Donald Trump’s views on Islam consistent with the warnings of Rabbi Meir Kahane

kahane1Rabbi Meir Kahane was murdered by Muslims while giving a speech in New York many years ago. Kahane would have to be one of the best experts on Middle Eastern policy ever heard. Kahane was a legitimate right wing conservative politician in Israel who believed it was impossible for Jews to live with Muslims in Israel. Kahane predicted most of the terrorism and civil war which dramatically increased in Israel after his death.

Rabbi Meir Kahane is a former member of the Israeli Knesset and founder and president of the Jewish Defense League (JTF). He was well known as an activist for Jewish rights in the US before immigrating to Israel where he served in the army and became a politician.

Kahane documented how the Muslims were murdering Jews in Israel daily, and it was impossible for Jews to live in peace in Israel. Kahane also reported how many Jews were leaving Israel because it was not safe. Kahane also identified how both the alleged right wing Israeli parties and left wing Israeli parties were all left wing progressives. In the end it was the Israeli political establishment who banned Kahane from political office even though his support was growing very large. Kahane wanted to relocate all Arabs from Israel and even give them money to establish a home somewhere outside of Israel; this would have been more humane than allowing the civil war to go on in the land, which was killing thousands of Jews and Arabs. If Kahane was allowed to become a politician he probably would have become Prime Minister or President and Israel would be a much safer place, as Islam is a very ignitable ideology and it can become radicalized very easily. Most Islamic nations have large populations of violent radicals and even whole Islamic nations are completely radical and dangerous (Saudi Arabia). Kahane spoke common sense and logic. In order for Jews to live in peace and safety they could not co-exist in Israel with Islam. Kahane wanted Muslims out of the nation to prevent further bloodshed. However the left wing progressive political elite in Israel conspired with the Israeli Supreme court to ban Kahane for alleged racism, and Kahane was banned from being a politician (even though he was democratically elected) and he was put in jail for a number of years. This is the same thing being done to Donald Trump, however due to the constitution in the USA they cannot put Trump in jail but believe me, they probably want to jail him. The left wing progressive government in Israel is the same as all of them around the world and they are the global political elite who are working towards a one world government, they do not want peace but they want war and that is why they allow radical Islam in Israel and in the West. The left wing political elite want a civil war between Islam and other cultures to cause chaos which will help them implement their agenda. What exactly is that agenda I cannot say, but it seems to be related to a one world government and control.

Rabbi Kahane had this to say about the left wing political establishment.

“The left liberal axis destroys from within. They are not prepared to accept any democratically elected government whose policies they consider to be racist, Nazi or fascist. And it is they who define all the above and it is they who label and set the ground rules.”

The left can name anyone they want as a Nazi and just ban them and we are seeing this happen to Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and it’s something they are trying to do to Donald Trump as well.

In 1986 Rabbi Kahane was interviewed on CNN by Sonya Friedman and made the below quotes about the problems in Israel with Jews and Muslims.

“What do you mean they (Palestinians) want the West Bank? Gaza? They had the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. They went to war then, what did they want then? They wanted to wipe out Israel.  They wanted to wipe out Israel, they wanted it then and they wanted it now.”

“Arab’s cannot live together in their own countries. Sunnies, Shiites and other factions are constantly at war with each other. They cannot live together as they are constantly in civil war. How are Muslims going to live with Jews if they can’t even live with each other?”

On a personal note I have spent time in Israel and there are armed guards with machine guns everywhere. If you go to the beach there is a military base post overlooking the beach so citizens and tourists can enjoy it safely. I remember walking across the road in Tel Aviv to visit a shop and I saw a battalion of men with machine guns crossing the road, and when I visited a shopping mall I was searched for bombs and other weapons as I entered. Israel is in a constant state of civil war and I was even warned by Israeli officials, that it would be too dangerous for me to visit villages in Israel with large populations of Muslims. Islam is taught to physically fight against any host country who have a culture that is different from Islam. If Israel had of allowed Rabbi Kahane to remain a politician in Israel he probably would have become President or Prime Minister and Israel would be a much better place than it is today. Jews are constantly the victims of bombings, stabbings, shootings and other violence, and even the Muslims would probably suffer less if they no longer lived in Israel, because the Muslims leaders are constantly preaching hate and violence against Jews, and these fights kill people on both sides. This is what the left wing international political elite want, they want constant chaos and violence so they can have more control over nations, and lead them toward a one world government under the United Nations. The political parties who claim to be right wing conservative in Israel and in the West are actually left wing political parties disguising themselves as conservatives. Consider the Illuminati George Bush playing card below, as this clearly explains how the political elite place left wing liberals in government who pretend to be conservative.


George W Bush himself brought multitudes of Muslims into the United States and was also weak on immigration and borders. Two of the 911 hijackers were on expired visas from Saudi Arabia; it is these types of liberal left wing policies that cause terrorism and civil war in Western countries. It should also be noted that Japan has a very right wing conservative government that is very tough on Islam, and they have never suffered an Islamic terror attack. George W Bush is clearly an example of a left wing liberal pretending to be a conservative. The US Republican party are left wing progressives pretending to be conservatives, and you can see these false conservatives trying to alienate and ban Trump from running and this is the same thing that happened to Rabbi Meir Kahane in Israel.

Rabbi Kahane was one of the most knowledgeable people about Israel and Middle Eastern affairs, and you can watch an outstanding interview he gave on C-Span about Middle Eastern politics below. Those wishing to understand the reality of whats happening in Israel and the Middle East should watch the below video.

Eric Jon Phelps (author of Vatican Assassins) also wrote an excellent article related to the politics in Israel and Rabbi Kahane on his website which you can read below.

Historical and Biblical Review: Six Different Kinds of Zionists; Which One are You?


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