Despite Donald Trump’s comments about banning Muslims from entering the United States, he is still leading the Republican race with 33% of Republicans supporting him

hand-982053__180It seems the majority of Republicans and many other voters in the United States no longer trust the mainstream media, and are completely ignoring the advice of the mainstream media. As the mainstream media attacks Trump and calls him all kinds of names, the vast majority of people ignore the deceptive left wing media and instead trust Trump who is preaching the truth. Americans can see that their country is being destroyed and that Islam is not a religion of peace. In Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries the penalty for apostasy is death, and this fact in itself should make any logical person understand that Islam is intolerant, oppressive and fascist. It is these oppressive nations that are financing the Mosques being built in the US and other western countries. Palestinian and former Muslim Walid Shoebat appeared on the Savage nation radio program recently and he was asked “how many of the Mosques in the US preach violence” and his reply was that “most of them preach violence against unbelievers.” It has also been confirmed that one of the terrorists who participated in the Paris terror attacks was a well known beheader from ISIS, and he entered Europe as a Syrian refugee. It’s clear the Islamic immigration into Europe and the United States is causing major problems and Islam is not compatible with European and American values. Bringing in refugees from Syria and other Muslim countries from the Middle East almost seems like national suicide. It seems voters in the United States have had enough of left wing lying politicians and they no longer trust the mainstream media. All these propaganda pieces in the mainstream media that sweet sell Islam as some positive religion are not convincing American voters. American voters are looking at the facts and understand that wherever you have Islam dominating a geographical area, you have nothing but: violence, civil war, oppression and chaos.

trump3Whether you like Donald Trump or not, he is America’s last hope, if the current American immigration policies continue, America is not going to be the same place it used to be. Donald Trump also wants to repair America’s economy and bring it into a state of prosperity, by putting tariffs on imported goods so domestic manufacturers don’t get destroyed by China. Donald is not controlled by international corporations who finance politician’s campaigns, so they can control them and use them to implement a one world government and destroy America’s economy. Donald Trump is the real deal and if he and his supporters can continue to fight against the system, media and coming voter fraud that will come against him, then the United States might have a chance at being great again. If you are reading this article I encourage you to research the facts behind Donald Trump’s assertions and make up your own mind.

Below is a video of radio presenter Michael Savage interviewing a former Muslim from the Middle East who has investigated various Mosques in the United States. Before you judge Donald Trump, take the opportunity to listen to the below radio interview, where a former Muslim who speaks fluent Arabic explains what is happening in Mosques around the United States. I would also encourage you to research the laws and values of Saudi Arabia, who are funding the Mosques being built in the US and other Western countries. If you want to protest against fascism and intolerance, go to Saudi Arabia where no Christian can build a church and where no Buddhist can build a temple. Donald Trump is not a promoter of hate and fascism; he is the protector of liberty who seeks to protect the American people from an ideology of violence and intolerance.

Watch the video below of Michael Savage interviewing a former Muslim about what is happening in Mosques and in the Muslim community within the United States.


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