Donald Trump is following Alex Jones and posted a link to from his official twitter feed

Trump links to from his official Twitter account

Trump links to from his official Twitter account

Visit Donald Trump’s official twitter account by clicking here

Donald Trump is currently the most popular presidential candidate in the Republican race. Some polls have him as high as 38% The media has attacked Trump with everything they have and have accused him of being a racist and fascist without any evidence. The American public are sick of career politicians attacking the US constitution and economy, and they want a President who will protect their borders and constitution. If Trump is sincere and fulfils the objectives he claims are his goals, then the US could be saved by Trump. However Trump is playing against people who don’t play fair, the political elite have a history of voter fraud and dirty tricks to get rid of people. I think Donald Trump is America’s best presidential candidate at the moment and it’s very interesting that Trump follows Alex Jones. I don’t agree with all of Alex Jones’s theories, but I think Alex is one of the true journalists still left on the planet. The mainstream media are prostitutes and should be ignored. People should do the opposite of what the mainstream media says and not listen to anything they say. The mainstream media are out to destroy America. Alex Jones on the other hand actually reports genuine information and news, and it seems Trump is paying attention to

Even former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson is supportive of Donald Trump and says the racist remarks against Trump are nonsense. Tyson has stated that he believes Donald Trump should be the President of the USA.


One thought on “Donald Trump is following Alex Jones and posted a link to from his official twitter feed

  1. In the beginning I did follow Alex, cause he ranted and raved, I believe he kinda sold out, to the Zionists, and the ones that control them, the Jesuit’s, I’ve leaned towards guys like stew Webb and chip Tatum, and the researcher now dead and gone known as the Informer. VZYGOTH and Charles Wilcox, no one wants to touch the or pull the covers on Rome’s papal bulls and there bull dogs the Jesuits. I jus don’t do Alex jones anymore:( jus my opinion, that’s all.

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