Donald Trump’s poll numbers increase after comments about banning Muslims from the United States


The latest voting poll in South Carolina which came out a day after Donald Trump said the US needed to ban Muslims from coming into America indicates that his support has actually grown. Donald’s support has grown from 33% to 35% after he made the call to ban Muslims from the United States. Even though the political establishment and mainstream media is condemning Trump, it seems the majority of Americans and almost half of the GOP back Trump. Trump’s poll numbers indicate that the political establishment a way out of touch with the American people, Americans resonate with what Trump is saying and they realize if Trump doesn’t get elected, you’re going to see the US go in the direction of Europe where you have helpless citizens living in oppressive Muslim ghettos where it’s unsafe to raise your children. Recent polls indicate that 51% of Muslims in the US want to live under Sharia law, which is a violent and oppressive set of rules that persecutes non-Muslims; Sharia law is incompatible with US constitutional values as the law is intolerant to other religious beliefs. Former Muslim and prominent Arab speaker, Walid Shoebat recently stated on the radio that the majority of Mosques in the United States preach violence against non-Muslims. Having mosques in American communities is a Trojan horse that breeds hate and intolerance. In France there are no go zones where non-Muslims are suggested not to go, because in these Muslim ghettos non-Muslims are persecuted and violently attacked. There are numerous videos on youtube of Muslim gangs walking around British towns and persecuting people who don’t abide by Sharia law, British citizens are afraid in their own homes and want to evacuate the towns they grew up in because they are being persecuted by Muslims (who believe they have a right to violently attack and oppress non-Muslims). Recent footage in the UK also showed a Muslim gang attacking an Arab man with an axe because he left Islam. This is not a racial issue and the accusation that people who don’t accept Islam are racist or Islamophobic  is not accurate. People are realizing that Islam and nations ruled by Islamic law produce fascist, violent and dangerous populations governed by rules that mirror Nazism.

Saudi2 In Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries the penalty for apostasy (leaving Islam) is the death penalty. Saudi Arabia is funding Mosques all over the United States and Europe, and they are also exporting their views towards apostates to the Mosques they are funding abroad, and this preaching is producing dangerous and violent people in the towns of America and Europe. Citizens are no longer believing the lying mainstream media who are being bought up by Saudi Arabian Islamic leaders; the media may produce false stories portraying Islam as peaceful, but they cannot hide the reality of what is happening in American and European towns. American citizens realize that Donald Trump is the only American citizen who can save them from the Islamic invasion. Do you think I’m Islamophobic for saying that? If you think I’m Islamophobic I have one question for you, “what is the penalty in Saudi Arabia for apostasy?” The answer is death. If you don’t have a problem with that and if you’re OK with the Saudi government funding Mosques in Europe and the US then you are insane. Donald Trump is the only US presidential candidate with any common sense or intelligence.

Saudi executioner1Trump’s lead in the polls after his announcement of banning Muslims prove that America is fed up with political correctness and Islamic apologists who constantly get caught out lying. The mainstream media and various politicians said that, Donald Trump’s claims that areas of the United Kingdom are radicalized Islamic zones and are unsafe for police were untrue, however as reported in the Daily Mail a number of British police came forward and said Donald Trump was absolutely correct. The police explained that police were fearful of entering certain Islamic towns or of even wearing their uniforms in those areas. The Obama administration is trying to ban any negative talk about Islam and even wants to jail those who criticize Islam. In Europe these laws against speaking against Islam already exist, and it’s illegal to even talk about the issues of Islam. If the United States follows this left wing Muslim apologist trend they are going to lose their country like Europe is being destroyed. Donald Trump is the first political candidate in a long time to actually defend the American people.

The religion of peace at work in Saudi Arabia

The religion of peace at work in Saudi Arabia


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