Eric Jon Phelps addresses the Islamic Connection to Roman Catholicism

phelpspic1Eric Jon Phelps who is the author of the book Vatican Assassins wrote the following about Islam and the Vatican.

“Shortly after the Roman Papal Caesar was given his Universal Spiritual Power by the wicked Emperor Phocas of Constantinople in AD 606 the religion of Islam was created.  And why?  To blind the Arab peoples to the blessed gospel of the risen Lord Jesus Christ while using these “wild men” to kill the foremost enemies of the pope.  Those targeted enemies were the true, born-again, Bible-believing Christians of the Eastern Roman Empire and the racial Jews of Arabia and North Africa yet to inherit the promises given to the fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—not Abraham, Ishmael and Esau!.” (Eric Jon Phelps, Vatican Assassins)  Click here to read the full article.

According to former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera; inside the Vatican’s underground library there are books that explain how the Vatican created Islam to wipe out Bible believing Protestant Christians. History also documents how Mohammad was trained by a group of Roman Catholic Augustine monks. The rulers (Saudi Royals) of the most fascist form of Islam (Wahabi Sunni Islam) are also Vatican Knights (Knights of the Golden Fleece), and this seems to confirm Alberto Rivera’s claims and the information asserted by Eric Jon Phelps.


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