It’s public knowledge that US President Obama is controlled and trained by the Jesuit Order

Eric Jon Phelps from Vatican Assassins wrote an outstanding article in 2012 which clearly illustrated how President Obama is trained in communism and liberalism by a Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo. Galuzzo who was the director of a communist organization, which promoted views which related to destroying the US constitution was Obama’s director while he worked there. It is the Jesuit Order who control the: Vatican, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Sunni Islam (and probably other branches of Islam) and other secret societies who seek to cause an Islamic war and chaos within the United States. They wish to cause this chaos in order to destroy the US constitution.

Please read the below article which discusses how President Obama is Jesuit trained in communism.

“Ex-Jesuit” Greg Galluzzo: Chicago Mentor of Jesuit Coadjutor Barry Davis Obama


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