Are Donald Trump’s views on Islam correct?

trump3Donald Trump has taken a lot of heat recently for his comments on Islam. Donald says that there should be a temporary ban of Muslims coming into the United States, until the nations representatives can figure out what is going on with radical Islam.

Recent surveys in the United States conclude that 25% of Muslims believe that violent Jihad is justified in order to expand Islam. Another survey indicates that over 50% of Muslims have a desire to live under Sharia law. Saudi Arabia lives under Sharia law and this law system has a penalty of death for apostasy (those who leave the Muslim faith or have different views contrary to Islam). Sharia law also demands violence, imprisonment and oppression against people who live contrary to Islam, and Saudi Arabia is probably the most oppressive nation on earth. It should also be noted that Saudi Arabia funds the majority of Mosques being built in the United States. The most oppressive nation on earth that has a law which justifies killing apostates is funding mosques in the United States and Europe; is it any wonder that these mosques are producing radical Islamic militants who want to kill civilians of their host countries?

The mainstream media has attacked Donald Trump and stated that the surveys he cites are not true, however if one observes the soccer match in Turkey where they had a minute of silence for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks, you had at least 25% of the crowd booing during the minute of silence and screaming in support of the terrorists. You can easily find this on the internet by googling it or searching for it on youtube. I will provide a link to the video below but be aware they will probably try and get it deleted from youtube, so if the link doesn’t work just search for it on the internet.

Below is the footage of this incident which was covered by Fox news.

Infowars also covered this incident in the below video.

The Turkey soccer game is the legitimate survey which indicates a majority of the Islamic population supports violent extremism. Islam is not a religion of peace; it is an oppressive ideology that supports violence and murder against non-Muslims. Saudi Arabian leaders are buying up large shares of mainstream media organizations in the West, in order to spin false stories on television that paint Islam as a positive peace loving religion, while Saudi Arabia puts to death apostates who live contrary to Islam.

22-RobinHorsfallIn a recent interview former special air services (SAS) officer Robin Horsfall from the UK stated that ISIS receives funding from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It should also be noted that Horsfall is connected to UK intelligence agencies and has access to information most people don’t have access to. Horsfall’s reputation is outstanding as he is best known for leading the hostage rescue team into the Iran embassy in London in the 1980’s. Horsfall successfully rescued a number of hostages in the embassy who were being held captive by terrorists.

You can watch the interview below where Horsfall explains how ISIS is funded by countries like Saudi Arabia.

If one evaluates Horsfall’s information objectively its clear the people funding ISIS are funding the building of Mosques in the United States and Europe, and if these Mosques continue to get built in the West and the continued Muslim immigration continues you are going to see a civil war erupt within the US and Europe. I think if you look at what the experts like Robin Horsfall are saying and what Donald Trump is saying, you can only conclude that Donald Trump is the only politician in the United States who actually makes any sense.

It has also been shown recently that a number of the terrorists in Paris who killed over 300 people entered Europe as Syrian refugees. I think Donald Trump closing the borders to Muslims until a safer immigration policy can be developed is an intelligent idea and common sense.

Below are some playing cards from the controversial Illuminati card game which seem to allude to the New World Order using radical Islam to create a world government.




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