increased by 8 percent. Americans are no longer interested in political correctness or deceived by the deceptive mainstream media. The penalty for apostasy in Saudi Arabia is death and this is the nation funding Mosques being built in the United States. Europe is being colonized by Islam and the Paris attacks clearly illustrated how radical Muslims are infiltrating Europe through the refugee programs and immigration. If the US follows the trend of Islamic apologist Europe, they are going to end up with more attacks similar to Paris and have towns where violent Muslim gangs are enforcing Sharia law (obedience to Muslim laws and rules in towns) in the streets. The UK allows radical Muslims like Anjem Choudary to walk the streets without being bothered at all, even though he is an outspoken supporter of ISIS and Bin Laden. Choudary can often be seen walking British streets with his gang of radical Muslims while he promotes ISIS and Bin Laden ideologies, this is what British citizens now have to live with in their streets and this is where left wing politics will lead a nation. Donald Trump is the only politician with any common sense and voters are making their voices heard.


The American people need to wake up and deal with the seeds of radical Islam before it seriously hurts the US again. Former Muslims such as Walid Shoebat have been warning Americans, that Muslims are already walking down the streets declaring death on Jews and other minorities in America, these are not just a few Muslims but large crowds from Mosques. If you don’t deal with the problem it’s just going to continue to grow until it is unmanageable, Europe has already reached the point where it is unmanageable and left wing progressives like President Obama and Hilary are following this trend. Donald Trump is the only person taking a stand and in my opinion he is America’s last hope. The American people are not stupid and they no longer believe the mainstream media (much of it is being bought up by Saudi Arabia) and that is why they are supporting Donald Trump. Nobody listens to the idiot talking heads on TV anymore because they are sell outs who only care about keeping their job, they are not interested in the welfare of the American people. The mainstream media and political establishment are trying to cover up the reality of Islam because they are working for the left wing communists (controlled by the Jesuit Order as Obama’s mentor at the communist Gamaliel foundation was the Jesuit Greg Galuzzo) to instigate: civil war, violence and chaos in the United States. The left wing communists who go around declaring anyone who discusses Islam is a racist is often financed by wealthy Islamic extremists. The UAF (United Against Fascism) in the UK which attacks anyone who protests against Islam had convicted Islamic terrorists as their speakers and leaders. The Muslim who beheaded a British soldier on the street was a key speaker at UAF meetings. The left uses left wing groups like the UAF who are funded and supported by Islamic extremists to call everyone who questions Islam a Nazi and racist, these groups are government funded and also funded by Islamic extremists; this shows us that the political establishment have no intention of solving the radical Islam problem.

To understand more about the dangers of Islam please watch the below documentary called ‘Islam rising.” The documentary talks to former Muslims about the reality of Islam in the United States and what is actually going on in Mosques. This is information the mainstream media does not want you to know.


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