Has the Donald Trump election fraud conspiracy begun?

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Sarasota, Florida November 28, 2015. REUTERS/Scott AudetteIt seems like the Donald Trump election fraud has already begun. Presidential candidate Donald Trump is confronting the New World Order beast head on. Trump has no fear and is attacking everything the satanic New World Order stands for.

The Business Insider publication recently reported suspicious voting polls conducted against Donald Trump.

“On Monday afternoon, a CNN poll of likely Republican voters found Donald Trump leading with 33% support among likely caucus-goers.

That gave him a significant advantage over for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who grabbed 20% in the poll. Meanwhile, 16% chose retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and 11% preferred Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

Those results were notably different than another poll released earlier on Monday by Monmouth University. That survey found Cruz garnering 24% support among Republican voters in the state to Trump’s 19%. Rubio had 17% support in that poll, while Carson dropped to 13%.

Polling analysts acknowledged the discrepancy and pointed to Monmouth’s survey methodology as the potential culprit.” (The Business Insider)

Donald has also commented on twitter about how the media is trying to hide the fact that most of the public supports him. Donald stated on twitter, “Just won IOWA @CNN Poll BIG: Trump 33% Cruz 20% Rubio 11%,  but @WSJ reported “Cruz momentum” but nothing about the fact that I easily won!” (Donald Trump) and “I wish the @WSJ Wall Street Journal had reported the just out @CNN Iowa Poll correctly. I lead by a wide margin,13 points, going up big!”

At one stage CNN was also reporting the false information peddled by Monmouth University that Donald Trump was losing to Ted Cruz in Iowa. American Universities are a source of propaganda in the US and are used as control bases for the emerging New World Order. Many influential people in American Universities are communist liberals and if you ask most conservative political commentators, they will tell you that these Universities are dominated by communists, extreme-leftists and liberals (left wing progressives who want to destroy the US constitution). It is these Universities and the media who will be primarily used to attack Donald Trump.

If you evaluate what happened to former congressman Allen West in Florida and the election fraud that occurred there, you will start to see a similar trend happen towards Donald Trump. The election fraud against Donald Trump will start with false information and false polls, and then you will see actual voter fraud committed against Trump, because the shadow government will manipulate the voting machines and corrupt the vote counting process. There was clear voter fraud committed against Allen West (West shares similar views to Donald Trump) in Florida, and the Jesuit Order and communists believe that the end justifies the means and they will go to voter fraud if they see they are losing. Lou Dobbs from CNN also covered how easily voting machines can be tampered with, and experts being interviewed by Lou Dobbs stated that whoever controls the voting machines has a lot of power; because they can be so easily tampered with. It should also be noted that Lou Dobbs was fired from CNN because he was too truthful and too conservative, meanwhile CNN hires people like Piers Morgan who have been putting out false stories in the UK.

Watch Fox news below as they analyze the alleged voter fraud committed against former Congressman Allen West.

The New World Order which is controlled by the Jesuit Order (a group of black sorcerers who infiltrated and took over the Vatican centuries ago) seeks to destroy Western Civilization by bringing in millions of radical Muslims into traditionally Protestant nations. They also seek to destroy the US constitution and European freedoms; Donald Trump however is confronting this evil conspiracy head on and seeks to save America from destruction. People need to realize that Saudi Arabia (controlled by the Saudi royals, who are Vatican Knights of the Golden Fleece and controlled by the Jesuit’s) believe that Apostates (those who don’t submit to Islam) should be put to death (this is official government policy), and it is the Saudi government that is funding most of the Mosques in the US and other Western countries. If the people funding these Mosques believe that apostates should be put to death, is it any wonder that many attendees of these mosques want to attack and kill the citizens of their host country? The governments of the world who seek a one world government are pro-Islam and pro-communist/socialist and are secretly controlled by the Jesuit Order and Vatican Knighthoods (Many Islamic leaders are Vatican Knights). The Jesuit’s and Vatican Knighthoods don’t care how many Catholics are killed in their engineered Jihad, because they can use the Islamic war in Western countries as an excuse to implement Martial law and have more control over the citizens. If the New World Order has its way many Western countries will become fractured nations with ongoing unrest and civil war, and these countries will resemble nations like Iraq where you have the rich political people living in the green zone, while the open populations are full of turmoil, poverty and civil war. The New World Order also wants to disarm Christians (primarily the Protestants as the Vatican council of Trent declares death to Protestants) in the United States so they can kill them by using the Muslims to do it (that’s why they are bringing so many Muslims into the US), or by sending them to prison camps. Just look at the situation in Syria, President Assad is a tolerant and fair President and protected Christians for a long time, however after the US administration and Saudi Arabia backed Assad’s opponent s, the Christians in Syria started getting slaughtered. The current US administration is pro-Islamic and anti-Christian, and if they have their way Christians in the US will end up like Christians in Syria.

It should also be noted that the Jesuit Order controls most of organized religion and this includes Islam. Sunni Islam is primarily funded by Saudi Arabian leaders and these leaders are Vatican Knights of the Golden Fleece, other Islamic leaders with significant influence are also members of Jesuit and Vatican controlled secret societies. The Jesuit’s also control Scottish Rite Freemasonry (the Jesuit’s wrote the degree’s to Scottish Rite Freemasonry at the Jesuit school of Clermont in France). The Jesuit’s also have access to the best education and many of them speak multiple languages, so they can blend into different cultures and take over foreign nations. There are many Jesuit’s who probably speak Arabic and have been sent into Muslim nations to become Islamic leaders in those countries. If you read the Jesuit oath they have sworn to become chameleons and to infiltrate all religions and even preach from their pulpits, the Jesuit’s seek world domination and once you control the various religious groups you can take over nations. The Jesuit’s are also the leaders of world communism and socialism. Former Jesuit Alberto Rivera testified that the Jesuit’s secretly controlled the communist party in Spain. Current US President Obama was trained in communism and socialism by a Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo at the Gamaliel foundation, I’m sure he was trained in how to use communism and Islam to destroy the traditionally Protestant United States as this is what Obama is trying to do now. The Jesuit Order and Communists in the US and Europe are at war with Protestants, and intend to use Islam and other fascist ideologies to destroy Protestant nations, and they don’t care how many Catholics they kill in the process. The Vatican council of Trent declares death and oppression upon Protestants, and the Jesuits and their secret communist fifth columns are using Islam and their policies to destroy Protestant civilization.

illuminati-card-supreme-courtThe communists in the White House are also saying that Donald Trump must be disqualified from running for President because of his views. These communists do what they want, if they feel threatened by a rival candidate, they will just get the Supreme Court to ban them from running for office, and it seems this is what they want to do with Donald Trump. The Jesuit Illuminati have a number of cards they can play against Donald Trump. They can use voter fraud, use the Supreme court to ban him or use the media to attack him. It seems US citizens don’t trust the media anymore, so they will probably use voter fraud and the Supreme Court to stop Donald Trump. My prayers and support are certainly with Donald Trump, so let’s hope and pray there is an awakening and revolution in the US that can destroy the weapons being used against Trump.


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